Friday, April 29, 2011

Suck It Up Like A Man

I walked into the room, nervously. Not sure if I could handle it. But I told myself everything's gonna be alright. "Come on, this is not my the time.", I told myself.

I pushed the door open. Everyone was looking at me. They were there earlier. Waiting for someone or something. Obviously my sudden entrance caught their attention. They were staring at me, as if I'm an alien from Mars. For awhile, I felt totally uncomfortable. I took a deep breath, ignoring the stares, and scanning the whole room to look for a spot for me. Getting all the tools I needed, I found an empty space and waited. Oh, the aircond did not cool down the heat they released. Some of them were sweaty, others are looking forward to be sweaty. I am still being watched and examined. "Be confident! You can do it!", I motivated myself.

Eventually they looked away, as though they have had enough of me, and started looking for the next prey. Suddenly I've become one of them. Someone entered the room, and we looked, we examined, we stopped, and waited for the next 'victim'. Until the instructor finally came in, started the music and we were all sent to hell, and suffer!

"Not too light for this workout! Put more weight!!", yelled the hunky man on the stage. And all of us were so obedient we did what we were told. Surely, we were all willingly to be the slave.

"Stay with me! Stay with me! Yeah! You know you want it!", screamed the hunky instructor with music blasting so loud in the room. Sweat dripping down from my head, to my face, to my neck, to my body. Somehow, all of us endured the pain, feeling the muscle harden and harden. Occasionally, we groaned, unsure if it's due to the pain or the ecstasy. The temperature never stop rising!

"Yeah! Feel the pain! Take it slow! Hold it there! One more! One more! You're almost there!"

Carrying the weight, I need to keep my mind away from the excruciating pain that constantly persuading me to give up. But no, I must not give up. I gotta be a hot man by 30 years old, a pledge that I've made to myself. I'm already here. It's a matter of win or lose. And I must win.

And so I focus on the screaming of the instructor. Not only that, watching every inches of his muscle flex does help to keep my mind away from the pain. His intermittent flirtatious wink and smile (though not to me) did somehow help to get me through each challenging workout. Luckily I wasn't turn on enough to have a big bulge between my legs.

"Good Job! That's a great workout!"

At the end of the class, we can feel every group of our muscle are screaming in ecstasy. Can almost feel they are begging for more! And for today, my triceps are loving the extra weight I added. I could feel the satisfaction. Imagining the pain is making the muscle growing and growing. Ah, suddenly the pain doesn't matter anymore!

Touching every muscles I have worked on today, I could feel the heat from them. And I know, the pain is worthwhile. Like they all say, no pain no gain. If you want to be hot, you've gotta suck the pain up like a man!


Paul Figaro J said...

I donno that attending body pump class can be so dramatic...
U make me think about my first class attending GX class..

水星 said...

Indeed,work out/gym is all about a matter of no pain no gain,the satisfaction you get after that is very much worth it.

The Tame Lion said...

Oh sexy! Cool!