Friday, April 22, 2011

He's Just Not That Into You

No, I wasn't gonna talk about that book. Nor about the movie. Though I did watch half of the movie. Yes first half of the movie. Why? It was because I watched the movie late at night. And then I felt really sleepy. So I stopped watching and never continue since then.

Anyway, I guess I had just tasted the bitterness of "he's just not that into you". Well, the thing is I know this guy through Facebook. He has quite a good look though he is not that hunky. We exchanged a few messages and he kept complimenting how cute I was and stuff like that. Being flattered, I told him he is good-looking too (as he really is). And finally I asked if he wanna hang out sometime. He said :"Sure. But no contact how to hang out." So I gave him my number and requested him to send me an SMS with his name in it so I can have his contact too.

I waited. And waited. Anticipating a response from him. After a day, I never received the SMS, nor a reply in Facebook message. I got frustrated. And keep asking myself :"Should I send him another message? Will I sound desperate?" Or maybe he was busy. Maybe he didn't check his Facebook inbox. Maybe he sent the SMS to the wrong number? I double-checked the number I sent to him. It's the correct number. Then why isn't he sent me the SMS? Why didn't he response?

And my anxiousness suddenly reminded me of the movie I watched the other day - He's Just Not That Into You. Yeah, the lady waited for a few days for the sweet-talker to return the call. But he never did. Poor that lady. And now that happened to me. Oh, you know what, that sucks! However, I guess that's part of the game, right?! Like it or not, you won't always get the guy you like.

Guess I have to, again, move on.


Phunk Factor said...


That's the prime reason I don't give my contact number...but have the other guy send me at least kills one part of the if he's not into you, then it's equally ineffective! :p

thompsonboy said...

it happens...I've done it to others and others have done it to me. Well, it's better to know now than later.