Saturday, June 21, 2008

Match Making

Sometime I really doubt if people around me doesn't know that I have a soft spot for men. Come on, a (self-claimed) handsome man at my age still single and available? Even I would be having questions in my head if I were to see another person like that. It's either the person is having attitude problem which no one can endure, or living in this not-so-conservative-anymore (yet still conservative) country, that person must be a gay-in-the-closet. Oh well, at least I am one.

Well, you don't know me!

Anyway, I started to feel very disturbed lately when my colleague try to be a match-maker to match me up with another single and available lady in the office. Initially I laughed it off treating it as a jokes, but when she persistently hinting me here and there about how that lady would be delighted if I asked her out bla bla bla... I got annoyed, and sometime pissed off. Not wanting to ruin another friendship or colleague-ship, I normally would smile at her and turn away, keep my mouth shut, fearing that I might screamed and yelled and cursed if I were to allowed my mouth to open wide.

Hell, sometime I rehearsed in my head a few times, telling myself that if that colleague were to hint me or jokes about that lady with me again, I should just tell her right in the face :"I don't do girl, annoying-bitch! So just shut the fuck up and find me a hunky stud! I would very much appreciate it!" Wonder what kind of reaction she will give me. Shocking? Stunned? Speechless? Oh no, most probably she will broadcast this "interesting news" to the whole company that apparently there's a homo in town! Damn it! Sometime she can be such annoying bitch! That's why, I am thankful I didn't do what I rehearsed in my mind.

Introduce me a stud, hunky one, please!

Yet, come to think of it, will she ever match me up with another guy in the company since she is so eager to become a match-maker?! Who knows there's actually another homo in town, too?! Hmm... oh wait a minute! Seriously speaking, I think I have known most of the people in my company, and I don't think there's any available men I am lusting for. Not even a crush. Most of them are boring programmers (as if I am any better than them?!). Come on, after all, I am a potato queen and none of them are 'potatoes'. Guess I really have had enough of (being surrounded by) the 'rice'?!

Oh well, being matched or not, I still believe true love can, and will be found. But I really hate being matched. It's as if I was so dumb or so not charming that I couldn't attract another man but needed someone else help me to find one? Worse still, matched me up with another lady? No offense to that fine lady, but again, I don't do female. Maybe I am not gay enough? Or is it because I don't have a pink shirt with tight purple pant? Or a tight jeans with rainbow colour shirt will help me screaming out loud :"I AM GAY!"? Those would be the last thing I do, anyway! :P

Perhaps shirtless is better!?

Even though I am very much agree with the saying of "Treat others like how you want to be treated!", I guess it is no harm to playfully and jokingly play a match making thing on my own. At least, I think I would be a better match maker? So I thought I should match up some celebrities or hunky studs which I personally think (or fantasize) they should be singing "We Belong Together" to each other.

Eric Dane & Patrick Dempsey

I don't know why. But they are the first 'couple' that comes to my mind. Seen Eric before (forget from where) but lately found him again from the movie "Wedding War". And gosh he is HOT! I don't have to introduce McDreamy! We love him, always. I so want to catch the movie "Made of Honour"! Both equally mature to me and have great smile and good-looking eyes.


Matus Valent & Nick Beyeler

Both are equally hot model who I can watch over and over again. Not sure if any one of them is gay, who cares anyway?! But I am already certain that if both were to fall for each other, I couldn't imagine what kind of romantic drama if will be. I would really want to see Matus being James Bond 007. I think he will be VERY hot! As for Nick, gosh he can really stretch. Isn't it hot to see a hot guy stretching it out for Bond 007? Oh, my imagination can really run wild, sometimes.(erm... most of the time, actually!)

Let's see the third 'couple' :

Justin Timberlake & Ryan Phillippe

Irresistible! This two young dudes have me drooling. You have no idea how I like to see Justin moves! Gosh, the way he moves melt my heart and takes my breath a away! Not to mention he could also sing and act. And as for Ryan, another talented actor. Even though I haven't seen him sing, I bet he doesn't need to sing to win anyone's heart. A sexy stare from him would have me down on my knees. I don't know why, but I think both of them fall into the same category. And they both look sexy with a little hair on their chin. Nice body nice face. And to imagine them both gazing into each other's eyes, I can already hear Justin singing "Love-Stoned"! And if I were to catch them lips-locking and french-kissing, I would thank "Whoever Up Above" to grant me the rare opportunity to witness such great sight!

Julian McMahon & Matthew Fox

FU-YOH! Is there anything better to see two doctors making out or exploring human anatomy on the same bed?! Hot Hot Hot! I have never seen "Nip/Tuck" actually, but I do know Julian through the movie "Premoniton". And how can we not know Dr. Jack who lost in the island spreading the virus of sexi-ness here and there. I always wanted him to strip or at least take off that fucking shirt while running or sweating on that heating Lost island. To me apparently, both are equally hot! Just want them to get on the same bed and do the thing they're good at! Go do it, doctors!

Marco Dapper & John Paul Calderon

Hmm... Marco Marco Marco! The hot hunk in Eating Out 2. A new found talent and rising star. And JP the new found model who just came out few years back. This a little shy professional volleyball player cum model really is an eye-candy! My instinct tell me that they belong together. If I were their friends, I would introduce them to know each other. They seem so perfect together. Don't they?

OK, five couples are enough! Gosh my list can go on and on.
- Tom Cruise & Brad Pitt?
- Josh Duhamel & James Denton?
- Chris Evans & Ryan Gosling?

Anyway, I am just having fun match-making. And tell you what, not an easy task. You can simply mix and match, but sometime it's very odd when you match one to another one which just don't fit to be together. Pierce Brosnan and Chris Evans? Daddy and son? Oh well, I am just crapping! Anyway, I do have fantasy about watching one stud with another stud. Eye candies, they are. Who doesn't want to see two perfect creatures together? They beautify everything! And that's it. What more can you expect? After all, if you happen to see two of your favourite hunks together, you can only watch and see and keep on fantasizing... or maybe a little busy with your hand(s) between your legs, that's it!?

Now I don't have to explain why I love watching gay-themed movies! Now go do your own match-making! :P

Side Note/Disclaimer : The above match-making are purely for personal fun! No Offense! After all it's just my fantasy. Ignore it if you don't like it. :P Do comment if you somehow like it! :D


savante said...

Nah, Chris Evans is solely for me. :P

savante said...

Nah, Chris Evans is solely for me. :P

Legolas said...

You should totally go out with the lady and screw up the date. And then nobody will match make you anymore. No sir, not a word.

That worked for me.

Jason said...

Haha, that's a good one Leggie!

mrs phillippe said...

my favourite coupld has to be justin timberlake & ryan phillippe. as my blog and ID suggest, i'm all over the place in craze for phillippe LOL and jusitn happen to be my top 5 men as well, wat a beautiful couple they wud be :-)