Monday, May 26, 2008

Sleepless Night

I hardly slept last night. Yeah, I didn't know why. Not that I had an afternoon nap earlier. I was basically working in the Sunday afternoon and yet during the night, I did not fall into sleep as easily as I thought I could.

Gosh, I can't sleep tonight!

I thought maybe it was the weather, so HOT and Stuffy! I am so gonna install an air-cond in my bedroom. Sleeping while sweating is just so not what I want. Besides, wearing singlet and boxer didn't help much. I also have to open my legs wide to allow some air to go between my crotch so that my "little dicky-docky" didn't get suffocated and died.

Ah, no matter how hard I tried to sleep, I finally gave in when I found myself needed to go to the toilet and pee. So I got myself up from bed, went to pee and surf net. By then I realized it was already 4am. Damn, a few more hours and I should be getting ready to go to work. Since I wasn't feeling really exhausted and sleepy, so I thought I should update my blog. Thus the previous post was created. Finished writing it at about 5am and I tried to sleep again. I guess I did sleep a little until 7:30am I woke up again to get myself ready to go to work.

Pee? Or wank? Or Pee? No, wank?!

Surprisingly, I didn't feel any worse than other normal day. Just a little sleepy and a little tired. Or maybe I have got used to this tiredness? But to continue having sleepless nights is not an option for me. I know if my body ring an alarm, I am gonna collapse and that require a few days for me to recover to my normal self.

I told my one of my colleague about my sleepless night and he said perhaps I was too stressed up. He experience the same thing before when he had so many works that his brain keep on processing and couldn't seem to stop. That's why we have problem sleeping. Perhaps he's right?! It's funny when I told Alexander about my sleepless night last night, he said I should wank before I sleep. That was hilarious! But honestly we tend to fall into sleep easier after masturbation. I have tried that before. Not sure exactly why. But it works for me. Perhaps that's another reason why having sex is good for health. Because you will have a better quality sleep?! I guess so.

Wanna have a good time before we sleep, honey?!

Anyway, I have to sleep now. And no, I did not wank today! It's too late! :P


Dmn said...

Yeah.. It's getting really hot nowadays.. I wondered whether it has something to do in global warming.. -_-

Anyway, I am going to sleep soon too.. It's late.. *yawns*

Good nightz to you and take care.. :)

savante said...

What do you mean by too late? There is a time limit to wanking?!

Anonymous said...

It is said that your body releases some chemical that makes you feel happy, contented, relax and that is why you feel sleepy after you ejaculated.