Monday, February 25, 2008

Been Touched By An Angel

It was the mixture feelings of shock, touched, warm and sweet. I was overwhelmed by his kindness. Almost grabbed him back and kissed him on the lips, and gently said:"Honey, that's really sweet! Thank you!"

That's sweet, honey! What can I do to repay your kindness?

I have been haunted by the busy-devil these days that suddenly, I am a workaholic. Working night and day, week-days and weekend too. Guess my wish of get back to work really do come true. How can I complain? I guess I am picking up the pace and work my way up to the restless working world. Gosh, I even found myself walk a little faster, eat a little quicker, talk a little louder and also got tired easier. Yes, I think it's due to lack of sleep. Anyway, I don't have to describe how works can keep us all busy. After all, I have had enough complaints and gripes over working life in this blog.

Somehow when you're busy, you tend to be unconscious about certain things. When there are too many things to be done, I will automatically set the priorities. Focus most on the most important thing, and basically neglect those small little stuff which can be nothing. It's funny sometimes I forget everything when there's too many things which are equally important. Come on, I am human made with flesh and blood. I am no robot.

I'm no robot!

So my boss assigned me a very tedious job recently which kept me really busy. Even during the weekend I have to bring back my work back home (because I hate to go out or get back to office during weekend), and trying to enjoy the weekend while working. Oh and I have to say, I regretted bringing back my works back home. Not only I can't enjoy the weekend at home, I couldn't finish my work too because I was too busy choosing whether to work or sleeping in my warm bed. And many more distraction with my computer around which is full of hunk photos and porn (oops, I just said that?!), or giga-bytes of drama series and movies to be enjoyed.

In the end, I could hardly complete my work. Realizing the next day is the due date, I then forcefully put myself into working mode shutting away my computer and other possible distraction and work until late at night, or should I say early next morning. With just a few hours sleeping time, I then have to wake up and go to work. And trust me, today is really a "MONDAY BLUE" for me!

Forget about work. Come play with me!

Thought I had finished my work and could enjoy the day in the office? Unfortunately, my boss wanted me to do some final checking right before the lunch time and he wanted it done right after lunch time because the customer needed it then. Oh great! Telling all my colleagues that I have to skip lunch, I having-no-choicely got myself back to work. One of my colleague offered to help buy me lunch and bring it back to office which I thankfully accepted his kind offer.

Staring at the monitor trying to work while feeling extremely blue, I could hardly focus. Thanks to my late night sleep and also skipping the breakfast this morning which kept my stomach empty. I know, it's so unhealthy! I even started to feel unmotivated and discouraged. Why do I have to work this hard? While griping about how unfair life can be and trying to get back my attention to work, suddenly he brought food and placed on my table. And in that moment of time, I saw a lot of things. And I was touched.

Oh my, that's extraordinary.

I thought he would buy a box of chicken rice or maybe nasi lemak. You know, those easy to get and buy kinda food. But no, he bought "ju cheong fun". Ok, I have no idea what it's called in english. And of course, all the food was cut into slices when you bought it and packed in a plastic bag. And he didn't just give me the food in plastic bag. He actually went to the pantry, got a bowl, washed it and poured the food into the bowl. After that, he also cleaned up a fork and brought it over together with the bowl to me.

For a few minutes I stared at the bowl and also the food inside it. How sweet that is! I picked up the fork and tried the food. You know what, it taste fucking great! I felt warm, I felt pampered. Suddenly the world isn't seem so blue. I even smiled a bit while eating the food and trying to work. And surprisingly, I got myself back into the mood to work again. And I started to enjoy eating the food and working. And right after lunch time, I finished the food and also completed my work. I submitted the work to my boss, grabbed the empty bowl and used fork back into the pantry and washed it.

Should I send him a flower to show my appreciation and gratitude?

You bet whenever I think about it, there's only warm and sweetness. I could never thank him enough. He's such a good and kind soul. Oh, about him? Just a colleague. :p


Queer Ranter said...

Oh my. That's so lovely of him to do so!

Anonymous said...

Wooo....still got such a nice and kind guy around meh? Is he even straight? Hehehe...

Do you think he's gay too? Or he has some interest in you? I mean most guys in the office will hardly buy lunch for another guy but this one even bring it to you with the bowl and everything. So sweet!

So, do you suspect he is one of us?

Jason said...

Such simple gesture that would brighten someone's day :)

Janvier said...

How nice and thoughtful!

So when are you gonna return the favour? :)

Chester said...

so sweet of him.

Did your gaydar beeping??