Friday, February 01, 2008

Met The Spartans

Yeah, I have met those muscular hunks in this surprisingly pleasing movie! A stupid movie? Yeah, maybe. But surely it is a very entertaining movie for me! Muscular hunks kissing? Oh, how can I miss it?

It was holiday eve (thank goodness. I am so glad we have Federal Day!), and colleagues and I plan to go for a movie to chill for awhile after working for a not-so-long week. I thought about watching Sweeney Todd, but I heard it is quite a violent movie (even though I love musical!). And then colleagues were all so into this movie which I hardly heard about - Meet The Spartans.

Not knowing what the movie was all about, I got online and checked it out. Hmm... the poster did portray it is a comedy. And with a few hunks wearing like spartans surely caught a little attention of mine. After all, I remember enjoying watching the '300' not so long ago and those muscular hunks surely made my eyes shine brightly. Well, since everyone was into it, I just followed the crowd.

And yes, the movie was stupid. BUT, it was hilarious!!!! Ouch, even though they don't have 300 spartans this time, the 13 muscular hunks was good enough to keep me busy checking every inches of their beautifully shaped body (except the fat one, of course!). And watching hunks kissing, and kissing, and kissing, and kissing... (those guys kissed each other when they meet as a greeting! How nice was that!?) Oh, I wasn't sure if I was drooling...

Oh oh oh, I've got to see them dancing and skipping too!! So gay! And I love it!

And guess what, some scenes were being censored. Well, expected. At least the "whatever board" was kind enough to not cut off the men-kissing scenes. I compromised. I can also download the uncut version from the internet. Hahahahaha... (Karen Walker's kind of laughter!)

Well well, I've met the spartans. They surely are fine. :P

p/s : Ooh! Isn't this post yummmy?!


Chester said...

I just watch at Pavilion. So funny!

Ugly betty also appear. Swt!

I love their body. So making me eye drooling

Fable Frog said...

Oh i love the movie!! but it is too damn short, even including the extra scenes after all the credits at the end~!

Mr Rainbow Man said...

How do they get those bodies? I'm so jealous!

ikanbilis said...

there was this really gay scene where there were gay couples in that movie! i wish someone get a photo out of it!