Saturday, September 20, 2008

Random Update

Just wanna post a clip here.Reasons for posting this clip :-

1) It's a music video with some of my favourite scenes from the movie - Jeffrey, which I've just watched.
2) The movie talks about gay guys falling in love and one of them is HIV+. Which I could relate to my phobia of having sex in fear of being infected with the deadly disease and my obsession with cleanliness due to the same reason.
3) The music is just nice and soothing.
4) I am just not in the mood to write a lengthy post.
5) Love watching two fine hunky studs looking and talking to each other. Michael Terry Weiss is so fine! Oh Damned! Did I just wet my short?! Fucked!

Have a nice weekend! :D


Legolas said...

You can have sex, but you have to be protected, everytime, no matter who you have sex with.

Sam said...

You should read Circles - a gay comic I absolutely love! It has this subplot about a married gay couple - one of them who is HIV+ and how they go about life. Very good.