Sunday, February 17, 2008

Get Back To Work

I'm not sure if this happens to everyone, but I think I have reached, or perhaps I have had this period of time where life is boring and stagnant. Working life, I mean. Suddenly, it really has become a routine. Wake up, go to work, hardly work, come back from work, sleep and the whole thing repeat again. And again. Everyday.

That's boring!

Well, works are always there to be done and finished. But I think I am not enjoying what I am doing now. Or should I say, I don't have the motivation to start working. I always have excuses to not do what I need to do. Craps, I hate myself!

Whatever it is, I have to do something. Change. A revolution! Holiday season is finally, really, OVER! Now I need to warm myself up and work my ass off! Yeah, I need to work like there's no tomorrow! It's funny really that I kinda miss those days where I have a lot of works to do. Even though they kept me extremely busy, I remembered I enjoyed working and it was really satisfying when you got all your jobs done. You know, that kind of exhale, relieved with satisfactory. I miss that, seriously!

Where's the report we want?

Chinese New Year is coming to an end. So no more holiday mood for me. I don't know if this happens to me only or everyone else. Normally at this time, I would sense that there's no holiday anymore in the near future and we will be working like hell day and night, night and day, until we forgot what's the date or day today. We would be so busy that in a blink of an eye, suddenly it is Labour Day (1st May). It's funny for people like us (I mean those who are working. :p) always looking forward to the next holiday. After each holiday, we will look forward for the next one. Maybe comes up with plans or organize a trip or something for the next coming holiday. Well, for some people like me, I would rather stay home and sleep. :p

Anyway, I know I gotta start my engine now. Ain't gonna procrastinate again in the office. Not only it would do me no good, it will affect my increment in the coming future. I should find myself a lot more motivation to work. Push myself a lot more. I should think more about increment, about promotion, about bonuses. Damn, I am such a money-lover! No, to be more accurate, I am a slave to money! Well, who doesn't love money? Don't tell me money is not everything. I know that long time ago. But I am still crazy about having extra money! Shopping. Spa. KTV. Movies. Oooh... that's how I pamper myself. And I need money for that!

Busy earning money!

Now, take a deep breath... stand straight, chest up, butt up... and get back to work!

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savante said...

I think most of us are feeling the blues at work at the moment. Especially after taking such a long break :)

Hey Big Shots any good kah.