Saturday, September 06, 2008

A Car-less Day

It has been more than three months since I last taken a public transport. Oh yes, I hated to squeeze with other smelly and sweaty men so much that I finally bought myself a cheap car and drive to work. Unfortunately, there was an electricity breakdown yesterday and I couldn't open the auto front gate so my car was 'stucked' inside the house. Oh there was a key to open the gate manually, but I don't know why it didn't help to open the gate even though I've tried for almist 15 minutes. Realizing the time was running out, I took a taxi and went to work yesterday. And it fucking cost me RM15! 

Want me to give you a ride, honey?

Not only that, the taxi driver was having flu I guess. He kept on opening his window and spit while he was driving. And he coughed constantly and I feared that he would have coughed out his lungs or something. What a bad start of the day! But it was Friday! So my happy mood didn't fade away just because I didn't get to drive to work. :p 

Anyway, after working hour, I thought of getting taxi back home. But then it was raining and the traffic congestion in KL city was just horrible horrible horrible! So I went to Pavilion with colleagues and ex-colleagues to have a nice dinner in a Japanese restaurant. Though I hate the fact that I have to spend a lot (nothing is cheap in Pavilion), I still enjoyed my meal and have a good laugh with those colleagues. I guess we were the noisiest table in the restaurant. And we laughed out real loud! We didn't really care! :p

So after that nice dinner, we took our separate way and it was almost 10pm already. I tried to take a taxi. When I managed to stop the first taxi, I opened the door and asked:

"I need to get to Heaven!"

"Where in Heaven actually?"

"Err... Gay Street in Heaven?"

"Oh! Ok, but it will cost RM20!"

"What?! That's too expensive!"

"Yeah! But please understand I can drive you there, but it will be difficult for me to get any customer on my way back here in Hell!"

"Never mind! Thank You! Bye!"

"OK. Bye!"

And he drove off. I don't mind giving extra few ringgit. But RM20 is just too much from KL to my home. Since I have not taken the monorail for a long time. I thought of trying that again. So I went to the nearest monorail station and buy my ticket. 

Clean up before you come anywhere near me!

You see, when I was waiting for the monorail to come, there was this man standing behind me and he fucking coughed WITHOUT covering up his damned mouth!!! Yucks, yucks, yucks!! See! That's why I don't like to  take public transport! 

And that didn't end my misery. When the monorail finally arrived, the whole train was full with people. So full that I needed to squeeze in. Having no choice, I made my way into the train and basically trying not to inhale too much and singing some song in my head to get my attention away from the awful smell and the thought of germs and bacterias were surrounding me. Luckily I didn't have to wait long for the train to reach my destination. What a relieve! However, at the destination, I still need to take a cab to reach my home. Luckily I managed to get a decent cab (proton wira) and got home. Phew!

Come let me take you for a ride?!

I am so not taking public transport anymore. Even though I hate traffic congestion in KL, I don't mind stuck in a traffic jam in my own car where I can enjoy the cooling air-condition and listening to my favourite songs, and singing along. I so love my car now! :p


Legolas said...

I hate driving in KL! I love the LRT!

jay bee kiddo88 said...

love the public transport!
hahaha... there's so many eye candies available...
but one does have to try not making it obvious that you're eyeing someone! hehehe =P

Sam said...

For someone who's taken enough public transport in his lifetime: I prefer to drive. :P

Paul said...

so pity....

gab said...

I also like cleanliness but if you were less obsessed and said less racist things maybe you will be happier and can get a boyfriend. The road you drive on every day was probably built by one of these "dirty foreigners". Have you been to Western countries? There are plenty of people who spit, don't wash their hands and pick their noses in public. How would you feel if they thought you were dirty just because you were a foreigner? I know you are not a bad person but think before publishing these hurtful comments please.

Ryan said...

I apologize deeply, gab. And I have taken out all those hurtful comment. Thanks for pointing out my mistakes! Your comment and feedback are deeply appreciated. :D

gab said...

Well I was a bit harsh with my comment too, the bit about boyfriends was too personal and I apologize. Keep up the good work!