Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Who's The Boss?

I've been working quite closely with my boss lately. Yes, quite closely. Closely.

Come closer!

Alright, not that close. But instead of just regularly check up and getting updates on what I have been doing, he asked me out... to attend a meeting with customer. Actually not only one, but a few meeting. I guess that must be something about my promotion recently. That I have to involve in the higher level of working environment. No longer the boring programmer who sat whole in the office dancing his fingers on the static keyboard. But to do some paper works as well. Writing formal emails, getting user requirement and stuff. Not that I haven't been doing that, but everything have to be more formal. Imagine email with bombastic signature?!

Climbing the ladder up up up!

Anyway, and so I thought I finally got the chance to escape the hellish world of programming or coding and fly higher into the heaven of no need to work like a cheap labour. But wait a minute, I guess I was wrong. Not only do I still have to do what I have been doing, I now also need to do extra works to help drafting out quotation, documenting, writing emails for confirmation of requirement, attending stupid and boring meetings and etc.

Yesterday I attended a meeting. And it was a three hours meeting!! Goodness, I think I sat in that chair until my bubble butt gone flat! Dammit! I thought my ass is the greatest asset! Anyway, despite the meeting start with the boring routine greeting and robotic discussion, later an interesting "auntie-like" lady joined the meeting who very much lighten up the dull meeting. This "auntie" was hilarious! I have to call her auntie because even though she is young, she behave and talk like auntie. Talk very fast yet nobody understand her. And the best part is she speak lousy english. Can't even pronounce properly a simple word like 'run'.

Don't speak!

Auntie-like lady : So I espek (expect) evlilan (everyone) to be lady (ready) by this week lo.
Chair-woman : (Frowning while listening attentively)
Auntie-like lady : And then we will lan(run) the ploglem(program) lo hor. If got ploblem(problem) we can stlet(straight)-away find people solve lo.
Member : huh?! What program?
Auntie-like lady : To estlek(extract) the data out ma. To put into ploduction (production). From development server to ploduction(production) server. If no one there how? So evilan(everyone) must lady(ready) la!

"Anyone lan(run) his hands over my body?!"

Seriously, everyone was frowning and disturbed. No offense, though. Her lousy english is still acceptable, but her bitchy way of talking, sorry la. I have to keep my distance from her. She would be the last person want to work with.

Another thing that really scares me about meeting was that you have to make decision there and then. My boss tends to throw me questions in the meeting as if testing my business knowledge and technical knowledge. And I have to come up with the right answer. Worse still, when he's trying to explain things to the customers, he tends to look at me to double check if whatever he explained to the customers are correct. And I have to keep nodding my head in agreement or finding a right way to correct him if he's mistaken something. Not that he is unsure. But technically I know the detail better than him. After all I am working on the system all these while and he's been involve in so many other projects.

Well, attending meeting is still OK. The worse part was after the meeting. I will have to remember what was discussed in the meeting and list out all the things that we should do. Well, I don't need to write the minutes, but to list down all the things that need to be done is more than enough to stress me up. Some clarification need to be made, and then have to follow up and get confirmation from the customers and bla bla bla... never easy.

Still have to work...

It was just yesterday that I attended a meeting. And today I received an email from the boss to come along with him to attend another meeting tomorrow morning! Well, he's the boss!


Janvier said...

Ooo, promotion. A pay rise with an exponential leap in work. :)

Jason said...

Promotion = more workloads.

That aunty... who interview her at the first place?? O_o

Lifebook said...

Promotion = Money (Maybe) + More Work (Must) + Pressure (Must)..