Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh Daddy, Sing to Me!

When it comes to a hunk, with big arms and huge pecs, I definitely succumb to his irresistible masculinity. Not sure if it was because an auto-reflex of my hormone testosterone or I had been brain-washed before, that I will be physically attracted to hunky stud.

So when I come across hunk like these :


and these,

... I cannot help but staring! And maybe drooling too...

Having all the time for myself during this holiday, I basically googling all the possible hunks I can find online. And then I come across this famous ex-gay porn star who is now singer : Colton Ford!

I first came across his sexy MVs and they caught my eyes, undoubtedly. I viewed the clips repeatedly and I found my feet tapping with the music as well. His George Michael-like voice kinda attracts me. And I spent almost one whole day to search online to look for his latest album : Tug of War. It was more like a electronic, disco like music album. I don't use to like disco or techno or rock music because I find them kinda noisy and too loud to my ears. Surprisingly, I like this album. Maybe this album is not that loud. And his sexy voice keep reminding me of his huge pecs and big arms. And my testosterone will start do his magic on me... and you know I will surrender... to his sexiness!

And guess what, I always have a soft-spot for someone more mature and older than me. But don't get me wrong! I am not into daddy type. I just feel more secure with someone who is mature in thinking and who can impress me with his vast knowledge and incredible charms. :P And look at this Colton Ford! Oh my oh my, though he is kinda not-so-young anymore, he is still VERY sexy! Look at the following photos!

I wonder how he keep fit?! Look at that, still physcially fit and huge and urgh... every inch of his muscle is lickable! What a waste of him quitting gay porn industry! And and his partner Blake Harper is HOT HOT HOT!!! Go find out yourself who is Blake Harper!

So let's check out his MVs :

Colton Ford - The Way You Love Me

I don't know why I find this MV turn me on. Maybe because of his open shirt! Damn, hot hot hot! He has another version of MV for this song as follow:

Colton Ford - The Way You Love Me (Blue Door Edit)

Ain't it HOT?! He can sing half naked all through the MV and it's all good enough! I am sure it will be explosive if he were to sing while stripping! :P

Oh and the following is one of my favourite songs in the album:

Colton Ford feat. Cazwell - That's Me (Explicit Version)

Another cool MV for your viewing pleasure!

Colton Ford - Tug of War

So what do you think? Hot, right?! How can I resist such hot dad?! In fact, despite some not-so-good review from others about his music, I personally think some songs in his latest album are quite good. After all, it's his first album. I would say he has done a pretty good job. You bet I have his latest album, Tug Of War, listed in my favourite albums.


vic said...

the mv "The Way You Love Me (Blue Door Edit)" was really hot! most people of his age have huge tummies already, unlike his, still very much like a washboard!

Calvin said...

OMG!!! I LOVE COLTON FORD too and I have his pictures (including the nude ones) in my computer) Hahaha!!! I've watched him sing live and he sucks BIG TIME! Off key and no melody at all. He should just stick back at porn. He's the sexiest man alive! Have you watched his porn video before? Oh my! He's damn hot!

savante said...

You so are into hot daddies :)

William said...

Spank me, daddy!

Fable Frog said...

he appeared in "another gay sequel" didn't he? hmmm that's the only "movie" of his that i've watched before... LOL ya he's hot!

Chris said...

yEAH.. rEALLy daddy.. hehe,,,

Jason said...

A lil bit old for me but yes, very well keep for his age.

Leon Koh said...

sure men aged like fine wine.. definitly more charming as they age

ryan小王子 said...

oh my gosh!come to hug me, dad !!! :P

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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