Sunday, September 30, 2007

Brothers and Sisters Season 2

When everybody is whoa-ing about the return of the HIT drama series - HEROES Season 2, I can't hardly wait to see the first episode of Brothers & Sisters Season 2. Yes, I am into family drama. And all that sentimental, romantic things really make magics for me. Not that I don't like Heroes. Those hunky studs never failed to serve my eyes especially when they're naked, or half-naked.

However, instead of fantasizing being saved by those heroes (as if I am the cheerleader), I'd prefer watching Matthew Rhys (one of the main actor in movie Love & other disaster) playing the gay son, Kevin Walker, in Brothers & Sisters! I'm telling you he's really good. I love every bits of his acting in the drama series. And his unique character is incomparable! He's not hunky, but he's adorable! And I must say this, his boy-friends in the drama series are all freaking delicious! Yummy! From cute Scotty to that sexy Chad, and moving on to that hunky Jason?! Oh, he's so f**king lucky! But he deserves them.

Check out the following kissing scenes. They are my favourite scenes!

Kevin & Scott

Kevin & Chad

Kevin and Jason

Aren't they sweet! And the following is the aftermath of Kevin and Jason's kissing.

Aww... see! I like the way they speak and express themselves. Thanks to the script-writer. He/she is really good at this.

I must not forget to mention that gorgeous lady, Calista Flockhart, who plays as Kitty Walker in the family. Love her very much since Ally McBeal. And she's good! Well, she's weird in a way. But I like it.

Well, the mother in the family is so awesome. I have this special respect for any mom. I found every mommy is very noble and equally irreplaceable. I found unconditional love from them. Just like how I love my mom. Not that I don't like my dad. He's the coolest dad ever. But I always have this special bond with my mom.

All in all, I can't wait to see the first episode of Brothers & Sisters Season 2. Hmm... wonder how things will go for Kevin. Will Jason be the one? Or will Kevin stumble upon another hunk?! Hmm...

And the following sneak preview just making me more desperate to get to see the new episode!!

Brothers and Sisters Season 2 Promo

Brothers & Sisters - A Look Ahead (Season 2)

Brothers & Sisters - 201 Sneak Peak - Restaurant

Oh well, I have finished downloaded their so-called episode 0 (what the heck is that?!). It's called 'Family Album'. Perhaps it's something like a recap of previous season and what's coming in the new season.

Alright, sorry for posting too many youtube videos. Bet it slow down your internet speed. I can't help it. I love Brothers & Sisters. Just like how much I love my family. I can add more actually, but I think that's enough. Find more on your own in youtube. Surprisingly when I typed "Brothers and Sisters" in the youtube search box, all those scenes with Kevin are in the top of the listing. Guess everybody likes him.

Anyway, I think must give me some commission for promoting their drama series here. Phew...

Saturday, September 29, 2007

KL Random Hotness

Alright, it's time to share some hotness here in KL. Still amazed with my bravery. Somehow, I managed to capture some hotness in this busy city.

Call me a cam-whore!? As if I care.

Happy Friday

My friend was telling me that when there's something you're looking forward to, your head will only think about that thing and others will drop down in your priority list. Just like falling in love. You'll only think about your loved one and others will be 'supporting actors/actresses'.

You're always on my mind...

So tonight we had our party. Since the morning, all my head was just thinking about the party. Whether or not the food is enough, reassuring that all the things have been prepared and done. Even when I work, I still thinking about what can be done to make the party more lively and cheerful. I even planned how to got home earlier to help out for the preparation so that I can welcome the guests with open arms.

Well, the party went quite well I would say. Even though most of them came late (as expected) , all brought some food and drink which really are nice and tasty. I am quite relieved to see that the food are actually more than enough to serve the crowd. And all of them mixed well. There're joys and laughters. That's what I want it to be. We really have fun.

Come, let's play together!

Now, I am feeling tired, and happy.

On the other hand, I bought the following books at Time Square this afternoon :

1) My Take by Gary Barlow

I have always adored Gary Barlow. I find him sexy and talented. And I still love his first solo album 'Open Road'. It's one of the album that I could listen over and over again.

2) Red Carpets and Other Banana Skins by Rupert Everett

I wanted to buy this book when I first saw it in the bookstore. Love Rupert since the film My Best Friend's Wedding. And I find him charming and sexy too. English lad. Their special British accent always arouse, oops, I mean impress me.

3) Full Circle by Michael Thomas Ford.

This book was the reason I went to the bookstore today. Thanks to Doc Paul aka savante who recommend the author. I actually saw his other books in Bangkok during my vacation there but I just don't have enough money to buy it. Thank goodness I found it in BORDERS, Time Square.

So three new books in store. My bedroom is gonna be a mess with books! But I don't care. Don't mind bury my head in books at home than going out suffering under the unpredictable weather! Damned! It's so hot nowadays!

Anyway, I have a successful party and three books to keep me happy!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Get the Party started

It has been years since I last thrown a party. And suddenly I am all in the mood to throw a party. Perhaps because of me realizing how boring and dull my current life has turned into. So maybe I need a party to spice up my life a bit.

I'm coming up, so you better get that party started!

So mooncake festival had just gone by. Some of my friends requested to have a celebration for the festival. Normally my friends would have a bbq party or pot-luck at home and we all would go there and have fun together. But this year, it seems that everyone was busy. So nobody volunteer to have a party. Well, being as unpredictable as I used to be, I volunteered to hold a party at my home. Gathering all my friends at my home sounds interesting to me.

We all know that having a party is very troublesome. The invitation, the arrangement and preparation from food, drinks to tables and chairs. Headache!! Till now I am still figuring whether the food is enough or not. Worse still, my friends insisted to have bbq. They claimed that party without bbq is no fun! Is that true? Duh! I'd prefer not. BBQ is very noisy and after that, the whole place will be a mess! Perhaps I'm different. Anyway, since they promised to prepare all the bbq equipment and food, I don't mind. I'll just need to make sure my home is cleaned up before the leave!

One thing I learned from organizing such event is that I really can see one's personality and character. Some of them are being very helpful. They help to prepare food and don't mind spending money and time to make it a successful event. Such person is rare! Very rare, indeed! Others, very stingy and calculative. Not only do they lazy to prepare food, they are also not very willing to spend money and buy food.

Stingy Pig : Why should I buy?! So expensive oor! You asked other to buy la!
Me : Other already brought other food and drinks
Stingy Pig : Like that meh? I buy the sauce only can aar?!
Me : Alright then...
Me (thinking) : Then you should only eat the sauce that night!

And they just want to be there and enjoy the food. Gosh, such people really exist! Aren't they feel ashamed?! I am kinda regretted having invited such people to my party. They don't deserve to enjoy the food! :p Sadly, I noticed that a lot of people are like that!

Damned, shouldn't have invited them!

Guess this reality or harsh world had really shaped them into this kind of person. Always make sure that we got the most profit with the least modal. Like do multi-tasking (use little time to do many things) and price negotiating (make sure we pay less to get more). Even when we're driving, we would try not to let any car overtake us from the side lane especially during traffic congestion.

Anyway, I am still looking forward to the party tomorrow. Many friends will be here in my house. Long time never have such gathering. I wonder what it will be like. Hopefully everyone will be happy and enjoy the night.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I have my lunch at The Weld shopping mall this afternoon. I have no idea why my colleague choose there. Anyway, I just avoid to be the one who decide where to eat. So I kept quiet and follow the majority. Even though half way someone turn around and asked again where should we go for lunch, I just hid myself in a bunch of quiet people and pretending to look around waiting for an answer. And no, I ain't gonna be the one who decide anymore. So they went to The Weld. I have no objection.

Still want me to decide? No way!!

I usually don't really like to go there actually because the food there is more expensive than others. However, I received an email few days back that there is this PAY LESS BOOK fair going in The Weld. So I happily follow the crowd to see if it is really true. When I reached there, yes, I saw the book fair at the 1st floor. Yippie!!!

So we went straight up to the top floor and have our lunch in the food court. Without much hesitation, I simply ordered a pari ikan with rice and ate it. OK, I have to complain that the food is so little. It hardly filled up my stomach. Even though I am skinny, I ate a lot! Thanks to my high-metabolism. Anyway, after everyone finished their dishes, I quickly stood up and said that I want to go to thew book fair. Everyone followed. Expected! :p

Well, not a very big book fair I would say. But still I managed to see some interesting books. And they are SOOOOOOOO CHEAP!!! The books were just divided into categories like fiction and non-fiction. Then they're not sorted in alphabetical order. So I need to randomly pick some books that caught my eyes. Well, I have no choice but to judge the book by its cover.

I went to a section where 5 books were sold for only RM 20!!! 5 books! Wahahahaha... So I just simply choose some nice books. They are

1) Mason and Dixon
2) The Soloist
3) The Hours
4) Love you to death
5) ...

I forgot the name of the fifth book. I left it in my office. And guess what, the author of The Hours is Michael Cunningham. Yeap, the same author who wrote "A Home At The End of The World".

And look at the cover of "Love You to Death"!!

Now you know how I judge the book by its cover. Obviously an old book, but I still bought it anyway. After all, 5 books for RM 20!! It's like nothing! :p Come on, I bought "Born on a Blue Day" for RM 35.50!!! And only one book!

I was thinking if I should returned to the book fair tomorrow and hunt for another 5 gay-themed books. Wahahaha... I am so into reading nowadays. Especially gay-themed novel. Any recommended title? But I seriously need to save my money. Been over-spending on unnecessary stuff like books, magazine and good food. Wallet is now thick with receipts instead of cash notes. That's so not good! But then again, 5 books for RM 20?!?!?! SO cheap!!!!

More books? Or should I just save my money?!

Anyway, I am almost done with Born on a Blue Day. Hmm... what should I read next? Wow... I've got lotsa books here in my bedroom. I can consider open a small library at home. Too bad I am the only person who read novel. Especially English novel. My mom does read Chinese books at times. The other family members just don't read. Don't know why?! They'd rather watch movie. Well, as if I care! :p

Monday, September 24, 2007

Back to gym

After missing in action for the last whole week, today I head to gym again after working hours. Luckily I only miss one week, otherwise I would find myself a stranger in a new club.

Yeah, last week was too busy preparing for the company dinner. Everyday late night preparing this and that really stressed me up and I was just too tired to hit the gym again. Too tired even to go there and have a sauna or steam. And thanks to my busy and hectic work life, I lost 1 kg! Shit, I intend to gain more weights and now I lost 1 kg! Hate it! That's why I hit gym again today NO MATTER WHAT!

I'm going to gym. Wanna join me?

So after 6pm, I grabbed my gym bag and hit the gym. Surprisingly I found some of my colleagues were there to go for the try-out session. Yeah a whole bunch of them actually which I found out later. But I only saw a few of them. These youngsters (some of them older than me actually) are so eager to try things out for free. I still remember one of them approached me before asking me about how it's like to be in California Fitness. Is there any free session etc? Of course there is. But I told them before they could try out, they will need to listen to the persuasive lectures from the marketing or sales person trying to ask you to join the membership. Freaked out when heard that, they finally decided to come in a group. Great!

One of them (a guy) come by and told me that he saw a lot of gay people there in California Fitness. Pretending to be naive and don't-know-anything, I told him I never saw or know if there's any. And that having gay around in the fitness is ok for me. Duh! Nowadays still got straight people afraid of gay man. As if he will turn to be gay being around with gay men. I told him not to worry and gay people won't eat him up. And he is still reluctant. I just smiled and told him that it's up to him whether he wanna join or not. None of my business after all. If only he's cute or hunky, I would persuade him to join me go gym. :p

Ooh, Doc Jack! Would you mind be my personal trainer?

Anyway, back in the gym was good for me today. Managed to 'purify' my eyes watching hunky stud walking around in the club. Absolutely healthier than staring at the computer screen. Definitely a good way for me to release my stresses and tensions after a tiring working day. Saw a few strangers and some familiar faces. Regardless, I just enjoy whatever I could enjoy. Hahaha... visually of course. And it feels great to be able to pump my muscles again and feeling them get bigger! And I mean feeling them get bigger. Not sure if they really got bigger. Urgh! I wanna bulk up!

Nobody's gonna stop me!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Accidental Celebratious

I have this fear of being famous and popular. Thanks to my childhood which taught me well the disadvantages of being popular. That you won't have personal life, that you will be judged, that you will be expected to be someone you don't want to be, that you'll not be living the life you want to be... yes basically that's life of a celebrity.

Having said that, I think I did a very obvious mistake last Friday during our company dinner. Being chosen to be in charge for the entertainment section, I was responsible to plan and manage the performance to entertain the staff! Ah, well... I think I am good at it. And I think most gay people are good at this. We are more artistic, more spontaneous, more creative, more eager to perform... ah well, we're more FABULOUS!

Fabulous dance move!

Well, given a whole bunch of straight guys under me who doesn't like performing, it was a total disaster truly. Even a small simple dance move could make them laughing till rolling on the floor. I don't understand what's so hilarious about it. Obviously they find it funny because they're doing the wrong way. That's why it looks funny. But I don't understand why they don't try to do it right instead of laughing and laughing as if they would do it right after that. In the end, they just gave up and request not to dance.

Being a democratic leader, I tried to tolerate and compromise whenever possible. But that didn't turn out right. They somehow find that the performance was dull boring and un-entertaining. Duh! They can't even do a simple move, what do they expect the audience to see? I would expect a Boo! from the audience. And when I asked if there's any suggestion or opinion to improve, everyone kept quiet. Thus the post Cowards! was posted.

So last week, I just didn't care anymore. I re-arranged the whole thing and become the Qin Huang Di. My words become orders which were unquestionable. I basically forced everyone to do whatever I wanted them to do. Since they don't have opinion, my opinions become the decision. And even though they have this "what the f**k?" look on their face, I still managed to make them dance and sing as if they're professional dancer or singer.

On last Friday night, all of us brought ourselves up to the stage and perform the best of us. Of course, being the only person who dare to act, sing and dance, I basically did the lead. Amazingly, I managed to bring out their hidden talents and some of them could really act. Some others can sing too. They basically perform their best on that night. And it was a successful performance I would say. Everyone was happy!

Of course, having put on a good show, now we are popular, especially me as I was the director, script writer, dance choreographer... etc. I should be proud actually. But another part of me actually worry about being popular and famous. I don't really enjoy the celebrity kind of lifestyle anymore. People will start to expect more from you. That's what I hate about it. And more task will be given to you because you're 'capable'. Not that I try to avoid being given a job or task. But those lazy people will get a chance to play tai-chi again and try to push all those tedious works right to your side.

Another thing about being popular is that you're constantly being watched! And even a small little mistake you made will become something big. Scandalous! Yucks! So I really prefer to be normal.

I'm just a normal guy!

Well, what's done is done. I constantly remind myself that somehow this glorious moment will fade in time. And I really hope it will be a past soon. I really enjoy my normal life before this. Can't imagine what it will be tomorrow when I get back to work.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

That 5 things...

Thanks to Calvin who tagged me for this. I am running out of idea what to write to update my post. So this 'tagging' came in and save my day. :p

Frankly, I sometime feel this is stupid. No offence! But is it gonna bring any meaning to anyone by telling them what are the 5 things in your bag? OK, maybe that really could tell something. Like I have three underwear and two bras in my bag now. Well, that's something!

Whatcha looking at?

Anyway, it can be fun, so let me try this out...

5 Things In My......

  1. T-Shirt
  2. Underwear
  3. Pants
  4. Book
  5. House-key
* In fact I don't really have a bag. I have my gym bag though. That's why the shirt, underwear and pants can be found inside my bag.

  1. Cash (syiling and notes)
  2. Many cards (Mykad, Credit cards, touch n go card, name cards...)
  3. Receipts (junks, I know!)
  4. Discount Vouchers
  5. Nothing more. How about condom? No, I don't have anyone to use with! Wahaha...

  1. Bed with 5 pillows (with different size! Yes I like to cuddle and love to be hugged!)
  2. Bookshelves (Still tunning out of space for my incoming books!)
  3. Upright Piano (which I play during the weekend sometimes!)
  4. Computer Desktop (for all my viewing "pleasure'!)
  5. Wardrobe (to store my clothes of course!)

5 Things I Like To Try......
  1. Participate in a solo piano competition
  2. Coming out of the closet
  3. Go on a date with a guy I like (better still travel with him out of country)
  4. Compose my own song
  5. Be a conductor (for choir)

5 Things I'm Doing Now......
  1. Doing this meme
  2. Doing this meme...
  3. Doing this meme...
  4. Doing this meme...
  5. Doing this meme...
*What do you expect? I am no good in multi-tasking!

I've gotta do this meme...

5 Bloggers I'm Tagging......
* Whoever feel like doing this meme!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Indian Prince

I paid a visit to my customer site last few days. I reached a tall building and got into the lift to bing me up to level 6. Before I could enter the office to look for the customer, I need to register myself at the counter right beside the door. The guard with the big belly was there bringing out the notebook and pen for me to write down my particular. After that I need to give him either a license or identity card as a deposit to exchange with the entrance tag. I gave him my license and got the tag and access to find the customer right away.

After settling things with my customer, I got to get back my license and return the tag. Out of the sudden, the guard show me a driving license of an Indian lady.

Big Belly Guard : Eh! Ah Moi ini cantik aar?
Me (smile) : OK la.
Big Belly Guard : Ok saje ke? I ingat u orang cina pun suka ah moi india?
Me : Tak semua la! Bukan I punya type.
Big Belly Guard : Oh, you tak suka ni aar.

Little did he know that when talk about Indian, I would prefer the following person :

Yeah, Hrithik Roshan! Been crazy about him since the first time I saw him in a movie titled "Yaadein"! He's such a hunk! Can't get enough of him!

Monday, September 17, 2007


It is tiring to lead a whole bunch of people who doesn't want to carry any responsibility. Each and everyone of them are waiting for other to initiate the first move. Yes that's my colleagues. I guess this happened too in other company.

Even during lunch time when all of us getting out of the office, we'll have to wait right outside for a few minutes just to decide where to have our lunch. And none of them are actually deciding. Instead, they are waiting. Waiting for someone to voice out, to suggest a place to eat. And each time I ask any of them where to have our lunch, they'll throw that question to another person or just simply answered me :"I follow majority!"

Don't make me furious! Talk!

And lately I find it same when they are working. I hate that! During meeting, I can never ask anyone for any opinion. Obviously they are afraid of taking responsible for what they have suggested. So each time I ask for suggestion or opinion, they would keep quiet and wait for others to speak out first. Worse still, they'll joke around as if once they opened their mouth they are contributing ideas. Bullshit! Why can't those people be serious and really contribute to make whatever things that we're working on a huge success?!

Sometime I seriously don't understand what the people are thinking. I thought when we all put efforts, then only the success is guaranteed. Don't they learned that unity creates greater power and strength?

I know. They are afraid. Afraid to make mistake. They want to make sure that if there's anything happened, they'll not be the one to be blamed. That's why they don't make decision. They don't speak their thoughts. Even though they know something was wrong, They won't point it out. Even though there're some better ideas, they just keep quiet. Such a whole bunch of sickening cowards!!

Are you gonna contribute or not?

Somehow I realize that it's this KL working lifestyle has shaped them into this kind of person. They're just trying to protect themselves. Too many evil and shameless a$$hole around in and out of the organization causing chaos in this hard, dog-eats-dog world. Anyway, that's not excusable! Don't care how you protect yourselves, keeping quiet doesn't help at all! I am gonna make them speaks. If not, they better follow whatever suggested without any complaint or blames regardless the plan is a success or a failure.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Best Friend's Wedding

This is not the first time I attended my best friend's wedding. I still remember how helpless and despair I was to find out that one of my best friend who I kind of like announced to me that he's gonna get married. If you could remember, he was one of the three brothers I was talking about in my recent post. I still remember I had to pretend I was happy for them and attended their wedding ceremony with that fake smile I wore on my face wishing them all the best. Well, even the smile was fake, but the wishes are sincere. What could I do? He's straight.

He's straight. I need to get over it.

Well, as for today, this friend of mine is a lady. So, I am truly happy for her. I don't really know her husband. From what I could see just now, they're a lovely couple. And she's been a good friend of mine.

I think all us gay men share this concern on our marriage. Whether or not we are going to get married in our life? This questions have been popping up in my mind once in a while and I really do not have an answer till now. Sometimes I thought it is ok to not get married. I can live well on my own. I don't even have a boyfriend yet to start talking about that issue. Sometime I thought we should get married no matter what. No one can live alone Especially when we gets older, we'll need a companion.

And this will lead to another question like whether I will get a husband? Or my parents will force me to marry a lady that I don't really like? Thinking about match-making and blind dates make me sick! Obviously my parents are waiting to see my another half. Even a phone call receive at night, my mom will ask me who it was and whether is a he or a she. I always answered :"Just a normal guy friend!"

Seriously at this age, I found all my friends are having their partners already and getting married soon. Although I know that it is normal for some people to not have a boy/girlfriend yet, the peer pressure really exist and I can't help but to think of various answers for those questions of why I am still single.

They'll never know how I long to have that Mr. Right who I could hold hand with, knowing that each time I look into his eyes, he will smile and tell me that he loves me for who I am, and that he'll be there whenever I need him. Waking up having someone to kiss on the forehead, or sleeping in a strong arms like a baby being pampered... I could keep on imagining and dreaming... at least, that's what I can do.

Aren't they a lovely couple?

Reality can be harsh. I know. I have faith. I still believe I will meet my Prince Charming someday. As long as I never give up. :D

"I still believe... someday you and me... will find ourselves... in love again..."


Managed to download the movie and watched. I've read from somewhere that Ryan Gosling was good in the movie. Yeah, I mean his acting skill. Not really a total hunk, but he's good-looking. Yeah, I can go out for a date with him, if I was given the chance. Hell, he's still the guy in the category of my type - Caucasian.

The movie. I thought I would give it a 6 out of 10, as I remember there was a few minutes I felt a little sleepy (maybe I was too tired). But then somehow I noticed that the whole movie has a lot of dialogues and very few action. Audience could be bored very easily. Being able to keep me awake for almost two-hours, and observing the acting skills on Anthony and Ryan, I think I could add 1, make it 7 out of 10. Perhaps cute Ryan managed to keep me awake. At least while watching the movie, I remember there was a moment when I fantasizing about me lying on my back in my bed, having him on top of me gazing into my eyes...

How I wish I was the one lying on my back...

Well, Ryan on Ryan. That's interesting! I definitely don't mind at all...


I've changed. A lot.

Even though I am contend and feeling fine with whoever I am now, I've changed, into someone I don't really admire. Yea, I am not perfect. And I don't really care, do I?

Life in KL has really shaped me into someone I don't really know. The hectic lifestyle and surrounded with many different people really affect the changed of my lifestyle and personalities. From an innocent, pure-hearted and ambitious person, I think I have changed into a self-protected, introverted and realistic person.

Been hurt many times, by friends or strangers. I painfully learned that even the best friend might not be truthful enough. Been defeated many times, by realities and facts that life can be really harsh and unkind. Through the rain, I cried and fought. Every time I rise from a fall, something changes. A new skin, a new protection, an alteration here and there to adapt to the situation or environment. Unconsciously evolving and changing little by little.

I have to let go some of my good attributes. Or hiding them deep within myself. I have to learn to be someone I don't really like to be, in order to protect myself from harm. I maybe stronger. I maybe wiser. Somehow, I am not strong enough to be the one I want to be. I am not wise enough to be the real me.

Who am I, exactly?

I want to be better, and I constantly tell myself no one is perfect...

Friday, September 14, 2007


It seems that my previous post had given most of you the impression that I was sad and unmotivated, which actually was not the case. Perhaps the way I expressed my feelings has some problem.

Anyway, I am still in the 'enjoy myself' mood. No burning desire or great passion in any particular thing... Like a normal person, living normal life. And I like it.

I guess the only thing that really make me crazy today is the fact that I have to wait 45 minutes for the KTM commuter to arrive at the station. I basically stood there at the station for 45 minutes to wait for the commuter. Luckily I brought my book with me. I managed to read quite an amount of pages while standing there reading and listening to my cell-phone's mp3 players. Wow... multi-tasking!

And now, I'm exhausted. It's a busy day actually. And having to stand and wait for 45 minutes, plus another 20 minutes standing in the train to reach home, I got leg-ache. It's Friday, gentlemen. And tomorrow I still need to get back to office to settle something. I hate waking up in the morning knowing that I have something I need to do but I don't like to do (especially weekend morning)!

I'm just tired... if only I have Prince William who will try to make me happy...

Hey dear, come, I give you a bear hugs?!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Inner Peace


I have been busy. With work, of course. And through these hectic days, I find myself pretty steady and calm. I needed to prepare a presentation, I need to entertain endless customers everyday, I need to solve system problems, I have lotsa program enhancement that need to be done for customer... the list can never end.

Yet, I find myself looking at all those overwhelming workloads, without much emotion. Numb? Maybe. I am quite surprise, frankly. Normally I would be so stressed up and prepare things in advance. But for the presentation, I actually waited and started to do the preparation one day before the presentation day. And I took my own sweet time to work on the problematic system and entertain my customers with jokes and humours.

In fact, I felt like I don't really care anymore. As long as I live, I will want to live the life I want to live. I have worried enough, suffered enough, felt enough pain and sorrow... And I don't really get over-excited too easily... And sometime I felt old. Or mature?

And suddenly, I kinda like myself. I like this feeling. It was like I am stronger now. Whatever things that may have come in my way, I can still smile and cast them all away... And I have the power and option to choose to be happy. Even though I am not overjoyed now, the peace I have within myself is good enough.

Yeah, the inner peace... I like that!

Sunday, September 09, 2007

High School Musical 2 Premier

Yes, I have just watched the High School Musical 2 Premier on Astro Disney Channel! I missed the first movie, but I did listen to the original sound track of the first movie. It was nice when I first listened to the album, but I soon got bored of those youngster's voice wanna-bes.

Anyway, loving music and love making fun with music, I thought I should give the second movie a shot. Well, maybe cherish those high school memories of mine (which was awful actually!). So, at 7:30pm, I switched on the TV, have myself something to eat and drink, and I watch the show.

Well the movie started well, some cute boys and girls. Nice background. I suddenly felt the child in me was all smiling and giggling! Giggling?! Whatever! :p As I got to preview some scenes before through the MTVs they put up to promote the movie( the MTV was actually some scenes from the movie), so some part of the movie I already watched. Kinda boring actually! :p

Anyway, love some songs in the movie. Not all I would say. And those songs they sang won't last long :P I mean I won't be listening to those songs over and over again like I listen to Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Whitney houston... Those youngster voice is just too kid-dy to be listened to. Alright, fine I am being cruel! They're kids anyway!

Somehow, I enjoyed watching the show though. You know, bring back memories when I was young. High school? Hmm... should be our secondary school time, right?! What was I doing back then? So free!!!

Awww... I missed secondary school... I was so young and free... hmmm...

My Movies Weekend

Not that I watched movies whole day long, but I managed to watch two movies during the weekend.

OK, I am no good in writing review for movies. but let's just see what I thought about this movie I watched on Saturday - RISE : BLOOD HUNTER.

OK, I like vampire movies. Thanks to the movie "Interview with the Vampires" starring Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt. Watching delicious hunks sucking on one's neck (and breast if I remember correctly!) was such a turn on! Then I also watched another movie about vampires as well, starring Casper Van Dien. Again, watching his bare butt in the movie was worth it!

Anyway, back to the movie. Oh, no! Not so good. Not that there's no hunk in the movie. The guy is actually quite sexy. But come on, the time he appear on screen is just too short. Besides, the whole movie was having the dark setting, I can hardly see his face. Can't blame though, as he's not the main actor. It was Lucy Liu, the main actresses.

Don't really like the movie! :p

Then today, I finished downloaded the DVD ripped version of Premonition. Yes, the movie hasn't even really in cinema in Malaysia, has it? Anyway, I managed to watch the high quality movie (with english subtitle somemore).

The reason I want to watch this movie is all because of Sandra Bullock! Yes, she's another gorgeous woman! And I love all her movies. From Speed, to Miss Congeniality 1& 2, then come the Lake House... and now Premonition.

And no, she didn't let me down in this movie Premonition. Good acting! But I have to warn though, the whole movie can be quite boring to those who are into action stunt sort of thing. Besides, there's something that the movie never really explain well. So I have to minus a few marks there.

Anyway, even though I don't really like the ending, but the message of love, hope and faith is good enough. Oh and her husband (Julian McMahon) in the movie is delicious. Another hunky stud! OK, I captured some photos from the movie on him. Here you goes...

And look what I have found from my image folder!

Any plan tonight, sweetie?! Wanna hang out with me?!

Friday, September 07, 2007

New stock for my Book-rack

I worked very late today. On my way back home, I passed by the Times bookstore in KLCC. I thought I should go in and have a look.

Obviously a very wrong decision made. I ended up having the following books with me when I got out of the bookstore.

Born on a Blue Day - Daniel Tammet

The Spell - Alan Hollinghurst

After reading 'The Spot of Bother', I was very eager to read another book with gay characters. Got to know the book 'Born on a Blue Day' from Calvin's blog. So I bought the book. As for The Spell, I got to know the author after watching the short drama series 'The Line of Beauty" which the original author is Alan.

The Spell is quite difficult to read. I think maybe because the British English is always more difficult to comprehend. :p Alright, I my English is very poor. That's the true problem. In that case, I think I shall start with Born on a Blue Day first.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Random Hotness 2

Promised myself to put these up. It's some hunks I captured using a digital camera during my vacation in Thailand last year.

And I found some advertisement board which were quite nice to look at: