Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Getting Fat At The Wrong Place

I've always wanted to be fat. I was so skinny that I hate to look into the mirror and see bones all over my body as if I was suffering from Mal-nutrition. Ok, I was not that skinny but still I prefer to be "bigger". More athletic if not muscular. So I always want to be fat.

Bigger arms? Bigger chest?

To achieve that, there was this one period of time when I ate a lot. Breakfast with eggs, milk, breads etc. Lunch and dinner always "tambah nasi". Some time supper too. Unfortunately, what you want is not always what you'll get. It seemed that I still couldn't get fat, or put on weight that way. Apparently my metabolism was so high that whatever I ate was always not enough. Well, what was when I was in secondary school. Yeah, teenager... high metabolism.

Stepping into working world, still have that little dream of being a hunky stud, I spare some money from my monthly salary to pay the gym membership. And so I hit the gym whenever possible lifting weight and pump every single muscle I know (which is very limited) and thought as long as I keep on doing it, I'll see some result. And yes, I did put on some weight. But not very satisfying. I need to put on more weight. I want bigger chest, bigger arms... big big big!!! But I know me, I am the lazy type person. As time goes by, my determination getting weaker.

Being a hot hunk like me?

I ended up not going to the gym for a few months now. Reason? Busy with work la!

And then recently I noticed something. Something really scary and embarrassing! I got back from my office after long hours of working. I took off my shirt before hitting the shower and I saw that person in the mirror. There's a "spare tyre" around his waist that his pant can hardly cover. OMG! I am so looked like those big-belly uncles! I hate it hate it hate it! It's even worse when I notice that my stomach is almost bigger than my "boobs"! Ooops, did I just say that?! A pregnant uncle is coming to town!

Anyway, the point is, I am getting fat! But at the wrong place! Eeks! Big belly?! So U.G.L.Y.! For one moment, I thought I am gonna vomit! Uueeecckkk! Anyway, that's a very STRONG alert! I am getting fat. Perhaps I sat too long in the office? My sitting posture isn't right? I ate too much? I guess I need to get back to my exercise habit!

Come to the gym with me, darling!

Guess what?! I am going to hit the gym tomorrow after work! Yes, I need to.


savante said...

Aiks. I empathize, my friend.

ry said...

i just got a sense of deja-vu...i've just experienced the same thing you described...and don't forget the pants getting a bit tighter :)

William said...

And it doesn't help that we sit at the desk all day long.....