Saturday, March 22, 2008

Checked, But Still Unsure 2 - The Sexless Man's Fear

Two weeks ago I went for a full body check. I thought I should, since the last time I have my body checked was two years ago.

Hmm... time to check.

I don't know if this happen to everyone or just me, but I was kinda worry and in fear to have my body checked wondering if I would have any deadly disease. To hell with high blood pressure or diabetes. Those seems to be nothing but some "normal" sickness everyone can get nowadays. Pessimistic, I know. But really, with cancers and AIDS and HIVs and STDs haunting me every now and then, it's like a judgment day when I went for my full body check-up.

In fact, having the doctor pulling a needles and inject into my arms to suck out my blood was not that horrible. Just a small little pain and it went away just a few seconds. What's more horrible was days after that... those days that we have to wait for the result. The waiting. Yes, the uncertainties... the what-ifs and maybes... haunting me nights and days.

Thanks to my working life which kept me busy all days. And I was so exhausted that most of the time I went home late and too tired to think about anything but to have a good night sleep. So when days passed by, I kinda forget. Not until yesterday when my mom told me that the check-up result report was sent to home. It somehow triggered the fear within me and the only thing I wanna do is to check the report!

Am I clean?

So I was home and have my report in hand. Gone through it. To my relieved, I am a healthy man! It seems that every items in the report indicate that I am in good shape and have nothing to worry. No high blood pressure, no bad cholesterol, good immune system and everything is just perfect. And then I realize one thing, the report did not have any report on the HIVs. Great! No HIV testing?! The most notorious and deadly virus on earth? No test on that?! I was quite pissed off! How can they not have that tested?

And so I wonder, isn't that a compulsory item in a full body check up? Or it very much depend on what kinda of full body check-up package you requested? Scary or not, I have to get myself tested on that. Not only because the naughty deeds I did few years back (and remained pathetically sex-less life after that till now), but also the possibility of getting the viruses anywhere like the toilet... sauna or steam room at the gym... unhygienic food... scary! Really! After all, I am a paranoia!

Oooh... I was naughty at time!

And so I was checked. But still unsure. Guess I'll have to have another round of test. Well, I need to have a peace of mind. So have you have yourself checked? Better do!


Jason said...

Hmm.. maybe the package didnt include that?

savante said...

Juk juk. What have you been naughty doing then?

Ah-Bong said...

whoa! i din know u get HIV from unhygienic food! gasps! horrorrrrrrrr :P