Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Wedding

If you still remember I was asked to be a wedding planner few months back. It's amazing how time flies and with just a glimpse of the eyes, the wedding has just passed me by. Oh, and it went very well, indeed.

Me being a wedding planner? No No No! I am just too inexperienced to be one. Come on, asking a person like me who is a programmer and not an event organizer to plan a wedding? A WEDDING? Stop pulling my legs, please! In fact, my friend who was the bride planned the whole wedding herself. So I ended up being her wedding coordinator. What's my job? My job is to make sure everything goes as planned. Yes, sound simple, right? Actually, it is NOT simple! NOT AT ALL!

A few weeks before the actual day, I was flooded with plans and plans. Contact person, agendas, emails for confirmation, hotel bookings, wines, flowers, decorations, CDs and all that jazz. It's like suddenly I have an extra job and have to perform multi-tasking. I even have to take one day off from work one day before the actual day to finalize the wedding plan with the bride and groom. Oh well, I admit I needed a reason to get away from work. :p

So the actual day went well. I was the Master of Ceremony who spoke mandarin during the wedding ceremony. Yeah, not only coordinating the whole event, has to be MC as well. I am telling you I did multi-tasking! What a good friend I am, heh?! Luckily no big catastrophe happened. Despite the rain which caused a small little chaos, everything went well.

Soon after the ceremony which was held in the afternoon, I went home to rest and prepare for the wedding dinner. Yeah, I have to be early at the Hotel to make sure everything was in order. Oh and tell you what, I was so amazed when I went into the wedding hall. The deco and setting is just beautiful! Ice-carving with the wedding photo inside and colourful light shone on it. I love the main VVIP table! Those roses, candles and settings... just perfect! Sorry I don't know how to describe. I am just bad at describing! :p I wish I took a photo of it but I was just too busy coordinating and going through my checklist. And I was so anxious because the lady with the "march in" song CD has not arrived yet! But she made it anyway so we could test the CD before the show was ON! Phew! *Sweat*

So basically I was running here and there through-out the dinner. Giving cue to the floor manager, making sure the music wasn't too loud and air-cond is working, giving cue to the MC to start the next item on the agenda, paying attention to the VVIP table to see if the bride or groom needed anything... busy busy busy! And I have to work with the floor manager from the Hotel to control the food serving, when to stop and when to resume.

Oh and that's not all. I also have to accompany the bride & groom with the family to do toasting from table to table. Yeah, chinese tradition. They really love to do this. With wine or liquor in their hands, starting from one table to another, they will screamed out loudly "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmm..................... Seng!" and the longer and louder they screamed, the better it is! Imagining going from one table to another table screaming at the top of our voice! And there are 20+ tables that night! It was fun though! :p

I went home that night feeling high and exhausted! And I couldn't sleep that night. Why? I caught cold, having terrible sore-throat and high fever. My throat was so pain that I couldn't lie on my bed to sleep. I switched off the fan and tried to cover myself with blanket so that I can sweat to release the heat from my body. But no sweat at all. And it was tormenting!! I was awake the whole night, watched a few drama series, and I ended up in the living room switching on TV watching "The Nanny" on Hallmark channel. It was till 7am that I managed to fall into sleep on the sofa in the living room. It was that bad!

Anyway, I really enjoyed helping out the wedding event. Part of it is because I learnt a lot from this. Meeting new people, organizing things, making sure everything is in order... it was fun. Another part of it is because I helped make my friend's to have a memorable and wonderful wedding event! I am just glad I'm able to help. In fact, I enjoyed the process. I am so ready to become a wedding planner for my sister! :D

Friday, October 17, 2008

A Pleasant Evening

I can't remember when was the last time I have such pleasant evening. A few friends sitting together at the same round table, talked about anything and everything. Remember good old days and sharing funny stories among ourselves while we laughing out loud.

Yeah, it was really fun. I just attended a friend's son's one-month-old birthday and I got to meet a few friends there. Though we're not best friends, we're close enough to talk about most of the things and share a few laughs. And I felt this is something I really like. Feeling comfortable and care-free. Nothing to worry about. Just sit together and talks something, doesn't matter if it's important or not.

And we all felt comfortable and enjoy each other's company. What made the whole thing better, is that the possible one was there, and he was sitting right beside me, again, through-out the whole event. Love the way he laughs, and the look on his face when he try not to laugh. At one point he moved further apart from me though. Not sure if I offended him or something? Or maybe he just need more space?! Not sure. But we all still enjoying talking and laughing until everyone else left. And we were the last group of people leaving the house.

Once I reached home, I received a sms from him saying that he's being stucked in the traffic congestion. I almost wanted to reply "Oh dear, wish I could be there with you to keep you company in the car." But nah... ain't gonna scare him off. I suggested him to listen to the radio instead. Another sms from him when he reached home and say good night. Knowing him, most probably the last sms was sent to everyone.

It was a pleasant evening, indeed. Especially with the possible one there. Hmm...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Role-Playing Games (RPG)

OK, don't get me wrong! I don't play game. I mean I don't play those video games, xbox, WII bla bla bla... NO NO NO! Those are not for me. Although I used to play MARIO like a maniac when I was young, I don't think I am addicted to playing any of those games nowadays.

However, while coding (Or programming. Or creating a program) today, suddenly the thought of being a slutty bitch today came across my mind. Don't ask me why. I have no specific solid reason for what, why, when, how, where... It's just me! Spontaneous and Impromptu! If you really need an answer, let's just say - Because I am a slutty Bitch today?! Wahaha... Dirty talks, flirty messages... Mmm... come on baby!

Then, I was thinking again, maybe tomorrow I'll be something else. How about a gentleman? Let's see what kind of gentleman I was talking about. Well-educated, well-mannered, well-groomed, what else? Soft-spoken? A man who does everything gracefully and elegantly. OMG, did I just say gracefully? (0_0)''' Oh and definitely wearing suit and tie! Oh my my my! That's so my fetish!

Hmm.., how about the following day? Maybe a construction worker?! Ooooh... A man working under the hot hot sun. Muscular arms and huge pecs. Firm ass with big thighs. Rough, sexy and HOT! Not to mention those muddy t-shirt and the faded jeans? Imagine lifting something and unconsciously flexing those muscles? Ooh... I want to be that man! Sex in the construction site? Ah... one of my fantasy! :p Oops!

Actually there are more, teacher, personal trainer, boss, painter, gigolo... hmm...role playing can be fun. But guess what! That'll only happen in my mind. :p So what do you want to be today?

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Moment of Bliss

Listening to Chris Botti's jazzy music while lying on my bed trying to fall into sleep. I think I feel a moment of bliss. Like I'm the happiest man in the world. Soothing music, comfortable bed... what more can I ask for?! No worries, care-free...

And I wish I could capture that moment, and feel it every day, every night, every moment...

Thursday, October 09, 2008


I should join communication/marketing line. Or maybe aim to become a communication manager in the next 5 to 10 years. Yes, I enjoy communicating with people. And not just typing email, chatting online or texting sms. I love sitting down face to face and have a good conversation. Doesn't matter if it is for leisure, or a meeting to solve problem, or a simple briefing session to provide information to the audience.

Let's see what I like to do :-

1) Writing email
Ooh yes, I love writing emails. You bet most of my emails are very lengthy and well organized (self-claimed). How I love to greet the recipients with a big wide smile like this --> :D and then enjoy choosing the right and correct words to convey my message in the email. I even enjoy correcting and beautifying each and every line so that the reader will feel comfortable reading it as if they are being pampered by my "soothing" words. Bwahahahaha... Of course there must be a few lines of compliments to the recipients to make them happy or feel respected (even though some of them are bitches and bastards! Oops! :p) Not to forget ending the email with some flowery words to thank their kind attention and/or cooperation etc.

And guess what, I don't mind spending hours and hours to write a good email. I don't mind putting efforts in writing email. I feel great that I managed to pass the message to whoever necessary. And I feel the satisfaction when everything that needed to be said can be put into words and spread around to everyone so they benefit from my "documentary". No wonder I am always the one who were asked to do documentation. :p

Seriously, my english is not superb. Grammer mistakes can be found here and there. I wish I could have more time to read more so that I could enrich my vocabulary. But I guess I can just read blogs and maybe newspaper once in a blue moon to brush up my english.

I have a weird habit though. When I am free, I always browse back my "sent box" and enjoy reading those lengthy emails I wrote. Ah, the satisfaction is just indescribable! Call me a freak? As if I care! :p

2) Attending Meeting
Yes I did mention about how sickening a meeting can be, especially those lengthy and unproductive meeting. But I actually like to go for a meeting. Partly because I can escape from sitting and working in the office all day long until my firm butt went flat; Another part is because I got to meet people. Yippie! I love meeting new people. Oh one more thing! I got to dress up! Yippie, wearing nice shirt, nice pant with a nice tie. Oooh, feel so great about myself! Who doesn't when one is dressing up?!

And during the meeting, I got to improve my speaking skill and people skill. Yes, those are essential skills which we need to acquired in this competitive world. And I enjoy observing people when they speak. The words they used, their body language, how they carry themselves, how they hide their weaknesses and so on. Very interesting!

I am very grateful I took up public speaking class during my university. At least I can speak well enough that the audience understand what I was trying to say. Some just couldn't express themselves and with those "Arr...Err... how to say aar?! You know la?!", not so nice, right?!

Oh and I got to meet hunky stud in suit and tie! HOT HOT HOT! I did went to a meeting with men from foreign countries. They are HUGE! Huge face, huge pecs, huge arms... their shirt so tight I can almost see every single muscles through it.... I was like "OMG, instant erection!" And you know their exotic accent and good look, I almost fail to concentrate on whatever they were trying to say. Luckily I always manage to "keep myself awake" and get things done. Oh how can I forget their firm handshake?! Almost wet my pant! :p

3) Presentation/Briefing
OK, I am not really good in presentation seriously. But once in a while I need to do presentation in order to present my ideas to the colleagues/teammates, or maybe teaching users on how to use the system.

Yes a lot of efforts on preparation need to be done to ensure a successful presentation. You need to know what you are talking about and make sure the audience will understand every single things you say. Yes, I enjoy the process of preparing for a presentation. Preparing slides, put all the contents into points form, picking good examples to help user understand better. Those are fun!

Even though most of the time, the time given for the preparation and very short (yes I hate this part), I still, luckily, managed to prepare well enough to present whatever needed to be presented. And again, I feel satisfied when people understand what I am trying to say. Feel like an educator. So proud of myself. Kakakaka!

Although there is always the Q & A session, which can be scary sometime as you won't know what kind of questions the audience will throw at you. But I guess response like "That's a good questions! I will look into it and get back to you later!" will help keep me out of trouble. But if used too often, I'll be in deep shit too. That's why preparation is so important!

Again, during presentation, you also got to see some more hunky studs. They could be those shy one? Sitting there staring at you while you were talking up front? Or maybe those smart one who throw at you with many many questions after your presentation. LOL... If only those hunky studs were interested, I'll just shut their mouth with mine. Wishful thinking! :p

Hmm... now I know what I like to do. So what do you think my next job will be? Communication Executives? Or telephone operator? Or a clark? Marketing Officer? Customer Service? Hotel Management? Bwahahahaha... most probably I'll still be sitting in front of the computer doing programming! (=_=)'''

Thursday, October 02, 2008

The Possible One

Is he the one? A question I have been asking myself many times over the years. Somehow I managed to tell myself that maybe it's just my wishful thinking that he is gay and that he will like me. Or it's stupid to even think about there's a chance between us. Anyway, he's one of the few good men in my life.

Tell me you want me.

And I was shocked when I heard someone said that he is actually into guys. And that he love to watch handsome men more than pretty women! Gosh, really?! Is that person joking?! Part of me glad to have heard that; Another part of me actually pour myself a cold water and said :" Cheh! So what?! That doesn't prove or confirm that he is gay and even if he is, you are not even sure if you are his type!"

Oh well, it's true. But a man at his age still single and available, pretty good-looking and kind-hearted and well-mannered and soft-spoken and down-to-earth and thoughtful and health-conscious and... Oops, did I just mention all his good attributes and great personality?! And I haven't seen him in any relationship since the day I know him. I heard he had been in a relationship once, with a girl, I presumed. And that the relationship ended in a pretty depressing way. Well, I don't know the detail. And not sure if I need to know about it. :p

However, I was asked to go out for a movie by a friend and he was invited as well. So we, a bunch of guys and gals braved ourselves to Pavilion to catch the movie - Mamma Mia! Well, before the movie we went for dinner first, of course! And he was sitting beside me. :p Nothing interesting happened, but I was just glad that he was sitting beside me. :p And then when it's time for the movie, we went into the cinema. And yes, again, he was sitting beside me. Yes, again! :p

Wish he would be with me everyday!

And you bet through out the movie I could not really focus on the movie screen. Not because the movie isn't nice, but I just couldn't help to check out his reaction towards the movie from scene to scene. Oh, and we did exchange our thoughts a few times through-out the movie.

The possible One : Pierce Brosnan's body is out of shape!
Me : Yeah, pretty obvious, huh?!

The possible One : Meryl Streep can really sing!

Me : Yeap, and Pierce Brosnan and the young leading actor are not as good as her in singing.

The possible One : I think I remember the 'dad' from some other movie, which movie again?!

Me : I am not sure. I only familiar with Pierce Brosnan and Collin Firth.

And yeah, on and off, we sang along when the movie was playing the familiar songs we've heard when we were young.

I don't know. I would be lying if I said I have no feelings for him. I'll definitely say yes if he ever asked me out. But I can't see how it will be if we were together. And from how much I know about him, I don't think he is looking for a companion like me. And you know, sometime it is better for two persons to remain just friends. Perhaps perhaps perhaps...

If you're not the one, then...

"I have a dream...a song to sing..."