Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Being gay...

It's already 12:25am and I should be going to sleep. I am tired and restless as usual. But I have to write something here. It has been awhile since I last updated this blog. Another lesson learnt - not easy to maintain multiple blogs! Yes I have another blog which only reveal another part of me while this site is for me to reveal the inner part of me. Yes, I am still in the closet!

It's undoubtedly difficult to be gay, especially here in my country. I can repeat that sentence again and again but it seems like situation won't get any better in the near future. I will just have to endure. And hope that someday I'll come out of the closet and present the whole me and not feeling ashame at all.

How I wish I have a boyfriend now!

Things I love to do if I have a boyfriend :
1) Having any meals together and feeling good even though we're not talking.
2) Watch tv programmes together at night holding hands or sitting side by side or me sleeping on his wide chest. I love to be hugged too!
3) Having hot sex, romantic sex, lotsa kissing most of the night. After that cuddling and kissing until we fall asleep.
4) Wake up every morning besides him and kiss him on the forehead if he's still asleep.
5) Wake up in the morning and knowing that he's making breakfast for me.
6) Gaze into his eyes and see him smile.
7) Thinking of him every minutes knowing that he's thinking of me as well...
The list never end...

Being single... perhaps I should enjoy being a bachelor first.

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Ivan E said...

I want everything you want too, it would be great to feel that wanted and loved. <3