Friday, January 21, 2011

It's hard for me to say... Hi?

I didn't even have the gut to say Hi! What's wrong with me? I hate myself.


I think I am beginning to lose my people skill and slowly become anti social. I blame my job which requires me to work in office/home without the need to meet client or attend meeting regularly. Gradually, my people skill start to deteriorate and I can't even say Hi to a not-so-complete stranger. Yes, it is that serious!

Well, you see! I was at the gym as usual to attend my favourite gym class. Well there are reasons to why I call it my 'favourite' class. Part of it is of course, I love to dance. I am easily attracted to exercising which requires me to shake my bon bon and do some sexy moves. Another reason, is because the instructor is cute. Oh yay! So cute!

I forgot since when I know him. When I say know, in this case, I mean I know his existence. We're not friends (yet) and we've never talked before. But I can vividly remember it was about 3 to 4 years ago. Met him at the gym of course, he was teaching hip hop class I guess. And I was a fresh graduate who just got a gym membership trying to get use to the gym classes. So I attended his class a few times. But due to work and all, I rarely go gym that time. By the time I finished work, normally it's too late or I felt tired. So I wasted a lot on my gym membership then. Hahaha...

Anyway, I changed job and the fitness centre I joined opened a new branch near my house. I got to go to the gym more often nowadays. And what make things better is that my favourite instructor is conducting classes regularly there too. Expectedly, I try to attend his class as frequent as I can.


One day after finishing his class I went to the changing room to take shower and change. After taking shower, I went back to my locker, trying to put on my clothes. Then he, the cute instructor, walked towards me. I could feel my heart was racing. "Why is he walking towards me? He recognized me?" I kept asking stupid questions. He stopped besides me and unlock his locker. Oh, then I realized his locker was just beside me.

Minding my own business (putting on my clothes that was), I kept asking myself what should I do? Should I say Hi? Or should I not? What should I say? Hi? Hello? Or just smile? Or what? While busy figuring out the answers to my stupid questions, my eyes could not stop peeping at the cute instructor who was changing beside me. Of course I did not stare at him like a pervert. But yes, I did take a peek at his well-shaped body! I mean, come on, cute guy with a great body, who doesn't want a look (or appreciated)?


I didn't know what I was doing (luckily no drooling) and by the time I came back to my senses, I had already put on my clothes, packed up my gym bag and unwilling stepped away and got out of the changing room. Urgh, I hate myself. Then I told myself, next time if I got the chance, I should say Hi!

And the opportunity came again the following week, I was trying to made up my hair when he suddenly came out of nowhere and took up the hair-dryer beside me to dry his hair. I was so shocked and panicked that I quickly got my hair done, packed up my gym bag and stepped out of the changing room as if I saw an alien. I immediately regretted after that.

Seriously, he is just a cute instructor who I was trying to befriend with and yet I can be so freaking shy and panicked that I cannot keep my cool and act normal. I can already imagine when I see a cute hot guy and/or a potential boyfriend kinda guy, I think I would run away or jump into the sea before they could approach me.

Chase (19).jpg

And you ask me why I am still single?


Paul Figaro J said...

Hahaha... But u ever wonder he is also just as nervous ad you at that moment??

savante said...

Why so shy? He probably was waiting for you to make a move. Either way, just ask him out for a drink.

Cloud said...

It is really not bad as u think, some people look very intimidating and unfriendly, but that is because they are really shy...if both r the same character...usually u will never even say a word b4 to him, but if u give urself the courage to make the first move, he will open up and u will find the momentum will get started...

deeperanddeeper said...

He's friendly. A bit quiet, but that's just the way he is, not that he's proud or anything. Start with a smile! He'll recognise you since you are a regular in his class!

Chris said...

好久没留言了, 还好吗?

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