Tuesday, November 25, 2008



I was assigned the most difficult tasks because I am the senior.

I am using an ancient programming language which I am not familiar to perform some enhancement on the system. And the due date is just around the corner.

The fresh grad who sit beside me doesn't help at all. I already am short of time to finish my assignment, yet I am expected to guide him to finish his assignment. In the end, both of us couldn't deliver on the target date. And the next assignment coming in. Another dateline is given. So we have to complete the first assignment and also the next assignment. And I am trying to meet the target date this time. Yet again, the junior beside me doesn't help. He is still struggling with his first assignment and the second deadline is just around the corner. =_='''

I have another 3 assignments to be completed before mid December. And I must complete all assignment by then. Else, I'll not be able to join the next big project which will bring more opportunities to me. And looking at the tasks I have in hands... I am not sure if I could finish them all in time.



Jason said...

Haiyo.... teruknya your manager. I hate deadlines.

savante said...

Never that easy being the senior unfortunately.

Chris said...

Work=money=no choice.

Mannpriedo d'Saintner said...

I can see your frustrations, really. I think it's too much of your boss giving you too much works with so many deadlines around the corner.

Sam said...

Poison the manager.

rod_cal@hotmail.com said...

Just curious, what "ancient" language do you have to know...."COBOL"?