Sunday, June 01, 2008


Thanks to the merciless lightning, my modem-router was basically "kena bombed" and not functioning as expected. Hell, it took me around two days to actually realize that the modem router was "gone". Would've done a "funeral" for it, but I was so desperately busy to buy a new modem router that I basically neglected it. I don't even know where I have put it now. Most probably crying like a baby somewhere in the house cursing me for being so mean and cruel. Anyway, the most is important thing is that I am finally connected to the world again. I certainly do not hesitate or reluctant to buy a new modem. I thought I can't live without internet.

No internet? I'm fine!

Surprisingly, I actually lived without internet for a few days!

Oh well, no internet means no blog to read, no male images to be seen, no movies to be downloaded, no nothing... It's a basic necessity to me. Luckily I have downloaded enough movies and drama series to keep me company during the "drought season". And I also managed to dig out some old movies which I have downloaded ages ago which still reside somewhere in my computer hard-disk. Some of them just plain boring (yet I still finished watching them as I don't want to waste my efforts of downloading them. Yeah, stupid as it may sound! :P); Some other are actually quite interesting. I won't go deep into that, but they are all gay-themed movies. Bla bla bla... Say whatever you want to say, but I am just so into gay-themed movie. Why shouldn't I?

Missed me?!

Guess what, now I am back on line. The first thing I do is hunting for movies and drama series again. And surfing for male images of course. I guess I am addicted. Or perhaps this is some sort of "saving" for the rainy days. Who knows, the lightning might strike again and my modem would have to be admitted to "hospital" for treatment a few days?

Hell, I am actually considering to buy a few modem routers as a back-up. Just to make sure I will always be connected to the internet. What was I thinking?! Damned, I sound so desperate! :P


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savante said...

Glad to see you back online!