Wednesday, June 11, 2008

That Old Cunning Bitch

* This post contains hate-speech. Read at your own risk!*

Don't say that I did not warn you!

I have got a shocking news today. Not really a news, but an incident which hurt my friend, a close friend. She normally is a very strong and steady lady. But today she actually broke down and cried. Knowing her weeping is something abnormal to me. Well, she's human too. Flesh and blood, we're made.

So what happened to her? Since today I'm quite free (thanks to my hard works and undying spirit to finish my works as soon as I can), I thought I could have a chat with her through the internet. Oh well, then she brought up the whole story and I could always lend my ears and just listen.

Apparently my friend had a fight (not even sure if it was a fight), or more accurately, was attacked by the coffee-lady, no no, should be coffee-auntie or coffee-witch in her company. Actually that old woman didn't like my friend for a long long time. That old woman claimed that my friend talked bad things about her behind her back, which my friend swore to "whatever up above" that she has NEVER, and will NEVER do anything like that. So not knowing who is the one who spread such rumour about my friend talking bad things about the coffee-woman, the old-woman hates my friend so much that every time if she's in a very very bad mood, she would curse my friend, calling names, filthy words... you name it, right to my friend's face. Sometime in front of other colleagues too.

Don't fuck with me!

My friend had tried many times to talk to that old-woman (damn, I so want to call that old woman a bitch, whore or un-civilised witch! keep reading then you'll know why!) and asked her why she deserved to be treated like that. Unfortunately, the coffee-woman never even bother to talk to her but continue cursing her and calling her names in front of everyone. The funny thing is that the boss knows about this, and had been trying to talk to that coffee-woman as well, yet the coffee woman still ignore to have a discussion to sort things out between them. The boss also couldn't do anything about it.

So, having got used to being called names and hearing filthy words from that filthy mouth, my friend had gone tired of trying to talk to her. So she basically just ignore whatever bad things come from that old filthy mouth, and concentrate hard on finishing her works.

And so today, when that old-woman (don't know what went wrong on her hormone or what) started with the cursing and name calling again while walking out of their office door, my friend couldn't take it anymore and walk outside the office door and face that old woman to try to settle this misunderstanding or whatever once and for all since that old woman will be outside waiting for the elevator to reach their floor.

So what's the fucking problem with you?

So basically their conversation can be summarize into following :-

Poor Freind : Why are you calling me names again?! What have I done wrong?!
Old Bitch : Wish you been 'tiu' (fucked) by people many times! You bitch!
Poor Friend : Stop saying that! You have not tell me why I deserved to be cursed like that?!
Old Bitch : Don't pretend that you don't know, bitch! You have been talking bad things about me behind my back to everyone!
Poor Friend : No, I did not! And why would I do that?!
Old Bitch : Don't you lie! I know it is all true! Someone told me that it is true!
Poor Friend : Fine! Then ask that person to come out now we all clarify this once and for all.
Old Bitch : Why should I?!

When my friend try to defend herself , the elevator door has opened and the old woman asked her to come in with her and they could argue down-stair. Fine! Once they stepped into the elevator and the door is closed, that old cunning bitch started hitting and attacking my friend with both hands. And one of her old filthy finger got across my friend's cheek. Luckily that did not left any scar or cut on my friend's cheek. To my surprise, that old whore also tried to use her shoe to attack my friend. Luckily my friend was then better prepared and protected herself well-enough from being attacked again.

Once they got down to the lobby, that old bitch never stop cursing and calling names. Even the security guards down-stair were clueless about what was just happened, and they fucking did nothing! Heart-broken, depressed, devastated, she took another elevator and went back up to her office. Then she broke down and cried.

What have I done wrong?!

Now you tell me! What is wrong with that old cunning bitch?! What has my friend done wrong to deserve such unacceptable violent attack?! Gosh, I don't understand! Even if my friend really talk bad things about her behind her back, a tight slap will do?! Why such violent attack? And she couldn't even prove that my friend said bad things about her! She even refused to have that "whoever rumour-spreader" to come out and clarify this thing out?! Who is telling lies and who is creating stories?!

What got to my nerve is that when my friend was crying, blood came out from her nose. Then she remembered her nose was being hit once by that cunning bitch!

That bitch!

WTF, that Old Cunning Bitch! Gosh, what the fucking hell! Urgh!


Legolas said...

Ask Paul for advice on retaliation.

william said...

why not ask u friends make a police report and at the same time inform that bitch that ur friends will sue her. In that case i believe she will ask whoever who spread that rumour stand out.

savante said...

Unless your friend is a bitch herself, I wouldn't suggest retaliating with a public confrontation. It would only make her look worse since she wouldn't be able to defend herself well.

In this instance she should present herself as a victim of slander and make the other woman look bad. Tear a little. Look a bit wan. Have people toss a lil sympathy.

Anonymous said...

Make a police report about this old lady attacking her in the office. Ask the police to come over to the office to ask the old lady what is wrong with her?

But do you really think your friend is innocent as she claims to be? Leaves on tree won't sway/move if there's no wind. (It's a Chinese proverb) So maybe your friend did tell something about the old lady to someone else and that person report to the old lady back. But we all don't know what's the truth behind it.

Or maybe there's someone else who wants to punish your friend by simply accusing your friend's act to the old lady. This person is using the old lady to attack your friend instead of herself. There's a possiblity.

Or, if non of the above, then this old lady is memang siau! GILA!!! Lol...

Chickelodeon said...

Hi you,

I'm tagging you! Refer to my blog. It'll be fun!

Repressed Oriental

P/S: I would repot polis.

Sh@ney said...

Hmmm I really like your blog, I cannot recall leaving a comment prior to now but the blog name is familiar somehow...Anyways I am here now thats all that matters - really.