Thursday, February 07, 2008

Hunky Cousin

It's been a tradition since don't know when that we're supposed to visit our relatives during Chinese New Year. When I'm young, the only reason I did those 'kunjung-mengunjung' thing was solely because I got to get ang pau and met my cousin brothers and sisters. It seemed that when children were all got together, they surely have something to play about. And yes, we were all having fun together chasing around and played some games I hardly remember how to play.

Games? I want to play!

Getting older each and every year, the urge of doing the visiting is getting lesser and lesser. Even the idea of getting lotsa ang pau is no longer as tempting as it used to be. Besides, all cousins have their own friends and normally they're not around with the family anymore. They're either went out having fun with their friends, or just too old to play games with, or too strange to even talk to us. Well, we met once a year. We have our own separate and different way of life-style. There's nothing common to talk about. Or more accurately, we're just too lazy to even try to start any conversation.

However, tradition is still tradition. Visiting still has to be done. Somehow getting ang pau is still not a bad idea. So dragging myself out of the house following my parents with new clothes (even new underwear), I visited one of my auntie's house. Rich people who live in a mansion. Surely I will get a BIG ang pau, I told myself. It's funny even though we live in KL, we visited each other only once a year. How pathetic? Luckily Chinese New Year made us keep in touch, at least once a year.

You do remember me, don't you?

When we reached there, we made our way into the mansion greeting everyone "Gong Hey Fatt Choy!". Apparently, some other uncles and aunties were there as well. Of course, a few of my not-so-familiar cousins were there too. Greeted them as if I was meeting a stranger, asking each other's occupation and how old we are? Weird!

Everything seem so routine and dull until I meet this hunky cousin brother. Oh, I remember him. Well enough to scan through his whole body from top to the bottom. Tight white shirt with jeans?! Yeah, he's hot! What the fuck! He's my fucking cousin! Surely he go gym and worked really hard to have those well-shaped body that I would lick (IF AND ONLY IF HE'S NOT MY COUSIN!). My sister once caught him hitting the Fitness First centre. He must be a gym geek. Definitely straight because he's a girlfriend.

Despite hating the fact that he's my cousin and I can't 'do' him (please, I am not into incest!), part of me feel proud to have such a hunky good-looking cousin brother like him. Looking at his other brothers, well well well, they're not bad too. Yummy! Ehem, looking back at myself, hmmm.... I'm not so bad-looking myself. I guess it's in the blood. (Get a pail and vomit! I don't mind! LOL...).

It's getting Hotter and HOTTER!

Well, just like every time, I never really got the chance to talk to them. Throughout the whole visiting, they're hiding in their room don't know doing what? (Perhaps I am too hot that they thought they can't handle me?! So better hide in the room with blushing face?! Get a pail and vomit again, if needed!) Anyway, we just shook our hands saying goodbye when we were about to leave. Pathetic, I know! It's become the tradition. Anyway, at least I've found new motivation to keep on the tradition of CNY visiting.


Chester said...

a picture of him sure nice :p

Jason said...

Apa incest! Just do him first and think later!