Saturday, April 05, 2008

The Unkind Offer

Something really disturbed me these days. It's about this going for a trip issue that distractingly put a little pressure every now and then on me like a small little needle that prick you once in awhile here and there. And when it keeps on like that for a while, it actually putting up fire of anger in me!

Stop it, damn it!

It was these few colleagues who seems to be nothing to do lately came up with an idea of organizing a trip for our own department at the end of the month during weekend. In fact, when I was informed about the trip, I was quite excited and interested to join it. The idea of hanging out with some close friends and colleagues mates sounds fun. Later on, when I found out that it will involve more people (20++) including the bosses, I doubted.

There was an official email sent out stating the detail/proposal of the trip such as the objective of the trip which is of course to release stress, tie stronger bond between team leaders and between team members... bla bla bla. And where will the trip take us to? Of all the interesting places/attractions in Malaysia, they chose Ipoh.

Come on, it'll be fun!

OK, don't get me wrong. I am not saying that Ipoh is not a wonderful place, she surely has his beauties that attract some of our tourist, but I'm just not good in promote Malaysian attraction.
The point is, when they broadcast to news of the trip, not many people response to their kind invitation. Well, we all have our different reasons for not joining the trip. Some of them are from Ipoh, and they find it boring to go back to their own hometown; Some other thinks Ipoh has nothing to see and play about; Some people like me prefer to enjoy the weekend ourselves or with our family; Some other would rather save some money for other things (yes, the trip is on our own expenses, the bosses might subsidy some depends on their availability and mood, perhaps?!).

Being so stressed up and working my ass off lately make me want to have more of my own space and privacy. Going to office at 8am and coming back home around 10pm something doesn't really give me any privacy and own space for myself to at least breath, rejuvenate nor re-energize myself for the next challenging day!

And so I made my choice of not joining the trip and replied the email declining the offer/invitation. It was a hard decision, really. Because most of my close colleagues from other team are going and they actually persuaded me to go. But after much consideration, I just need to take a break for myself. I don't want to be there the whole weekend following the crowd go here and there and pleasing anyone when the only thing I wanna do is stay in bed, sleeping, watching my favourite dramas, eating ice-cream and some other stuff that I enjoy doing. So, despite the annoying persuasion from my best mates, I kindly decline and firmly say "No!" to them. I'm such a heart-breaker, I know!

Free to be alone!

So lately "the organizer" found out that none of the members from our team participated the trip, and they hinted (or should I say "indirectly made a complain to) our boss about us not being supportive and participative. Consequently, everyone from our team were called into the meeting room by our boss. And I was shocked, really! And pissed, too!

In the meeting, the boss kindly asked about why we don't want to join that trip. Initially he thought we were so busy that we could not spare a weekend out to join the trip. I think that was me who bragged about how busy we are recently (actually we are!) to other team members that we must stay in town to handle the over-whelming workloads. So we all bla bla bla about our reasons (and maybe excuses) to the boss in the overly spacious meeting room. Some even told the boss straight-away that the trip is plain boring and is a waste of time. In the end, I am relieved and very glad that the boss did not force or insist anyone of us to join the trip. Apparently, he just want to know why we don't want to join and maybe make a feedback to "the organizer".

To the boss?!

However, as I mentioned earlier, I am really shocked that the boss have to call for a meeting just to ask us why we did not join. I am sure someone must have said something to him about us not joining the trip. Not in a very friendly way, I would say. Trying to get the boss to make us join the trip?! Not a chance!

Firstly, that trip is not compulsory, I have a choice to choose not to go. And they should respect my choice.

Secondly, the date time is just not right. Weekend? When we're suppose to rest and have our own privacy? And it's not just one Saturday? It occupies our Friday night till Sunday morning!

Thirdly, the destination. Ipoh? What can we do there three days two nights? Eat and wandering around the street? Visiting the caves and swimming in the Taiping lake? The only reason I would wanna go is only to be with my best mates and have a good time. But three days two nights doing don't-know-what? I'd rather have a one day trip going KTV and have a good meal in KL city. That would be more fun!

Fourthly, how can they ask the boss to put pressure on us when there's no one wanna join? They should review and revise their trip proposal which pathetically UN-interesting to most of my colleagues!

Fifthly, even the company trip is not compulsory! I am pretty busy. Even if I am not busy working in the weekend, I have the right to choose to rest during the weekend so I can have better performance the following week. Besides, since when playing is more important than working? Don't fucking tell me work hard and play hard! Work hard is good enough to shorten my life! I prefer work hard and rest more! And about play hard, I play my own games with my own rules. And not following the crowd doing something I don't enjoy doing.

I'm shoscked to know that some colleagues from other team were actually pressured by their seniors to join the trip, and they finally succumb to the over-whelming pressure and signed themselves up for the trip. As for me, I have to stick to my own plan. No one knows better than me what I want with my life and how I want to live my life. Even my boss never insist us to go, so why should I be bothered?

As if I give a damn?!

It's funny really that initially I am all excited to join the trip because I thought it involves only a few close mates hanging out together and have a good time. Too bad, what I thought is not what they are planning to do. Since I am not agreeable to their proposal, I thought it's normal for me to not join. At least, I think I have the right to choose. And I am pretty disturbed, by the fact that they actually have our boss calling us for a meeting just because none of us wanna join the trip?! What is this all about?!


Janvier said...

Yeah, too big a group and it may not be as fun. Of course, you have office politics in play as well, seeing how your boss was asked to get feedback from your dept.

savante said...

Work woes and office politics. Makes sense that I asked for a long break at the end of the month, I need it.

Jason said...

Oh well... no comment :)
Tt's a good place to run away from traffic jams though.

Sam said...

Company trip mah - it's free, so I'll just go anyway. Too bad it's not Langkawi.

Anyway, no running from this meme, or I'll really call you for a meeting to ask why you are not participating. :D