Wednesday, October 31, 2007

MEME : Which one I prefer?

1. Tissue or handkerchief?
- Tissue. The idea of re-using the handkerchief to wipe your face or anything doesn't seem hygienic or appealing for me.

2. Shoes or sneakers?
- Is there any different? How about slipper?

3. Collar-short or T-shirt?
- T-shirt.

4. Brief or boxer?
- Brief for outdoor. Boxer when I'm at home.

5. Pants or khakis?
- Khakis

6. Fast food or restaurant/kopitiam?
- Restaurant/kopitiam

7. Horror or fantasy movie?
- Fantasy. But I prefer drama/musical/romance

8. Starbucks or Coffee Bean?

9. Genki Sushi or Sushi King?
- I don't really into Japanese food. But if I have to choose. Sushi King then.

10. Pavilion or The Gardens?
- Never been to The Gardens yet. Pavilion looks good for me.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I was re-watching Brothers and Sisters Season 1 while desperately waiting for the next episode of Season 2 being downloaded into my computer so I can watch it. Somehow I still find myself enjoy watching the family dramas. Perhaps it's something I can really easily relate to. I love my family. And been through more than 20 years with the family members together, certainly there are some bitter sweet memories that I could cherish.

I can easily relate that to my family

Of course, my family is not so much the same like the American family. The family gay son is still in the closet and my dad never have any affair (or my mother is well enough at keeping my dad away from other flirtatious women). However, I love my family despite all the dramas we have been through together.

And yes, I really have a very happy family. Compare to some of my friends who never talk with their parents, or cold war happened between siblings, my family is so much better. I seriously do not know how others feel about their family. But I definitely have a very strong bond to each and everyone of my family members. From parents to siblings. We talked, we laughed, we argued and we fought. And I think my parents did, and still are doing, a very great job for keeping this happy family alive.

I love my family

I've seem some other family. Parents fight in front of their children, kids yelling and screaming at their parents in public, hatred among siblings... Gosh, I wonder how they live. Of course, some choose to leave their family and stay outside alone where they claim they could find a sense of peacefulness there. Some other just ignore the family members when they got home.

To me, family is very important. They should be your closest friends. They're the one who we can really trust. That's where I can find unconditional love. That's where I can really contribute my love and be loved again. Family is the best investment. That's where I find support and encouragement. That's also where I seek for motivation and guidance. Moreover, that's where I share my joys, laughters or even tears and sadness.

Together we'll form a happy family.

To me, family is precious. That's where I call home.

Monday, October 29, 2007

After the show

I've been busy. Yes, but not with work. As you should have known, I was busy performing. For the past two days, I was basically hanging around at National Stadium and rehearsing and performing. Coming back home late at night and waking up late the next morning and off to National Stadium again for rehearsal and performance.

How did I perform?

And finally it came to an end last night and we really had fun creating our own finale. Lotsa photos taking, screaming and yelling like patients from Tanjung Rambutan living in their own world didn't really care about what others may think. I think that's the side effect of performing dedicatedly under the almost puring rain. Yes, we performed in the rain. Romantic as it may sound, but we found ourselves extremely stupid. Imagine all our make up melt away when our so-called pretty faces were basically washed by the rain. Anyway, it was truly a memorable and amazing experience.

I intended to take many many photos for my blogging purposes. But then I was just tired of taking and deleting them when all my friends want to take a look of what I've taken. I can't show them my hunky studs nor half-naked men photos to them, can I? So I gave up taking eye-candy photos.

You have no idea how desperate I was when I saw all the male dancers changing their costume at the back stage. They basically took off all their clothes (except their underwear/brief of course) and all the ladies performers (who were waiting at the back stage for their turn to perform ) basically yelling and screaming as if they saw diamond shining in the dark. And me, grabbing firmly on my cellphone in my pocket hesitating whether to capture those "one moment in time" or not! At the end, I decided not to as it was too dark. So no use taking the risk.

Aren't you gonna grab this "one moment in time"?

However, not only do we have advantages of peeping dancers changing costumes and lotsa half-naked men/boys at the back stage, we also have the chance to take photos with celebrities. Well, I have the chance to take photos with a few. Just local artists. I wished I can take photo with Michael Wong, but I just didn't see if there's any chance. He's so well-protected. And of course, after the show, I manage to take photo with the cute and tall male MC. Shit, I forgot his name, but I think he's cute. He had his first button of his shirt unbuttoned and I noticed that he has a slightly hairy chest. Oooh... sexy!

Despite the rain, I think we managed to perform well as usual. I actually enjoyed the rain. Don't know why. I thought it was special. And it makes me feel as if I could make it through the rain. And I am proud of myself for making it through the rain. Again, it was truly memorable. And going through that with friends is even greater. We'll having something to share among ourselves when we look back.

Yes, I've made it. It's over now.

And now, I shall get myself prepared to return to work. It'll be a very long and winding road...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Soak Under The Sun

As expected, I was basically stood under the sun rehearing whatever I need to rehearse before the actual show tonight. And the merciless sun didn't fail to make us sweat like hell. Obviously, the water I brought was not enough for me to re-fill the fluid in my body.

Anyway, while being tortured by the sun, I still manage to keep myself cheerful by capturing those men at work. They're those crew who try to set up the stage and multimedia screen etc. Here you go :

Ahhh... you have no idea! Those men can really climb like a monkey. Though they're not really my type. But watching them half-naked and climbing here and there did help to cast away my boredom.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Random Update

Yippie, I don't need to work tomorrow. I will take one day off to attend a whole day rehearsal for the MCA 50th Merdeka Anniversary Culture and Art Performance which will be held 27th and 28th October 2007 at National Stadium, Bukit Jalil. Yes, I will be one of the few hundreds performers for that event. So, you can catch me there if you want to. The ticket is free! :p

See you there!

Anyway, being away from work doesn't mean that I would enjoy the day tomorrow. As I mentioned, it's gonna be a whole day rehearsal. Imagine in National Stadium, Bukit Jalil. I guess there'll be a lot of standing under the sun, a lot of waiting, a lot of practicing, a lot of nagging from the instructors and coordinators...

However, at least I find it's better than staring at the computer for long hour and having no one to talk to. Tomorrow I got to be with my friends and we could chat all day long and make stupid jokes while waiting or rehearsing. Or the idea of hunting for cute on my own is somewhat interesting and appealing to me. There should be a lot of talented cuties tomorrow. Well, I'm one of them. :p Muahahaha....

I'm a talented cutie, ain't I?!

On the other hand, I am proud of myself. In this few days I managed to finish a lot of my works so that I can happily indulge myself in the world of performing this coming weekend (starting tomorrow actually from the rehearsal) without any worries. Guess I really pushed myself to the limit and got all the jobs done before hands. It's tiring really, but I completed all my tasks before I go on leave. My boss should be satisfied with my performance. Happy happy happy! :P

It seems that my previous post on KL random hotness has attracted a lot of attention and a lot of "OMG"! Yes, I knew it. I knew that one day I would captured some hunk who you might have seen or maybe even your friends. That's the risk I chose to take and I hope it wouldn't bring any trouble to me.After all, I mean no harm to any one of them. They're just merely the beauty in my eyes and beauties are meant to be shared. Hence, I post.

Beautiful Hunky Stud

Who knows, one day you'll see your photos on my blog!? It's a small world after all...

KL Random Hotness

I'm right! I managed to load these photos in the morning! Now I present you the beauty of male in KL.

He is so cute! My favourite! My potential next crush!

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fabulously Gay

I was trying to do another post of KL random hotness, but it seems that the doesn't allow me to do it. Not that I am banned from posting hunks from KL or been warned for intruding other's privacy by capturing the photo of hunks whenever I see on the street, but I can't seem to upload the photos. I have to wait for ages to finally see a response from the server telling me "Connection Time Out" or "Connection has been reset". And I am tired of clicking the "Try Again" button.

I rest my case.

Perhaps I should do it tomorrow morning. I found that the connection is faster in the morning. Maybe because not so many online in the morning. I'll see what I can do later.

I went to customer site today and enjoyed chatting around with the staff there. All ladies. Yes, I can easily talk to any of the ladies there. Surprisingly all the staff there are quite free. Only a few of them were busy doing their works. And from what I know, it was only for temporary. After a few days, they'll be free like the others. So for those who're free, I basically chat with them when I finished my work with them.

And yes, when all ladies come together, plus me the fabulous gay man, you can probably guess what we're doing. Yes, talk non-sense and craps. Maybe a little rumours and stupid jokes.

Malay lady : You know, my ex-lover was Leon Lai when I was in Hong Kong.
Chinese lady : No way! But I don't like him. He's just a pretty face.
Me : Yeap! Loser. There're so many better and more handsome men out there.
Malay lady : I also like Ekin Cheng. Like his movies too.
Me : huh?! That guys aar?! Still, someone is better than him. Beside, he's like out-dated hunk.
Chinese lady : Yeah lo! Why you like those Chinese men we don't like?
Malay lady : I still think Leon Lai is handsome.
Me : Oh please! Let me introduce some other hunk for you! Hmmm.... like Daniel Wu?!
Chinese lady : YEA YEA YEA!! He's so good-looking!!
Malay lady : Who's that!?
Chinese lady & Me : Huh?! You don't know who's Daniel?!
Me : You wait! I saw him in today's newspaper. Let me show you!

Who is sexier now?

I saw the staff from another department whom I know in that company was having today's The Sun newspaper with Daniel's Wu on the Loreal Men Facial Advertisement right at the back cover. I ran all the way to that department and borrowed his newspaper, and ran back and showed it to the malay lady. Surprisingly, she said he's not so hadnsome compared to Leon Lai. Speechless, we then said she's being weird!

After that we talked about the Loreal product on the newspaper. And yes, I am using that product now. Just bought the toner and it seems ok to me. This malay lady then observe my face and agreed that my face is indeed having a better skin. And all those nearby ladies were like "Really? really? Let me see!" And then I have to shoosh them off before I was being observed and analyzed by those crazy ladies. You'll never know what they can do! Pointing your face and comment all the way. It's either I got compliments or being criticized till I need to find a hole to hide.

We were giggling and talking nonchalantly for almost half an hour there and nobody seems to care. Perhaps all the bosses weren't there. Besides, it's almost the end of office hour. So when it was 5:30pm, everybody packed up and went home.

Feeling a bit guilty for lingering over at customer's office and chatting with the staff for so long, but I thought it's OK as long as I've got my job done there. Besides, it's a good "tension release" session there laughing and chatting with those ladies. After that I went home walking to the LRT station ever so fabulously! Almost singing "Hey sister go sister.... Gichi Gichi Ya Ya Da Da..." :p

I'm a Fabulously Gay Angel!

Gay I am. Living a fabulous life I am!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

That's So Not My Kind of Life

It's gonna take forever for my Mozilla to load the "New Post" page from I might as well type this post in a notepad first while trying, struggling and waiting for the page to be fully loaded. Strange enough, I have the feeling that the server is so damned congested that my endless requests were basically ignored.


These few weeks have been passing very fast. I noticed it's all because I was too busy. Yeap! Pretty much occupied with works and choir practices. And the time had secretly passed by without saying goodbye. And I was not notified. Until just now I suddenly realized, that we're in the 4th quarter of the year.

No kidding, I have been working my ass off for the past few months and, pathetically, I don't see there's any significant event or achievement this year in my life. Looking back for the resolution or vows I'd made at the beginning of the year, I hardly achieve any of them! Typical me!

"Plans are not meant to be followed and targets are not meant to be hit!"

Guess the above are very much my slogan of the year! Seriously working life can be so dull and routine. And even me myself in person, can be so dull and freaking boring. Not only I have nothing to talk about when meeting with friends or colleagues but how busy I was, I also find myself hard to open my mouth and speak. Fucked, I even have to write email to update my boss instead of walking into his room and talk to him personally!

The 'holiday-ing' brother in the house obviously are right the opposite of me. Being so cheerful and lively. He could talk endlessly and I could enjoy listening to his humorous "multimedia" speeches with visual and sound effects and he seems to enjoy talking and telling us funny stories back in campus about his friends and lectures. And he never fail to make us all laugh.

And no, I can't talk like him. As if I'm a grown-up man and supposed to be remain silent and steady for all time. I should refrain myself for doing or even saying something stupid. As if I'd lose my job or reputation for saying the wrong things or doesn't behave myself. Damned, I hate that!

Ain't misbehaving!

The funny thing is when I got home, I am just too lazy to talk. And most of the things in life doesn't seem so important any more. The only thing I want is my own space and privacy. Yes, apparently long working hours have definitely took away most of my space and time. Even the two days weekend doesn't not satisfy my need to be alone and enjoy my kind of life. The pathetic thing is, I have to plan how to spend the weekend. And I am not a planner, I am more of a improviser. I do whatever things I want to do when I feel like doing it. Thus weekend is never enough.

Most of the time when weekend comes, I'd do all the things I wanted to do. And when I started to feel like resting, Monday has already arrived. Guess that's the problem for my restlessness and exhaustion. And don't ask me to plan my weekend. If things were to be planned, then it's just another weekdays for me Because weekdays are full of plans and scheduled which I need to strictly follow and obey!

This is unplanned!

And please don't tell me :" That's life!"

Monday, October 22, 2007

The Rise of Evil

I've been feeling restless these days. Even with the weekend just passed by, I am still feeling un-energized and get fatigue easily. Last night was even worse. Thanks to the heavy rain, constant lightning strikes and also the loud thunders keep on screaming through the night as if they want to curse this city of light!

And also I have no idea what happened to It seem to load very very very... slow! You have no idea how long I've been waiting for the page to be loaded so that I could write a new post for today. I can't imagine how much longer I need to wait to load the images later.

Back to my restlessness. Today I basically did nothing in the office. Not that I have nothing to do, but my brain just couldn't work. Instead I just managed to reply a few of my customers' emails and also update my boss about my current tasks in hand. Apparently he needs to get updates from me from time to time about my jobs status and also my new colleague's progression, commitment and also abilities.

Great! Not only do I need to take care of myself, I need to take care of the new colleague who is supposed to help me to bear the burden off my shoulder. Strange enough I found my workloads had doubled-up as I need to teach him beside handling my own task. Well, he's still new. Can't blame him much. However, I think more workloads should be given to him. Not that I am trying to be mean, but that's how one starts to learn. Besides, I still think that youngster nowadays should be given more challenges, so that they will grow stronger and wiser. Well, I need to train my assistance up. He must be as good as I am. If possible, better than me!

I remember my senior never have mercy on me. He just threw all the possible tasks to me and expect me to finish before the due date. Well, at least he was kind enough to explain some of the things I don't understand. I could cope them well. But I seriously learned very much from there. Compare to how I treated my new colleague, I think I am far too kind and undemanding. Perhaps I am used to finishing all the task on my own. Not good!

So you think I am kind? You barely know me!

I am gonna re-organize all my tasks in hand and allocate some tasks for him. And he will see, how evil I can be. Muahahahaha....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Family Reunion

Last night was great. Not that I have had a great sex with a hunk or what, but I think it may be better than that.

No sex?!

Promised my sister to celebrate her birthday which was a few days back. But during the weekdays I was too busy working until late at night. So it was quite impossible for me to buy her lunch nor dinner. Well, promise is a promise. I suggested to buy her dinner during the weekend when I have some times for my own away from work.

Coincidentally, my brother who's studying also came back from school yesterday for the semester break. So I thought, great, let's have the whole family together for dinner as well. So I invited my parents as well to join the party. So from a simple birthday celebration for my sister, it turned out to be a family reunion dinner.

Not that we rarely have dinner together as we all are staying under one roof and sometime my mom cooks and we'll have dinner together. But it's only during the weekend that I got to join the family for dinner or sometime if I am lucky enough to finish my work earlier and got to get home earlier to join the family for dinner. Else, most of the time, I am the one who always absent for the family dinner. Of course my brother too, who is studying quite far away from home.

Anyway, back to our dinner last night. After arguing over what to have for our dinner with my sister and brother, my mean and merciful brother suggested to go Chilli. I could almost instantly predict how the figure in my bank account will be after that expensive meal for the family. But then, my brother always manage to talk me into having the family dinner there.

Come on, you can afford that dinner for us!

Brother : Chilli's good! Nice food, nice environment..
Me : You think I am a millionaire or something?
Brother : Come on, it's a family reunion dinner! Besides, it's our sister's birthday celebration! You can't simply go mamak stall and celebrate, can you?!
Me : I didn't suggest we go mamak stall. At least somewhere decent and not so expensive. Right sister?!
Sister : I don't know. Anything is fine for me. :p
Brother : Come on la! It's almost the end of the month. You'll get your salary soon. Sister's birthday very important! Chilli's is nice, not only good food and bottomless drinks are available, there are also a lot of pretty girls there! Can cuci mata (eye-washing) there! Beside, long time we've never been there. Parents will love to be there too.

Well, it's a fact there we've never been to Chilli in One Utama for quite sometimes. The last time we go was like few months back celebrating don't know whose birthday. Anyway, I also like the idea of enjoying eye-candies there. As a Caucasian lovers, Chilli tends to have more white men hanging around. Moreover, it has been quite some times since I last visited One Utama. I would like to see if there's anything changes there.

So by 6:30pm, the whole family squeezed into my dad's car and off we went. We reached there before 7pm and we didn't have to wait long to finally got our seat. Chilli is always full of people. And yes, I got to enjoy my eye-candies while my brother was enjoying his type of eye-candies. And sometime he even asked me to look at this girl and that lady, I have to give some lame comment that this girl's nose it not nice, that lady didn't how to dress... bla bla bla... so irritating! I would rather enjoy that hunky caucasian stud who was eating alone watching the football channel there. It'd be better if I could join him to keep him company. No I didn't take picture of him. Come on, my whole family is there, what do you think they will think?!

Don't you wanna join me?!

Perhaps we were there earlier than usual. As we got to see a lot more people coming in. Some even have to wait outside for seats. It was a long queue out there. Anyway, we ordered our food and drink and didn't have to wait long to have all our dishes on the table. All the food taste good seriously. And the bottomless fruit juice were great! Each and everyone of us refilled the drink. My thirsty brother even re-filled twice.

And as usual, we ordered different kind of steaks and we cut off some part and exchange with others so we got to taste the different dishes with the family. That's a culture nurtured since we were young. My parents always ask us to share our food with each other. Even though sometime I dislike the idea as I am very particular with hygiene and eating other's food and saliva doesn't seem appealing to me. But I've got used to it after a while. Besides, we're family and we share our goodness and badness together.

We were pretty full after the dinner. And normally after dinner we talk. Happy or sad things, we love to talk. Share our working life or love life. And last night, we did the same thing. And my brother never failed to amaze us with his funny stories in campus. My mom also talked about how my father always need to fart before getting into sleep which make us all laughed out so loud and we didn't give a damn what other diners may think. Besides, it is already noisy there in the restaurant as everybody was talking and chatting so loudly. But we seriously have a good laugh. And I love to see my family laugh together. After that, we went shopping for awhile. Before leaving One Utama, we went to the secret recipe shop and buy a few slice of different cakes and went home.

It was a lovely evening. And right before I slept, that warm and sweet family picture of mine re-appeared in my mind. And the laughters we had during the dinner makes me smile. It's a blessing, really. Some of my friends don't have a close bond within their family. And even fight between siblings. And I have this special and close relationship with every member of my family. And we love each other dearly. I love my family.

I have a happy family.

And I have a good sleep last night.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Mama's Love

I just finished my dinner. Yes, it is now 11:41pm and I have just finished my dinner. I worked pretty late today (these days actually) as I need to finish off my works which its due date is just around the corner. Some of them I need to postpone the due date as it is just impossible for me to finish them off on time given the amount of works I have and the limited time given. I don't care. I already told my boss and my customer that some of the works will be delivered later. If the boss wanna minus my marks for the performance, I'm fine with it.

I don't give a damn!

Anyway, reaching home almost 11pm just now, my mom asked me if I've taken my dinner. Not that I worked until I forgot the time for dinner. But without anyone to accompany me to go for dinner, I was just lazy to walk to any nearby mamak stall to take my dinner. Unhealthy and stupid I know! I thought I would rather save the time and do my work. So I told my mom I only took a bun (which is true. My colleague gave me a bun so that I won't starve to death.)

Mama : There're still some pork and rice. I can even heat up the soup for you. You want them?
Me : It's ok la. I already took a bun.
Mama : Sure?
Me : Yeah. Beside I am lazy to eat. So tired. Wanna take my shower and hit the sack.

Mama : OK then. Maybe you can just drink a cup of milk before you sleep.

So I went into my bedroom, undressed, wrapped myself up with the towel and hit the shower. Not so long after that, my mom was yelling outside saying that she will heat up the soup and rice. And that by the time I finish my shower, all the food will be put on the kitchen table. Without much choice, I just said :"OK, mom!"

Indeed, I saw food have been served on the dinner table after I dried myself up and put on my clothes. Feeling warm and happy, I enjoyed the food alone. Mom and others have gone to sleep. The soup and rice is warm. Even though the pork is a little bit cold, it taste good when I ate them with the warm rice.

This is the different of staying with family, with your parents. If I were to stay outside alone, I don't think I will have anything to eat. Even if there is, I think most probably it will be maggi mee or mee in my mug. And tonight, I felt again the warm and love of being around the family. There's always someone to take care of me.

I'm taken care of and loved.

And tonight, Mama loves me! :p

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Flash-Light

Few days back, I was at Masjid Jamek Putra LRT Station. I need to take this Putra LRT to KL Sentral. While waiting at the station for the LRT to arrive, I saw this hunk at the platform. Naughty as I always am, I nonchalantly took out my cellphone, switch the camera on, off the flash light and prepare myself to do the thing I always do.

Someone wanna take photo of me?

While he was walking over towards my direction, I positioned my cellphone and held it high enough trying to capture that hunk. When he was almost near, I immediately SNAPPED! "Chk-kek!" The camera sounded. Once captured, I look at my phone pretending looking at sms or something. I was disappointed to found that the photo taken was blur. He must have walked too fast and my "slower-a-bit" camera phone couldn't capture it right!

So, not giving up, I hunted the hunk down again. He was not far from me also waiting for the LRT to arrive. I slowly making my way towards his direction, approaching him when I saw the LRT was arriving. We got on board together. Luckily not so many people was on the LRT. Maybe because most of the people still having their Raya holiday and not yet coming back to KL for work. Anyway, trying to stable myself by holding at the holder provided in the LRT, I took out my cellphone again and switch on my camera. Waiting for the right moment and right time.

When I found the train was not so shaky and the ride was not so bumpy, I raised my cellphone positioning to the right direction and without much hesitation, I click on the capture button. Now, not only did the sound "chk-kek" was on, my stupid flash-light was fucking ON too!

Fucked! No doubt the flash light caught everyone's attention. I immediately pull down my cellphone, pretending I was clicking the wrong button just now and avoiding any eye-contact with anyone in the LRT. I can feel my face was red and my ears were hot. What would the passengers thought I was doing?! No one made any comment or questions.

Thank goodness the LRT arrive at KL Sentral not so long after that. I quickly made my way out of the train and took a deep breath. The hunk's destination was also KL Sentral as I saw him get out of the train too. But I decided not to snap him anymore. He must have thought I was a crazy stalker. Well, I am!

Yes, crazy stalker I am!

Perhaps I should stop this cam-whoring habit! No one knows I might get into troubles, such as a pissed-off hunk pressing me against the wall with his face close to mine (after noticing I was taking his photo with my cellphone) and asked what I was doing... OK, I was bull-shitting again. Come on, hunky studs are simply irresistible!

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Shoulder Ache

For this whole day I have been trying to beat the back of my right shoulder. I think I must have slept at the wrong side of the bed, or sleeping in the wrong posture (which make me think if sleeping also have a correct posture) that might have caused the constant shoulder-ache I have for this whole day.

Ouch! Muscle cramp at my shoulder?!

And it is really irritating and annoying. In the morning, I still found it not so disturbing as I thought it would go away somehow. Unfortunately I felt things got worse. After lunch time, I need to constantly massage my right shoulder trying to ease the pain. Gosh, it just won't work!

Is it muscle cramp or something? I have never had such experience before. And I think it also affect my performance today. I felt exhausted and my eyes are sore too. Not sure if it was because of my shoulder or the long-hour staring at the computer monitor writing 100 facts about myself. Whatever!

Things got worse after I got home and took my shower. I found that I couldn't turn my head to the left. And it seems that turning my head to anywhere will also trigger the pain on the shoulder. Desperate, I borrowed the YokoYoko (is it yoko yoko? or yiki yiki? whatever!) from my sister and apply some of it on my shoulder. The tingling and hot sensation did ease the pain for awhile. But soon after that, the pain came back again.

Constantly complaining my muscle cramp to my sister, she suddenly and forcefully pull my head to the left and to the right of my shoulder... ignoring my screaming and yelling of pain. Alright, at least she was gentle enough to not break my neck. She said, I need to do that in order to recover faster. Not sure if she was right.

Anyone kind enough to give me a massage on my shoulder?!

Anyway, I am really exhausted and needed rest. I was told not to sleep without my head pillow and sleep straight like a dead body. Hope this will help.


Monday, October 15, 2007

The 100th Celebration

Well well well. Now this is the 100th post for this blog! Looking back, I have been seriously blogging for three months now. Wow, that is really something! It sure took up much of my patience, efforts and persistence to keep this blog alive and kicking!

To celebrate this achievement, I thought I should do something special for this post. Since everyone love MEME and (something told me that) most of my readers would like to know about me, I will post 100 random facts about me and my life. Some of them you might have known, some of them you may not know. Yes, all those bitter sweet memories, embarrassing moments... all will be announced!

Apart from that, I will also post 10 hunky photos to refresh your eyes. (Initially I wanted to post 100 photos. By then the whole post will be a very lengthy one.) What else, I guess that's all. Wahahaha...

Alright, let's get this started.

100 random facts about me

1) I like ice-cream. Vanilla flavour.

2) I love milk-shake. Any flavour will do.

3) I was a head prefect.

4) I started to learn piano when I was 7.

5) My first sexual experience was with a relative.

6) I used to cry a lot when I was young.

7) I've never had any sexual experience with girl. Not even kiss.

8) I am the only person who read novels in my family.

9) I wet my pant (with urine) every night till 9 years old.

10) I think I have never had a crush to any of my teacher.

11) I was slapped by a teacher on the face for not being quiet during his class.

12) I slapped one of my classmate ( a girl) during my primary school and I forgot why. I still feel guilty about it.

13) I hate being called girlish or sissy even though sometime I am a bit sissy, trying to act very fabulously!

14) I love singing, just like how much I love music and playing piano.

15) I stole my mom's money when I was young to buy junk food.

16) I once cried, feeling very stressful and tension when I was preparing for the grade 2 or 3 music theory examination.

17) I participated chinese public speaking competition since primary school.

18) I cheated during examination. Even though I prepared well enough for my exams.

19) I always examine a guy's bulging crotch and butt after spotting his charming face.

20) I silently masturbated in a classroom before (with everyone else in the class) when I was in form 1. I was sitting right at one corner when all others were busy chatting and playing around in the class. It was a quickie!

21) I love writing. Poem or plain article.

22) I used to be an arrogant person.

23) I complained the headmaster to the discipline teacher right in front of many other teachers before.

24) I am still in the closet.

25) I finished my grade 8 solo piano examination in year 2003. Planning to do my diploma since then but never achieve it till now.

26) My first piano teacher release an album before which she sold me the cassette at RM 9.90.

27) I've learned electronic organ before. And I still think the teacher is gay! I think he once asked me before whether I am PLU and I, still don't understand what's PLU by then. So I asked him back :"What's PLU?!" I think he didn't think I am gay then.

28) I was a piano teacher for a few months teaching some students. I couldn't cope with the stress few months later and I stopped teaching.

29) I once masturbated in my father's underwear. Not that I was into incest, but the underwear with opening at the front for me to stick out my dick was so cool for me back then. Kinky!

30) I love Mariah Carey! The first CD I bought was 'Rainbow' album. Bought every album of hers since then.

31) I played Mariah's song over and over again during my university life until the neighbour from another room have to kindly ask me to stop playing it when I was not around. :p

32) My first sexual encounter with another man (rather than my relative) was when I was 16, or 17. With a London man I knew from MIRC. Pathetically, it was my last since then! No, I didn't really enjoy it. I mean the sex.

33) Following the fact above, we did not wear condom. I guess that's why I was infected with... chlamydia which I found out two years back. I took the prescription by the doctor and he gave me some pills. I am now free from any STDs. Thank goodness!!! Lesson learned! Always PLAY SAFE!!

34) Yes, I am HIV negative! I have tested many times since my last sexual encounter.

35) Not only do I love sing, I love dancing too.

36) I am still using a 15" old monitor. I am so gonna get a 19" LCD monitor! Increment, please!!!

37) I was once asked by a friend( a girl) if I was gay which I responded with a funny face and she think that I was saying :"No, I am not!"

38) I am still a choir member, singing and performing every now and then.

39) Mine is not circumcised.

40) I used to print out gay erotic stories from the net and masturbate while reading them.

41) My favourite movies so far would still be "The Lord of The Ring" and "Matrix"

42) My ambition is to be a piano teacher. And still is, even though I had problem teaching students back then. Refer back to fact 28.

43) I hate dirty. I have O.C.D. for cleanliness.

44) I suffered from depression and still am recovering from it.

45) I am now a very lazy person.

46) I tend to do last minute work.

47) The magazine I always buy is Men's Health and New ICON. Sometimes, I read Reader Digest and HOT! magazine too.

48) Magazine I used to read : CLEO, New Man.

49) I have an Oxford Music Dictionary and still find it cool!

50) I have an underwear in red colour!

51) I wanted to buy CK 's underwear but still find it unreasonably expensive!

52) I write blog almost everyday now.

53) I bought a Biotherm product recently to try out. A small package which consist of facial foam, facial exfoliator and high-recharge moisturizer. All cost me only RM60.

54) I love hunky men in suit and tie.

55) I used to read Chinese Dictionary since primary school. Love to explore new words and how different meaning are formed when two different words join together.

56) I've won first prize for State Level Mathematic Competition when I was standard 6.

57) I was on TV yesterday(14th Octover 2007) on Astro AEC channel . Yes, I am NOT lying!

58) I bought a box of DUREX Play Sensation lubricants with different flavours. I love the one with the tingling sensation. Plan to buy a whole bottle of that lubricant. Too bad I only have myself to play with! :p

59) I tasted my cum before. OK, that's so... unspeakable! Well, I just said it. Don't ask any further! I was told it has a lot of protein!

60) I don't have a car yet.

61) I prefer One Utama more than Midvalley.

62) I prefer GSC more than TGV.

63) I have never been to clubbing or disco.

64) I have never had a boyfriend, nor girlfriend.

65) I first got my computer when I was form 3. The first I did with the computer was typing out an article from Men's Health magazine (US edition).

66) I first met a gay boy (an indian) when I was in 17 (before the London man). And he borrowed me a japanese gay porn VCD which I don't really like it. Maybe because I prefer Caucasions!

67) My current favourite gay porn movie will be "The Dangerous Liaisons" from Lucas Entertainment!

68) I thought about migrate to another country which accept gay people.

69) I was shocked to know that Ou Yang Wen Feng (欧阳文风 ), once a columnist for a newspaper, whose articles I always like to read, is gay and I am proud of him! I bought his latest book.

70) I love new book. I also buy new text book in university even though they are freaking expensive. Having them is one of the motivation for me to read them as I did my revision for exams.

71) I hate the fact that homosexuality is still not accepted in our country.

72) I need a long holiday but I don't know how should I spend it.

73) I don't have best friend or close friend whom I can talk to or share my inner feelings. I have a lot of good friends though.

74) I took a pill of ZEMAX before I sleep.

75) I tried to capture every hunk I see on the street with my not-so-new cellphone. Thus I have those KL random hotness posts.

76) I once took photos of my little brother with my old cellphone out of curiosity when I was in campus hostel which start off the depression fearing that some one might have caught me doing it. My room was at ground floor and anybody could just pass by and saw what I did through the window.

77) If I have the power, I want to legalize homosexuality in every country.

78) My current computer is 6 years old. Time to change don't you think?!

79) I don't play computer games. Or other RPG games. No PS1, 2,3 or XBOX etc. Gimme piano or singing scores . That's my entertainment!

80) I hate being asked if I have a girlfriend by relatives, especially those aunties and uncles.

81) My Sex GOD : Pavel Novotny!

82) I am now 60 kgs in weight and 174 cms in height.

83) I don't like to watch ghost movie! Or scary movie!

84) I bought a stainless steel ring recently and I like it very much.

85) The music instruments I have in my house is my piano, electronic keyboard and electronic organ.

86) I learned to play Chinese flute during my secondary school. I did not play well.

87) I learned Taekwando when I was young and dislike it. Never took any exam!

88) I know how to swim.

89) I started to go gym two years back. Yes, currently a California Fitness member.

90) I go sing KTV at least once a month with colleagues and/or choir members. I LOVE singing!

91) I surf net and download every possible beautiful male images.

92) My favourite parts of male are bulky chest and arms. Big thighs turn me on too.

93) I long for the feeling of kissing.

94) I normally spend the whole day at home on Saturday.

95) My current favourite drama series : Brothers and Sisters

96) I tried to look for the crush I happened to see everytime at the KL Sentral but always fail to stumble upon him nowadays. Not sure if he no longer take the train or work somewhere else. Missed him, though.

97) I think I will marry a man, and maybe adopt a child.

98) I still hope that Whitney Houston will release a new album as good as the "My Love is Your Love" album.

99) I missed those days when I don't need to worry so much.

100) I am still not ready to come out of the closet.

OK, this is very tiring! Took me a few hours to actually finish writing the whole 100 facts! Guess you know a lot more about me now.

Alright, I need to rest! My eyes are sore! Now, do your thing! Comment la!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Coming soon : Dante's Cove Season 3

I stumbled upon this site 'Restoring Love' when I saw the introduction of my beloved drama series - Dante's Cove Season 3'! I love the series to death! Having both season 1 and season 2 with me (both downloaded from the interenet, poor me for having no money to buy the DVDs), I can watch them over and over again for my guilty pleasure. Even though some of the actings were hardly convincing, the sex and the eye-candies were definitely seductive and breath-taking!

This is so exciting!! Reichen is gonna be the new hunk in the movie too! Can't wait to see him undress and do whatever things he needs to do. Of course there are some other new hunks joining in. Can't wait to see those hot steamy sex and romantic scenes!!

Having all those hunky studs in the series, I don't really care how the story goes. For your information, the series will premier on 19th October 2007 at here!TV. So most probably will get to see the show after a few days or a few weeks. I remember for the last two seasons, I need to wait for at least one week after the new episode was aired before I could download it from the net. Hopefully with this new season, more people will watch it and kind enough to share them. :p