Saturday, April 26, 2008

Just Do It

That's a familiar phrase, isn't it? I ain't no fan of Nike brand, darling! But I find the phrase really motivating and give us a boost like "Just go and do it no matter what!" Don't care what might happened and just do it! Do it!

Yeah, I'll do it!

How easy it is to say and brag about how we should be decisive and not to be afraid to face any consequences. No, it is not easy at all. Especially for a pathetically caring person like me. "What if this happened? What if that doesn't turn up as what we expected it to be? I'm afraid he will not like it. I don't think she could take that!" Horrible horrible! It's always better to keep my mouth shut and let other do the decision in group discussion/activities.

But then that caring person I was has changed. Yeah, caring person?! Bullshit?! Why should I be caring when others kept on taking advantage of me?! Apparently I cared too much.

~ I should help him with this.
~ Oh, he's just too busy. Maybe I can just do that for him.
~ Oh, just a few miles away, I can help to make the delivery.
~ It's ok to help make that few phone calls.
~ Alright, I'll do that documentation.
~ Yeah I'll write the meeting minutes and send to everyone.

I'll do anything, Sir!

What the fucking hell?! Even writing a simple fucking email has to ask for my help?! What's wrong with them? And somehow I think I am a working machine, which only know how to take order, say yes, and execute the instructions. Pathetic pathetic pathetic!

It gave me a big slap on the face last Friday when I had to stay back in the office (after office hour) writing the meeting minutes for TWO FUCKING HOURS!! What now? Since when I become the secretary? I am just a fucking software developer?!

Anyway, to make myself feel better, I always tell myself that "Capable person will always have more works to do"! So yes, I am not only capable to become a professional software developer, I am capable of being a secretary, delivery boy, communication executives... what else? I am multi-talented bastard who can do anything! How about that?! Yeah, I do anything. I just fucking do everything that I can do! Busy?! Yeah, I deserve it!

So I recently also found out that there's an advantage of being busy, or being known as the busiest person. I gotta walk around the office with my head high and everyone has to give their cooperation to me. It makes me feel like I am the most important person and yes, that feels REALLY good. Not only did I learn a lot from my busy working life, I also got to know a lot more staff in my company (as I started to deal with them more) and also have better relationship internally and externally. So I become "famous", or well-known. Yeah, I could be notorious if I bitch around too!

Busy I am. I keep on doing all the things, which some of them should be done by someone else. I know I am gonna learn more and grow. Ignoring those colleagues who works around me taking their own sweet time surfing internet or pretending to be busy (while checking on the rise and fall of the stocks figure), I work my ass off and put on more value on myself. I know I am gonna be kicking-ass later! So I do it! I just fucking do it!

You take your own sweet time, darling! Don't regret!

I know someday they will suffer when I'm gone, for I have accepted the unexpected offer.


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savante said...

Whoa. When do you start the unexpected offer?