Thursday, August 21, 2008

Being Contend

Being bored and has nothing to do this afternoon (which is quite a surprise or miracle), I basically bugging everyone I know on my gtalk chat list and trying to strike up a conversation. Too bad most of them were busy or caught up with their works and so on. Oh well, can't really blame them. I am the one who was abnormally free this afternoon.

Free to play with me?!

Anyway, I got to chat with this friend of mine whom I always look for whenever I feel bored. Because she is such a talkative person. Once start, she can't seem to stop. And that's what I needed for this afternoon. Listening to her telling me endless stories from office, colleagues, family to some unknown person she likes or dislikes. Yes, and I just listened and laughed. No doubt my colleagues sitting next to me would have wondered why was I smiling ever so widely at the monitor screen. As if I care! :p

Anyway, I was shocked when she told me she used to be a beggar. Yes, you hear me right, a beggar she was! Then she told me that sad and depressing story of hers. She was too young then so couldn't remember much of the detail. But that's what she was told by her (adopting) parents. Poor her.

Don't make me beg!

Saddening as it may be. But I'm just glad she has a family now and don't have to go beg in the street. My family used to be very poor too. I remember there was once when mom said we didn't have money to buy food and the whole family just eat maggie mee for dinner. I remember that well. Yet, we were all happy then. Partly because I love to eat maggie mee (regardless what flavour it is), and my parents made it sounds like we were having maggie mee feast. LOL... But we did know that we were poor enough to have a proper dinner.

And the poverty (hardly poverty la) didn't last long. We soon have good supplies of food and decent clothes and parents always make sure we are under a secured roof. :D Love'em so much!

So looking and counting on what I have and possessed now, I am pretty thankful. A nice house to live in. A family to be with. A nice and decent bedroom with my newly-bought computer desktop and so on. Even got myself a decent job with a good salary. Guess I should be contend.

But then again, human is always greedy. Desires and wants. I want to have an air-cond in my bedroom. I want to buy new shirts, new shoes, new underwear! More books. And maybe go traveling around the world once in awhile... and I want more salary income.

Maybe a little peace within will be enough...

I guess I failed terribly for being contend! :P


Legolas said...

My god! So free!

Chickelodeon said...

Congrats! You have been awarded a weblog premio award:) Check it out on my website. And pass it on..

savante said...

Not easy being contented. But it's good to want things, right!

Jason said...

I guess i must be away that time :p

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