Monday, March 31, 2008

"Hello, Mr!"

I guess I should be proud of myself for what I have just did this afternoon.

I'm getting wiser each day!

China Auntie : 先生你好!你会讲华语吗? (Hello, Mr! Do you know how to speak chinese?)

I just looked at her, said nothing, and shook my head pretending not to understand what the hell she was trying to say or ask. And then she left. And I continued walking towards my destination. Right after that, not only did I feel funny, I also felt proud of myself that I actually saved myself from getting into troubles.

Call me selfish, unkind, pathetic... or what-so-ever. I don't think I want to be cheated or fooled again. "You're very lucky" certainly taught me not to be so kind or friendly to anyone, especially stranger.

I'm not sure if I wrote this before in this blog, but I was asked for money many many times. Was it because my innocent and naive face? Or my friendly smile? Or my stupid dumb-ass look? I was always picked up by those "cheaters" and asked for money. It's either their wallet were stolen, or they ran out of money and needed to rush back to hometown. Some even try to get my number and promised to return the money.

Do I look rich?

I was stupid, really. Always sympathy. And I gave them some money. The funny thing is, they always ask for more. What the hell!?

So now I've learned. Ask me for money?! GO TO HELL!

That's why after the encounter with the China lady this afternoon, I whispered to myself:
“臭婆娘!跟老子要钱?门儿都没有!” (Bitch! Ask me for money? Don't ever think about it!)


savante said...

Hello mr, can send me some money ka ;P

Calvin said...

You're not the only one who are being asked for money? Me and friends and even my colleagues all have encountered the same scenario before.

I always pretend that I don't understand what they're talking about. Just let them talk and when they're finished, just walk away! Hahaha!!!

Remember! You have the rights to walk away. You have the rights to remain silent. Remember, you have two legs that can move you away from the sticky situation right?

By the way, you said you're innocent look? Show your pics lah. Hehehe... Or email it to me and let me judge. Lol...

Jason said...

I think Froggie always kena cos he walk back to his apartment at BB every night.

Charles said...


Mainland China, or ........?