Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ice-Cream Maniac

It's 31st of July and yes, Baskin Robbin is having the 31% discount again! Being the person who love ice-cream so much, I always drag myself to the Baskin Robbin outlet and buy my favourite ice-cream so that I could enjoy it while watching my favourite drama series at home.

Where is my ice-cream?!

But today I did not go to buy. Why? Lazy! A sign of getting old? Maybe.

You know I hate to compete with other people to reach the outlet and wait for the long queue to get what I want. And espeially when there's discount, it's like the people from the whole city are gathered together and squeeze their way among the crowd fighting for that same thing - discounted ice-cream.

Not just that. I also hate certain people who are just ... unbelievable. Last time I was queuing up in the line and saw those chubby aunties taking their own sweet time tasting almost every single flavour of the ice-cream (ignoring the long queue behind them) before they really decided which flavour they want to buy. Bitches!

Then another experience was this couple. The boyfriend was asking the girlfriend about which flavour she wants and the dumb-girl just keep on staring at those ice-cream hesitating which ice-cream to buy. Embarrassed, the boyfriend kept asking and begging the girl to make her decision so that they could run away from the evil stares by the long line of people behind.

So, ice-cream or me?

Worst still when kids are there. "Mommy I want this! Daddy I want that!". Then they ran here and there and the parents have to keep playing "run and chase" with them before they could even pay for the ice-cream.

Besides, I also have seen this customer who go there and buy so MANY small cup of ice-cream. Apparently he wanted to try all flavour of the ice-cream. And not just that! He ordered a few small cups for one flavour. And if there is ten flavours, you make the calculation. I guess there is a party going on or something. Or whatever reason it is. So the staff picking one small cup of ice-cream follow by another... I lost count of the total of cups there.

Whatever it is, so many 'crazy' things you can see when buying Baskin Robbin. And I hate it when people try ice-cream for too long. Well, I have to respect their right as a consumer. But please, tasting every single flavour of ice-cream? That's just too much and inconsiderate to those people waiting behind.

I'll pour ice-cream on my chest and you can lick!

As for this month, I missed my rums raisin ice-cream. :-(

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Wedding Planner & Singer

Within one day, I was asked by two friends to become their wedding planner and wedding singer. What were they thinking? I am still a young eligible bachelor who has never got married nor plan a wedding before. As for being the wedding singer, that is not so bad as singing songs is not that difficult. Besides I was asked to sing only a few songs.

Young & Inexperience - Wedding Planner?

However, the funny thing is I promised to be the wedding planner and still considering to be the wedding singer for another friend. Apparently, the friend who asked me to become her wedding planner is a very close friend of mine. So without much hesitation, I just said yes! As for the other friend who asked me to be wedding singer, I am just not too sure if I want to embarrass myself in front of the crowd. No doubt I am a choir member, singing shouldn't be a big problem. But singing in group and singing alone is somewhat different and so much more challenging.

Anyway, wedding planner I am going to be. I have to admit I am a little excited and nervous at the same time. Come on! It's a big thing! Still can't believe my friend actually put much of her trust on me. Oh well, not that me alone will plan the wedding. I will be planning and working with a whole bunch of "sisters" (yes all female with creative imagination and stuff) and I guess there will surely be a lot of "dramas"!


Now let's see! I have never seen a male wedding planner. Oh no! There's one I saw in Wedding Wars. The gay brother was the wedding planner. Hmm... I guess gay men are more artistic and creative?! Now I have to imagine what kind of wedding it will be. I have no idea yet as my friend has yet to tell me what kind of wedding ceremony and dinner she wants. I'll just come up with my own ideas and discuss with the sisters later. Flowers, decoration, table setting, entertainment, performance, wines, guest list... Ah! I'll see what I can think of.

What kind of wedding do you want?

This will be my first time being the co-wedding-planner. I'll just make sure I have fun while learning to become the best wedding planner in town! :D

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Dream

I guess I must have smiled in my sleep last night. I dreamed of a man of my dream. Even though it was very vivid, I kind of remember his gesture and something about how he tell me things still make me shiver in excitement.

He was half-naked with a white towel wrapped around his lower body and he gaze into my eyes and said softly :"I will be back for you..." That's all I could remember. And who is he? Julian McMahon

The following is the funny and sexy scene from Nip/Tuck:

Yes, I admit I watched a little too much Nip/Tuck recently. But to have such a man in my dream doing sweet talks to me, that's fucking worth it!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Unfavourable Daily Road Trip

It has always been a problem for people who work in Kuala Lumpur city. And what's that problem? Traffic Congestion. Yes, traffic jammed! Traffic jammed! That's what we people will not stop complaining about.

Stupid traffic jammed!!

Knowing that we will face the traffic congestion problem especially during the 'peak hour' (before office hour and after office hour), most of us would normally have to wake up unreasonably earlier than we should, trying to avoid the traffic congestion. Oh well, it depends on where we live and where we work actually. Some of us are lucky enough to avoid the tragic traffic congestion problem if we were to wake up earlier; Some other just couldn't avoid unless they wake up before the break of dawn and drive all their way without even brushing their teeth and changing to their working attire. OK, I'm exaggerating!

Anyway, to avoid traffic congestion, there are another option other than waking up and go to work earlier. The alternative is to wake up late and go to work late. Oh yes, that's what I chose. Did I not mention I have no discipline? Of course trying not to get myself into trouble, I 'smartly' make sure that I am not the latest person who walked into the office. So if anything happened, I can always say someone is later than me! :P I am such a fucking bastard, I know!

However, yesterday I suddenly thought that maybe I could try wake up earlier and go to the gym first. Yeah, I have been missing my gym session for a few days already. So maybe hitting the gym early in the morning follow by a good breakfast will be a good start for the day, I told myself.

Let's workout in the early morning!

With that in mind, I slept earlier than usual last night and woke up extremely early this morning. And I thought since I woke up so early, I could avoid all the traffic congestion.I happily put on my sport attire, grabbed and gym bag and off I went on the road.

To my surprise, after 10 minutes of driving, I saw lines of cars filling up all the 3 lanes and barely moving. With some idiotic drivers try to cut queue and switch between the lanes, I could already feel my high blood pressure hitting the maximum point and I am gonna explode anytime. Not only that, with those unnecessary honks and motorcyclist sliding in between cars nonchalantly ignoring the cars signals, I just wanna yell and scream out loud! Thank goodness my CD player is playing Kenny G's album which is soothing and relaxing. Otherwise, I would have opened the driver window and shout out loud :"SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

The funny thing is, normally it only takes 30 minutes to reach my office (if I woke up late and hit the road later). But today, I used almost an hour to reach the fitness center. Which means I don't have enough time to workout. I just took a bath, changed into my working attire and off to work.

I can still sleep a while

There is no doubt tomorrow onwards I am gonna wake up late and go to work late. Come on! Wake up earlier and squeeze with others? No way! If the boss accuse me of being late, I'll just tell him the petrol price has gone up high and I don't wanna waste my petrol and suffering with other people. Unless he is willing to increase my salary at least 40%, then I will happily squeeze with other and even sing a happy song early in the beautiful morning! :P

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keep Reading

Do I have to keep reading?!

Having to understand the new system which I am going to maintain and support, I have to read a lot of documentation. The product description, user manuals, operator manuals, system servicing and processing... etc. Most importantly, I also have to understand the whole business concept and logic.

Reading certainly seems to be a very easy task. Just sit there and staring at the monitor reading the word document with only your eye-balls consistently moving from left to right, and left and right, and left and right again. No doubt carrying the weight of my upper body, my bubble butt eventually turned flat. Hence, I occasionally have to remind myself to stand up awhile in hope that it will turn back round and firm instead of being flat down as if I have no butt at all. Eeks! Yucks!

Rather sleep than read!

Oh don't be surprise to catch me dozing off in my own chair with my head hitting my own table a few times. What?! Those documents are so damn boring! Unless it is a novel I would be reading with my eyes wide open and scroll down pages by pages and finished it in no time. Unfortunately those hundreds of pages documents are description and explanation. With lots of boring screen shots and uninteresting description. How can I not feeling sleepy and boring? Sometime, I even feel like vomit!

Oh well, given the choices of reading and entertain fussy customers, I think I will still opt for reading. At least I could still take my own sweet time read. Make myself a green tea, eat some snacks and listen to my favourite songs. Not so bad, right?! I wish I could print out all the document and curl up in my chair reading them. I hate staring the monitor for too long. It hurts my eyes. But then there are too many pages to be printed out. The last thing I wanna faced is being complaint of unnecessarily using too much paper.

Enjoy reading!

Never mind. I recently found out that I could get some e-book and read. Ha! I could switch to read the novel whenever I feel bored about reading those documentation without anyone suspecting I am actually reading a novel. Brilliant, huh?!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

I love dancing. Not that I am good in dancing, but I think I am not so bad. Oh well, not as good as I used to, but I certainly know a few moves. Alright, at least I know how to move my butt left and right, front and back. Not enough? Alright, I am a bad dancer!

How about dancing in bed with me, sweetheart?

You see, I appreciate art and culture. Anything to do with art and culture, I don't mind being involved. So yeah I danced a bit, sang a bit, played a few music instruments, even got myself to try and do some painting (OK, this one I am really not good! :p). Talk about dance, I tried a few dances before. Chinese traditional dance, Malay traditional dance, International Ballroom Dance (Umm, ok only amateur cha cha I think?!) and some contemporary dances I guess?

But that was some good old days. I think I was only 12 or something. Certainly before when I was 15 years old. Yeah, I did dance a bit. Even got to perform in a few occasion. Argh, I guess it's easier to stretch your body when you were young.

Dance naked, will ya?

So that day when I went to the fitness club and attended a dancing class. What was it called again, street dance? hip hop dance? Whatever! It's just a dance with some cool moves. Thought of giving it a try and maybe learn some moves, I nonchalantly walked into the dancing studio, quite confidently I would say, and prepared to dance my heart out.

So the music started, the ever so hot and sexy instructor started with some warm up, stretching following the beat of the music. Yeah, pretty easy! I could already feel my body heating up from inside and my bon bon was ready to shake like it had never shaken before. Ooh la la... So the instructor showed us a few good move and everybody followed.

While enjoying dancing and following the instruction from the front, I suddenly saw that person in the mirror. Yeah, that was me in the mirror dancing in such an awkward way. Eeww... a robot dancing or what?! Awful! Damn, where's that flexibility? I kept observing myself in the mirror and tried to dance better. Gosh, it was hard! Difficult! I am sure if I bent a little more to the right or left, I would hurt my spine. Urgh! After the class, sweating like hell, I told myself :"That's it. I admit I am no good in dancing!"

Who said I can't dance?!

But that doesn't mean I give up on dancing. Just that I will need some extra time learning and practising. That's if, and only if, I have the time and ... more time! However, watching other people dancing is pretty much entertaining already. I recently watched this movie (ok, I only browsed through, haven't really watched it yet) and found this part of the movie very sexy and flirtatious!

So here it is. You have to watch it right till the end! And you tell me if that two guys have any chemistry between them. Let's take a look:

Damn, let me catch my breath first! Sexy, isn't it? Damn I don't mind having that hunky instructor giving me "private class" at all. Look at the two of them! I wonder if I could hold any longer to have a hot guy so close to me, face to face, chest to chest, crotch to crotch. And the last part when they finished the dance, their breath... oh why that stupid fucking phone rang?! They would have fucking kissed already!

Anyway, that was HOT! REALLY HOT!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day At The Gym

I have been going to the gym quite frequent lately. Why? I am not sure myself. But to seriously think about it, I think it is because my colleague, who suddenly so addicted to going to gym, dragged me along to go work out after office hour. Yeap, that's what I need. I need someone to drag me there. Else I'll be paying money to the fitness club for nothing. You know me, I would choose to go home after office hour rather than go to the fitness club and work out my knowingly not-so-perfect body.

Can I go home instead?!

Another reason I still let my colleague drag me there because I think it's better to have some sort of exercise to keep myself healthy. At least, I sweat a bit and pump some muscles in hope they will grow bigger and bigger especially my arms and chest. Ah, talk about lifting weight? That's the last thing I wanna talk about. Coz I sucks! Hardly do a few sets and I could hear the "internal me" screaming for help! "Ouch! Pain! Damn it! Why is it so fucking difficult!" Screw the whatever "no-pain-no-gain"! I have no discipline.

Undoubtedly, my body didn't change much after I join the club for like 2 years. Except I gained a few kgs, which I kinda happy and not happy. Happy because I want to gain weight; Not happy because I got a bigger belly. Fuck!

Anyway, being a not-so-serious gym dude, I normally use my "rest-time" between sets to observe other people. OK, I was actually checking out hot hunky stud. And I do see a lot of different people with different attitude and purpose spending their after-office-hour in the gym. Let's see if I can categorize them into a few categories here :

1) Gym Freak/Serious Body Builder
OK, the first one would be the serious muscle man! They are there to work out every single muscle of their body. Normally they would be around those free weight lifting area and they hardly use the equipment. If they do, you'll be in awe when you see how much weight they are lifting. Above 50 kgs? More than that, perhaps. And they always like to groan :"Urgh! Ah! Urgh! Ahh! Uuurrgghhh!! Ahhhh! Uuurgghhhh!!!" The groan always getting louder and louder, as if they're gonna reach the climax and ejaculate somehow. OK, I may be exaggerated a bit. But their voice can be a little annoying at times. No offense, but I am not into guys with too many big muscles. I mean, they are SO HUGE!!

This will be just fine! I don't mind lick up the sweat with my already hot tongue!

2) Regular Body-builder
Alright, those men are just a normal body builder who don't aim for big muscle or something like that. They're just there to work out and be in good shape. Yes, they tone their body, make sure it is not too big here and not too small there. Some even hire personal trainer to train them. Some of them prefer to work out alone, some other coming in group. I even saw a couple (OK, I am not sure if they are couple, but they always come together and work out together. They look so fine together! :p) who always there to help each other out to work out their body. So sweet! :D

3) Cruiser
Oh, who doesn't know people go fitness club to cruise?! Or maybe use working out as an excuse to cruise? Or perhaps just be there and try some lucks?! Oh whatever it is. I did saw some people there just looking around or maybe talking to friends for so long, occupying the fitness equipment. I even overheard this two dudes talking about ex-boyfriends (Yes, I almost sure they talked about boyfriends!) and those affairs in front of me. As if I don't know what they're talking about?! And rumours about sex in the saunas and steams? Oh I can't help but to believe those are true. Otherwise, the club wouldn't have hired those not-so-cute security guards checking around in the male changing room. Sometime I wonder if those guard commit to any sexual activity in the rooms themselves?!

Whatcha looking at? Come over and touch my body!

4) Classes Goers
Those who like to attend classes. Body-jam, yoga, body-pump, body-combat, dances and so on. Yeah, you can always see them in the class following the young and hot instructors and do whatever they need to do. The classes can be so crowded sometime I hardly see any space for them to actually move around. And yet, they still be there on time sweat together in that same class room.

5) Others
Some other I don't know. Maybe just wanna go there and exercise? Or maybe meeting friends there? Or just use up the bath and/or sauna since they paid the membership? Some still on trial membership? You tell me!

Anyway, going to the gym is somewhat not compulsory for me. I go whenever I feel I wanna go, especially when I am feeling un-energetic or need a refreshing bath or sauna. Of course, no harm checking out some hot hunky dudes working out. That would be an extra bonus! I'll just have to make sure my crotch does not raise any flag! :P

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Blue

I had a nightmare last night. It was this lady, who I thought was normal, was actually blind. And she wants my eyes so that she can see the world. Shocked and terrified, I woke up from my dream 3am in the morning feeling cold and horrified!

What a dream?!

I switched on the light in my bedroom, thinking that maybe getting out of the darkness would make myself feel better. And yes, it did make me feel better. Trying not to remember what the dream was about, I surfed the net looking for beautiful male images as I always love to do. It was about after an hour when I started to feel tired and hit the sack again.

I had a dream again. It was me practicing to sing a song and I can't seem to sing it right. So I kept singing over and over again until I was mentally exhausted. Not long after that, I heard an urgent knock on my bedroom door. My mom was trying to wake me up as it's about time to go to work. Having no choice, I got myself out of bed, washed myself up, dressed up and off to work.

What? You're talking to me?!

I was a zombie for the whole day. Dozed off a few times. Almost hit my forehead on my own table! Definitely feeling blue...

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Silly Me

I woke up this morning wanting to make a change. Yes, I need to. After what happened yesterday, I told myself :"I am not gonna be pathetic anymore!"

What I really want?!

So the first thing I thought about was going to have a gym session. I changed my clothes. Then I enthusiastically packed my gym bag, filling in my favourite pair of jeans and that tight stripes-T with my not-so-outstanding underwear. Not forgetting to fill up my water bottle and rushed out the front door and started the engine of my car.

Yes, nothing gonna stop me this time. Whatever it is, I will get out of my house and work out my body. I concentrate and fill my mind with all those hunky studs who has the perfect body. Yes, I will become one of them. I will pump all my muscles and have big arms, huge pecs, firm ass... I am gonna be fucking gorgeous! As if I am gonna be the next Mr. International! :p

The next Mr. International

So off I went. Driving my car all the way from my house to the fitness club, listening to Mariah Carey's latest album. OK fine, I admit I sang along too, like an idiotic bitch yelling in high pitch. You know how high Mariah can go, right? I tell you my car's window would've broken if I were to sing any louder.

Anyway, after yelling a few songs in the car, I reached KL city and heading to the fitness club. Parked my car, I grabbed my gym bag and water bottle, locked my car and off I went. I kept walking and walking. I felt strange. Something wrong. And I kept walking...

Then I stopped. I looked down. Then I realized, I was wearing my sandals instead of my sport shoes. Fucked! I remember the fitness club is very strict about sport attire when you go for work-out. It's even funnier when I realized I was wearing a tight tank top, a black short and that stupid sandals walking on the street with my gym bag and water bottle.

I need to refresh myself

I quickly rushed back to my car, threw in my gym bag, and went home. Silly me!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Being Pathetic

Call me an anti-social freak, I'll admit it!

I go home after office hour; I decline friend's invitation for a Saturday night out with millions and millions of excuses; Even getting out of my house to go for a gym session is difficult for me. To me, staying home has always seem to be the best thing. No drama, no troubles! Peace and serenity!

Deep down inside I know I am not happy. I long for a good laugh with close friends at some cafe. I long for a hot date which end with romantic French kiss with the man I love. I long for a good artistic show to fill up part of my empty soul. Or maybe just a quiet walk at the park feeling the warm breeze caressing me.

And today, I am just ... at home. Counting all my 'wants' and sigh...

Sometimes, I am just pathetic!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

To Daddy With Love

I have always wanted to write something like this years ago. It seems to me that many people talk about how great a mother can be and how we should love our mommy bla bla bla. But there's always lack of enthusiasm to show our love and appreciation to our father. And why is that? I always question myself that!

How to be a good dad?!

I have to shamefully admit that I love my mom a lot more than my dad. Maybe because I inherited most of her attributes. Good or bad attributes, I have a lot of commons with my mom. And we were so close that most of my friends envy me for having such a close relationship with my parents, especially my mom. And I still remember during my secondary school when I was a student reporter, I wrote an article about my mom. How she struggled in life and how her unconditional love shower upon us. And the article was accepted by the editor and published in the local newspaper. I have no idea about my article being published until my mom got to read it and show it to me. Then my dad told me she read it over and over again and tears never stop flowing out of her eyes. Oh well, my mom is always that emotional.

However, lately I have been noticing something about my dad. He has always been a good father. And recently I noticed he got sick very easily. Maybe it's the gastric problem caused him to have sleeping problems. Then he has diabetes years ago but he manages to control it well. Then two days ago he has this tooth-ache, which again, caused his to have another few sleepless nights. Not until yesterday he independently went to the dentist himself and has his tooth unplugged. Yet, he never complained.

Of course my mom, being the caring and worrisome mother and wife, then told us that we should show our love and care to our dad. Though he never complain or show much of his miseries to us, the children, he has been quietly suffering on his own and as a family member we should always be there for each another. A word of concern or a simple "how are you feeling?" will do wonders.

How are you sweetie?

Then I started to reflect. Yes, I have not shown enough love and care to my father. Maybe because he has always been that independent man who need no one to worry about. He brought us food and take good care of the family. Everything he does is about the family. He never enjoyed the luxuries outside but save the money to provide the family a better shelter or better food. Even during weekend when he doesn't have to work, he will see if there's anything that he needs to do about the house so that we will have a better place to stay. Changing light bulbs, repair the water pipe leakage, building a cupboard, install a wall-fan, build a shoe-rack... all done by him single-handedly. Shame on me, I always lie in my bed during the weekend minding my own business.

And yes, he is the man of the family. I don't have to mention how much he actually has to go through to construct and maintain this family. I am not sure about other family, but my dad surely sacrifice a lot. And he never talks about it. He secretly kept all those contribution to himself and proudly enjoy the family he has constructed with his bare hands. Though we may not noticed it, he still very much enjoyed and proud of his own "creation".

And sometime when I look at him, his smile tells me something when he is watching the family members laughing around with each other having great times under the same roof. That roof he built on top of us, has been bringing the whole family, us, security, blessing, love and happiness.

You're the man!

This post is to my daddy. Though he may not know, I just wanna say it out loud here :"Daddy, I love you! Always will!" :D