Monday, June 09, 2008

Luxurious Stay

Finally, got away from the big hectic KL city to a rural place where I long to visit since years ago. Gosh, I really left everything behind and "fly away". But I have to admit though, for the first few nights away from KL, I still have dream about works at night. I guess that's just uncontrollable. My brain has got used to the constant processing of what need to be done and setting the priority... bla bla bla. Anyway, at least I still have a good get-away trip.

Did I mention I actually stayed in a 5-stars hotel for one night? Gosh, it was simple FANTASTIC! Even though I hate the fact that the receptionist were a little unprofessional and did not have a sense of urgency, I still enjoyed my stay in the luxurious accommodation.

I love the big size bed, the over-sized pillows, the yellow lightings, the bath tub, the glasses-walled shower place, a lot of short and long towels and the TV with special programs (when will Malaysian hotel ever provide gay porn? or straight porn?). Air condition was just perfect too. The best experience I ever had during my stay in the hotel was filling up the bath tub with warm water and having a jacuzzi session on my own. That was REALLY de-stressing! After that, I wore only my boxer and lie on my bed with the radio playing love songs. That experience was just simply amazing!

For one moment I did think about how much better it would be if I have a boyfriend then to enjoy the wonderful experience together. Cuddling and kissing in the warm bed would definitely be the thing I would want to do. Or perhaps simple gazing into each other eyes having sweet talks and let each other know how much we love each other and so and so. That really put smiles on my face.

But that went off very quickly. I looked out of the window and observe the quiet town. And when I looked up into the sky, I was really pleased to see thousands of stars sparkling like a precious diamonds spreading all over the wide sky. I felt welcomed. I felt sweet. I took a deep breath and I love the fresh air. For a long long time I never see stars at night. Not a chance in KL city, perhaps because of the light pollution?

Even though it was one night only, I felt great, satisfied. Guess what, I don't dare to see my credit card statement coming next month. Oh well, fuck it!


William said...

wah! at least find someone who enjoy the holiday like what i'm doing most of the time. Where did ur heck to? Next time remember to contact me as well since most of the time i went alone as well.

沈 一 傑 said...

Well, don't worry! You just got a raise the last time. So, you would be able to pay the line back .. ;)

Queer Ranter said...

There are something money can't buy? :P

savante said...

Posh hotel! Enjoy yourself of course! You deserve a break.

Jason said...

Woo... where was this place eh?