Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"You're Very Lucky!"

I thought I would be smart enough to not fall into the entrapment. But I, once again, been fooled! Call me stupid, I have to nod my head in agreement.

Why am I that stupid?!

It happened when I tried to cross the road when I was on my way to KLCC. Then I heard someone said :"You're really lucky!" Not sure if the person who said that was actually saying it to me, I turned around and saw this big-sized man who look friendly and decent. Well, he speaks good english and didn't seem harmful or unkind. And he was walking towards me when he saw me turned my head to look at him.

Pretty sure he was not trying to pick me up with flattery pick-up lines, I was actually more curious about why he said :"You're very lucky!" to me (well, by then I was sure he was saying that to me). So he started talking to me.

Big-Sized Man : Hi Sir! You're very lucky, man! By next month, you will have three happiness!
Me : (Smile) Why is that so?
Big-Sized Man : Well, even though you're frowning just now which pretty much show that you're having some problems or troubles now, I'm sure they'll all be gone by next month and you will get three happiness.
Me : Oh well, thanks then!
Big-Sized Man : Come, let me show you something. (Took out a small paper and a pen, writing down while he was saying) . In year 2006, 2007 and 2008 were not so good for you. But next month April, you know April, right? You will get three happiness.
Me : Yes, I know April.

I am your happiness!

He then passed me the paper with his writing about 2007 and 2008 bla bla bla... squeezed it and put into my hand. Then he took out another paper and asked me.

Big-Sized Man : Tell me, what's your favourite flower. Any flower.
Me : Err... ok, how about rose?
Big-Sized Man : OK, of all the flower you chose rose. Meaning you will get love. It's either love for God, for family or your loved one. (He then wrote 'rose' on the new piece of paper he had in his hand.
Big-Sized Man : OK, try to blow the piece of paper in your hand.
Me : OK. (Feeling weird, I still did as I was told)
Big-Sized Man : OK, open up and see.

Surprisingly, the piece of paper in my hand no longer has any words except 'rose'. He then brought out a small bag.

Big-Sized Man : Now with a happy heart, please put some money into the bag. Big money, please!

Feeling cheated, I don't think I would ever reject his request by then but I thought, well, at least he deserve some money for the trick he did. Beside, I was a little impressed by the trick. So I took out RM10 which I thought was a pretty "BIG MONEY" for him. After putting the ten ringgit note in the bag, he actually requested for more.

Now that really pissed me off. However, since I didn't want to get into any trouble (as he is really big-sized), I pulled out another RM 5 from my wallet. By then he saw there was still some RM 10 in my wallet and he actually requested me to give him more 10 ringgit notes instead. That's too much. I straight-away said I can't give him that much. So he accepted another RM 5 for me. As quickly as possible, he disappeared leaving me standing there still feeling stupid and foolish.

Just like that, I stupidly gave away RM15 to a total stranger for a little stupid trick he did for me.

Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!

And then I thought about what he said :"You're very lucky!".

Lucky my ass! For some moment I'm really pissed. Then I told myself maybe I owed him that RM15 in my previous life and it's time for me to repay. If that's not the case, I cursed him will lost RM15,0000000..... to me! Yes, I am that fucking evil. Who said I am kind?!


savante said...

Well he does get something right. He is very lucky. :(

Janvier said...

That was surreal - we thought you were gonna tell us that that was a story you thought up!

Jason said...

What a trick!

Kenny said...

omg, like tht also can. Really must be more careful next time.

Calvin said... poor thing! That's why I don't talk to strangers. Hahaha!!! It's a way to protect yourself.

Queer Ranter said...

Holy crap!

Sam said...

If people ever ask me to pay up, I just say: "What? You've got to be kidding me." And then walk away.

Remember, you're in control of your cash - not them. And if they try to grab it from you, you will SCREAM.