Saturday, April 19, 2008


Days of hard works and endless sleepless night have finally got me down. It's like every single cells in my body were screaming and yelling asking and begging me stop stop and stop. I could even heard siren ringing in my head causing me a little dizzy every now and then. And yesterday, one fine typical Friday, my body and mind gave me a strict and definite warning!

That's a warning!

How bad it was? Not so bad till I broke down and fainted in the office causing big commotion in the office. Not so good too that I might have done some terrible mistakes big enough to lose customers' trust to the company. Anyway, I was exhausted. Can't help it!

It was in the morning where we (the boss and I) went to customer site to attend a meeting to discuss over something. I basically was numb. Thought it was just another meeting which I attended routinely and always "no big deal about it". Besides, I have the boss with me, I can always stay quiet and let him do the talking.

Well, little did I know that I was thrown with questions too in the meeting. A little numb, not-so-awake and still pretty much in the "zombie" mode, there's this one moment where the customer asked me question and I just look at her, losing the ability to think anything and response. And then I didn't know what to say. I guess I looked helpless and pathetic. Luckily , my boss was there and helped me answered that. I sure got a cold sweat.

Then only I got to be more alert. Followed by a feeling of dizziness and headache. Gosh, those must be the signs. No kidding, I was exhausted! And I hope my boss knew it! It's sad to know that I'll have to attend another bigger and more stressful meeting in the afternoon after lunch time.

Help me release stress, will ya?!

Not wise to skip my lunch, I requested my colleague to help buy me lunch and I steal the lunch time to take a nap in the office. Pathetic, really! Normally, Friday's lunch is the best moment in the week. Coz it's Friday and I don't think I need to elaborate more. So when my colleague returned from their wonderful time, I had the McDonald lunch pack and rushed out to attend the meeting with my boss again. Of course, I was in a better condition then.

Right at the end of the working hour, I even have to stay back, replying tonnes of important emails and also do some documentation and send them over to the customers. Oh I am so that girl in the movie "The Devil Wears Prada"!

Had dinner with some colleagues later. We were all exhausted. While waiting for out food, as usual we mumbling over something stupid and talk crazy things. Gosh, such unhealthy culture. Luckily one of my colleague offered to give me a ride home. I almost dozed off in his car. But I tried not to because we were both exhausted and I should keep him awake by talking stupid things, again.

I need a break!

Once I reached home, I collapsed... in my bed.

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Jason said...

Poor thing. Hope you feel better by now.