Monday, February 18, 2008

Get Real

I've got to write this down. I've just finished watching another episode of "Ugly Betty", and right at the end of the episode I was so happy for Betty that her article is gonna be published in a magazine (even though it is not MODE magazine).

However, in just a few second when the show ended and my video player stopped and shrank back into a smaller screen, suddenly all those excitement and happiness disappeared. It's like every emotion and feeling I have, ended with the show. And everything is back to normal. To be more serious, I feel empty. It's like everything gone. Hopes, laughters, sadness, disappointment all ended together with the show.

All gone.

And during that moment, I started to ponder. I love watching drama series. Letting the stories bring me up to the high and also down to the low. Sometime I cried, at time I laughed out so loud that I could already imagine my parents shook their heads outside thinking that I was crazy. And I am not sure if this is healthy? But I do love watching drama series.

No doubt they brought me some hopes and laughters which always makes me smile. The sad thing is I am just watching a drama series. All that had happened in the series might not be happening in the real life. But I can't say it won't happen. But it hurts sometime to realize that what you really want in life can only be seen in drama series and not your real life.

Those are not real, honey!

Sigh. Life can be harsh at times. As if I just know. I should know hot to get real after watching drama series.


Jason said...

Well, hide yourself up in the room and watch drama for too long isn't a good thing. You should go out and chill sometimes. Get some new friends.

Reality isn't really bad... you just need to find the positive one. When you listen to those real stories, you'll be glad that you're more fortunate than them.

savante said...

Aiks. Enough TV. Time to go out!

Queer Ranter said...

Yea. Out of the cave. Stop staring at the shadows of life outside. Be the life outside. :)