Monday, March 03, 2008

Bursting Volcano

Looking into the mirror this morning when I went into the gent washing my hand after "paying water bill". I was shocked to find out that my face is full with pimples! Instead of making me more youthful or rugged, they make me so much uglier! Urgh! Hate it!

I'm more than just a pretty face!

I can blame no one, but myself. Been eating a lot of hot stuff these days. Yes, nasi lemak almost everyday for breakfast, lunch with chillies, dinner at the mamak stalls. It's predictable that my body is burning in heat with those hot stuff. Eventually these "hotness" need to find a way out. And they obviously choose to come out from my face! So face is full with volcano which might burst anytime.

Not only my diet cause me with so much facial problem. My lack of sleep and the level of stress also contribute a lot in creating more volcano on my face. Not sure if the testosterone actually play any role in causing the volcano to burst. But I doubt so. Because my hands are naughty. Always play around with the pimples and sometime even pinch them to make them burst. I know I shouldn't do that, but as I said, my hands are naughty.

Sexy Face!

No use using expensive branded facial foam, scrub, toner or moisturizer. My face is a total disaster now. I think I should ban myself from taking chillies and fried food. Perhaps taking only bread for breakfast and mixed vegetables with rice for lunch and soup with noodle for dinner. That would certainly help, I guess. Of course, lots of fruits and water will help too. Gosh, I can't even remember the last time I ate fruit. Hmmm... must be one of the reason.

Still looking good!

I should start take care of my face. Ain't gonna scare my customers away with my face full with bursting volcano.


Queer Ranter said...

Oh no!

Get it patched quick!

Kenny said...

drink a lot of cold water,use cold water to wash ur face, apply oxy, eat fruits, stop spicy food at the moment, dont touch ur skin, and eat vit c. ;-)

Jason said...

It would be so good if acne can be erased like we do in Photoshop!

savante said...

Kenny is right :)

No worries lah, it won't stay forever.

William said...

My god, outbreaks everywhere!