Saturday, September 01, 2007

The Few Good Men

Living for 24 years now, it's quite pathetic for a person to not have a partner (boyfriend/girlfriend). Worse still, not even been in a lovey-dovey relationship before. Unless you want to count that innocent puppy love.

However, there are a few good men that really have spiced up my life. Not that that totally changed my life, mostly because I adore them, fell for them or the beautiful attributes they possessed really attracted me.

Let's start with the first one - Shawn

Knew him since my first year in university. He is an Irish + Malay mixed. As you all know now, I have a soft spot for Caucasian. Even though he doesn't totally look like a white man, he has this accent that's really seductive and sexy, I would say. Not an extremely good-looking man, he was very famous in school. He's all loud and happening. Tonnes of friends that kept him busy. Sometimes when I stumble upon him somewhere, he would only have time to say hi and some other dudes or babes would turned up from nowhere and dragged him off to somewhere.

Hey dude, I gotta go.. catcha sometime later ya!?

Thank goodness we're in the same class for many subjects. And being able to see him is the motivation for me to attend classes. Hahaha... Oh, he's not really the study type of people. He could have score well in his examination, but he's just another enjoy-life kind of guy. Perhaps being rich make him think that way. Enjoying life is what most important. The thing that make me fell for him once was because he has a good heart. He could be crazy and did stupid things like throwing firecracker into pondok police during Hari Raya celebration, but he is a good man. And very romantic too.

Been to his self-rented place, he once having problem with his girlfriend, and he bought a lot of the white mahjong papers and drew a huge portray of the girlfriend and pasted it on the wall. With hidden writings as a background which he did not allow me to read. The drawing was not very good seriously. Obviously he's not a good painter. But the efforts put were really touching. He even composed a song with guitar then for his girlfriend. And yeah I heard him sing once.

Well, I've said that, he has a girlfriend.

Come to the next man - Yasaran

Another man I know later in my university life as well. He's from Iran. And is very good-looking. I remember we were in an English classes and we're asked to form a group. Being an international student, he didn't really have friend to form a group. Then I was daring enough to asked him join our group. Why not? Another motivation for me to do whatever assignment the lecturer gave as I got to enjoy watching the 'delicious' hunk.

Not many things to talk about him really. He's just another eye-candy for me. I still remember every time I passed the hostel block he used to stay in, I always saw him half naked in the room sitting in front of the window reading or something. Instant erection! Thank goodness I always wore baggy pant last time. So my bulge was barely seen.

There was once when he needed to borrow some lecture notes from me as he was absent for the class. And it was almost 10pm something. So I asked him to stopped by at the food court near my hostel block and we could have supper or something. And he said OK. That night, we wore that white tight shirt which has opening from his neck till his hairy chest. And the tight short he wore was so fucking sexy and seductive. I could see his hairy muscular thighs clearly leading to the bulging crotch between his thighs. Fuck! Did I stare at his crotch?! I don't remember what we discussed during the supper.

That thing... keep my imagination running wild!

I guess the first thing I did after getting back to my room was release the tension between my legs by fantasizing him doing whatever necessary down there!

Just few weeks back, I saw him in KLCC holding hand with another Iranian girl. And I doubt he remember me.

Now, the next few men followed by The three brothers.

The three brothers?!

Gosh I fell for three of them! First with the second brother. Yeah the middle one. I was impressed by his charming character. Very energetic person. Workaholic I would say. And he has this unique accent when speaking mandarin. Very sexy and yes, he could speak accurate mandarin. Even better than me I would say. And maybe that's why he caught my attention first.

I don't really know how we later become good friend. And before he got married (yes he disappointingly a straight!), we used to chat through the phone at night discussing about life and our ambition. Gosh, we could chat for hours. Maybe we were still young and still a student. So waking up late tomorrow didn't really matters. And we did exchanged sms telling others about what interesting things we've seen in life and would share with each other instantly through the messages we sent.

I was once hoping that he were a gay actually until he announced his wedding and invited me to attend the wedding ceremony. He's a good man though. And now with his wife, I don't chat with him through the night anymore, nor send him sms talk about current life or situation. He has a wife (and now a beautiful baby girl) to take care of. But he really has given me a great moment of life. The friendship we have is sincere and pure. We did exchange sms or see each other sometimes, but not as regular as we once had. And he's one of my best friend that I could share my thoughts and seek for encouragement. Except those gay matter that I don't think he knows.

After him was the youngest brother. He is very playful I would say! Hahaha... Being one year younger than, I am quite surprise I would fall for him as I normally prefer guys older than me. Anyway, he's not really good-looking when I first saw him. Maybe because he was a bit dark skinned. And the pimple scars he has on his face doesn't really appealing to me. And he's quite short.

But then again, the more I see him. The more I found him attractive. I think mostly because of his eyes. And also his flirtatious behaviour. At one point, I think he suspected I am gay. Because there was one time he flirts with me, and he told me :"I know you like that!". Gosh, he really know how to push the button. And he has this charming smile that I like.

I don't really care if he knows that I am gay or not. But he sure caught a lot of attention from gay men. He even told me that a lot of gay men came up to him and asked him out. And I think he kind of like it. Because I once saw him accepting a contact number from an obviously gay man. Craps! And he thought I don't know. He has a girlfriend now though. But sometimes I think he is a bisexual.

Blah, just a wishful thinking that I would have a chance to drag him into the dark, kissing him deeply while having his hands all over my body, having a quickie, maybe?

Yeah, kiss me boy!

Then the eldest brother. Well, he is kind of different. I don't fantasize about being in bed with him. I think he would be that kind of man where I wanna settle down with. Good husband type you know.

He is very down-to-earth, a little shy but very clear of what he wants. He is very much older than me of course. Maybe that's why he is more mature and know very well what he needs in life and know how to handle things under different situation. I like being with him. He is very cheerful. And I hardly see him frown. Always smile even through the hardships. Also, he is very humorous. Sometime he sent stupid messages to me which would make me smile.

No, he's not sexy. No, he's not a hunk. In fact, he's like the guy next door who would accompany his mother to go for breakfast. And for as long as I know him, I feel very comfortable to be with him. No special reason. Just because he seems to have the ability to make you see the beauties and wonderful things in your every day life. And I think, that's what make him so charming. Another thing I like about him, is that he's very health-conscious and hygienic. He always have the refreshing look. and he looks even more charming with the smile he always put on his cute face.

Would you take care of me for the rest of my life?

Gay?! Not sure. I heard him being in a relationship with a lady before. And I don't know what happened between them. Never dare to ask about it. Not sure if they broke up or what... after knowing him for so long, I don't see him trying to start any new relationship with anyone... So I rather not put too much hope on him. But one thing though, he's a very good person. And I am glad to be-friended him.

There you go... five good men in my life. It's pathetic though none of them is eligible to be my boyfriend. But I am thankful to have them as my friends. At least they're all kind-hearted and really add colours to my life.

I wish them well...


Chester said...

Dam, you so lucky.

savante said...

Ooh I want three brothers on me as well!

comicallysad said...

its too hard falling for a straight guy. happened to me once and i got crushed (not that i didnt know he was st8, just wishful thinking).

on another note not relating to ur post, i love the pendant on ur blog banner :P

just passing through

coolgardy said...

We all have such things in our lives, they come and go...but what makes a point is that, they have left footprints in our lives...and that is what counts at times.

Chester said...

I want 5 brothers dont want 3.

Jason said...

No name on the 3 brothers?

Janvier said...

Eh hello, even if you're a quarter century old and still single it's not pathetic okay? When you're single, enjoy the life of a singleton!

William said...

Well, I started at 26. :P

Ralph said...

Everyone has their own stories. It's fun to read the blogs on how u get to have crush on some people... :) I'm your new reader btw. haha..