Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Shots

Big Shots

Nothing more pleasing than watching rich men in suit and tie looking gorgeous every moment. It is even better to see them struggling with their own scandals and daily affairs while I am licking my tea-spoon full with raspberry ice-cream. Yummy-licious!

Got bored with some drama series I have been watching lately. Human is greedy and demanding. Yes, being human myself certainly always wanting something more, something better. Something better than what I have seen or possessed. Not that "Gossip Girl" and "Will & Grace" have lost their charms on me, but I guess I need something more. Damn that "Brothers & Sisters" new episode, kept on delaying. I so need to watch a drama with gay characters.

We're all straight!

So, surfing on the net again, I found this new drama series which can temporarily get me through the boredom while I'm waiting for the new episode of the "Brothers and Sisters". This drama is about four rich men, almost successful businessmen, with their interesting life. Scandals, affairs, ex-wife, divorce, businesses, money, sex and all that jazz. Some said it is the male version of "Sex and the city", some other said it looks like the male version of "Desperate Housewives".

Whatever it is, you know I won't resist to enjoy some men-candies. Besides, I always have a soft spot (or fetish?) for men in suit and tie. Elegant, charming, intelligent... ooh so sexy! Where's my Men At Play?!

What now?!

How about a trailer to give you an idea what the drama is all about?

Now would you please, excuse me. I have to get another "Big Shot"! :p

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