Sunday, February 03, 2008


There's nothing makes me more happier (and guiltier) than spending money like nothing in a mall. The excitement and guilty pleasure of carrying those bags (big or small) visiting one shop followed by another searching for 'the one' that caught my eyes, and then 'own' it! And I felt fucking FABULOUS both hands carrying so many bags walking out of the mall big steps with my head high. Now, why am I suddenly think about "Devil who wears Prada?!"

Would you help me with the tie?

Yes, shopping shopping shopping! Not really a shop-a-holic myself really considering the fact that I normally do BIG shopping once a year before Chinese New Year. Well, I initially thought of saving money for my new car. But my so friendly and lovely sister actually talked me down from the tree and dragged me into the mall. There you go. Nothing more tempting than looking at those gorgeous models on the wall wearing great shirts or pants. And wandering in the gent's clothes department, I am so dead. Everything I touched must be conquered! I so wanna buy them all!

Angel : "Hold it, Ryan! You should save the money for your new car, remember?!"
Devil : "Oh come on! You've just got your bonus! No harm spending some!"
Angel :"No, Ryan! Keep it! Forget about new clothes. You have tonnes in your closet!"
Devil :"Those are old! Look, everyone's wearing new clothes for new year!"
Angel :"No no no! Old clothes is still good clothes!"
Devil :"Come on, buy one or two, no harm. One big car cost thousands, yet one nice shirt less than a hundred! It's CNY, go pamper yourself!"

Touch it, will ya?!

Fuck it! Forget about about everything. What matter most is NOW! Present is a gift! So I unleashed the evil in me. And I shop!

Searching through the gent's clothes department, I grabbed whatever I like and tried them all in the fitting room. Hardly glanced at the price tag, I just grabbed whatever that please my eyes or makes me feel good. Oh, man! The feeling was good! My parents who followed me were shocked! They must have thought I was crazy! Especially my mom. She certainly thought that I was out of my mind for not looking at the price tag and simply tried that expensive shirt.

And things got worse when my sister got in. We almost visited every single shop and tried a whole damn lot of clothes (except those shop where "No Trying!" sign was put up). And yes, we not-worrying-ly said "Yes!" to this jeans and that blouse to the sales girls and she smilingly wrapped them up and we paid. So fabulous!

Ahhh... shopping is fun! Now I know why those girls like shopping so much. Not that I don't know shopping is fun. But to really experience it myself, well, it just make me so much more certain that it is, indeed, FUN FUN FUN!!! No wonder all those rich aunties like shopping so much!

Are you rich?!

Guess what? I should get a rich boyfriend! Rich, hunky, caring, humourous, and RICH boyfriend! Damn, I am so shallow!

p/s: I do know how I will suffer later when the credit card statement arrive later. Don't be surprise when you see a post about the consequences I get for the over-spending I did in the coming future.


Chester said...

shopping is fun! no need think. Just pick and try!!

Jason said...

Yes yes yes! I just found out retail therapy is good to release tension :P *joins in with the Devil*

Janvier said...

Angelus Macularum: Don't think, just buy!

savante said...

I worshipped the Shopping Goddess a long time ago. hell, I'm practically a temple handmaiden now.

ikanbilis said...

if those men in the photo was my shopping partner, i will never say no to shopping [like i ever said no, lol]

we just need to be equipped with a super rich person to fund our shopping lifestyle!