Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Wedding Planner & Singer

Within one day, I was asked by two friends to become their wedding planner and wedding singer. What were they thinking? I am still a young eligible bachelor who has never got married nor plan a wedding before. As for being the wedding singer, that is not so bad as singing songs is not that difficult. Besides I was asked to sing only a few songs.

Young & Inexperience - Wedding Planner?

However, the funny thing is I promised to be the wedding planner and still considering to be the wedding singer for another friend. Apparently, the friend who asked me to become her wedding planner is a very close friend of mine. So without much hesitation, I just said yes! As for the other friend who asked me to be wedding singer, I am just not too sure if I want to embarrass myself in front of the crowd. No doubt I am a choir member, singing shouldn't be a big problem. But singing in group and singing alone is somewhat different and so much more challenging.

Anyway, wedding planner I am going to be. I have to admit I am a little excited and nervous at the same time. Come on! It's a big thing! Still can't believe my friend actually put much of her trust on me. Oh well, not that me alone will plan the wedding. I will be planning and working with a whole bunch of "sisters" (yes all female with creative imagination and stuff) and I guess there will surely be a lot of "dramas"!


Now let's see! I have never seen a male wedding planner. Oh no! There's one I saw in Wedding Wars. The gay brother was the wedding planner. Hmm... I guess gay men are more artistic and creative?! Now I have to imagine what kind of wedding it will be. I have no idea yet as my friend has yet to tell me what kind of wedding ceremony and dinner she wants. I'll just come up with my own ideas and discuss with the sisters later. Flowers, decoration, table setting, entertainment, performance, wines, guest list... Ah! I'll see what I can think of.

What kind of wedding do you want?

This will be my first time being the co-wedding-planner. I'll just make sure I have fun while learning to become the best wedding planner in town! :D


Will said...

Of course people are asking you to plan their weddings. Everybody wants a great looking wedding. It makes absolute sense that they'd also want the best looking wedding planner they could have!

Legolas said...

Hope everything will go according to plan!

For my wedding, I shall do nothing and be good looking.

savante said...

Who doesn't want a dreamy wedding! I want mine to be perfect!

Fable Frog said...

wah wah wah~ so cool~!!! i guess u have to go thru those bridal magazine lor... do google~ wah this is so exciting~!!