Monday, May 26, 2008

Being Hugged

Suddenly I missed the feelings of being hugged. Hug can be such intimate feelings between two persons and brings a lot of comforts. From mother's hugs, friends' hugs to lover's hugs, each have their own intention and expression.

Hug me tight, yeah!

I remember the last time I gave a hug was to my aunt who has just lost her husband last week. Even though she seemed to be strong, we all knew she was devastated. So during the funeral I couldn't help but giving her a big tight hug just to let her know that we will be there for her and that we'll support her in every possible ways.

And then there was this memorable hug from a friend when I was in university. Gosh, now I wonder why I didn't mention about him in my blog. He used to be my crush in university. Well, he's an Irish+Malay mixed and he look more like an Irish man. And you do know I am a potato queen. :P. And he has this special accent that turned me so on whenever he speaks and I could just stare and listen to him talking all day long.

Mind you, he is not that good-looking, or maybe because he didn't really groom well. Having McDonald's kinda hair style (yeah, or you would prefer calling it maggie-mee hair?) and wearing baggie pant and that same-old t-shirt. To me, he's that kinda of fella who doesn't groom-up. But the thing is, he's popular. He really knows how to talk. And yeah, talking craps was his talent and he was so good that he could talk until the cows come home. And did I mention he was SO freaking humorous?

Anyway, he used to be one of my best mate in university. How we became best mate? I'll save it for another post. The thing is, he gave me a memorable hug during university life. It was "mooncake" festival and I guess all Chinese students had organized some events to celebrate the festival. And of course, some students just prefered to have it their own way like calling a few best mates and do a small gathering. Playing candles, eating moon-cakes and chit-chat about anything and have a good laughs. Yeah we did that. And since we had some extra moon-cakes, I thought I could save some to my best mate, the Mr. Irish man.

I happily called him and said I had some moon-cakes for him. To my surprise, he was over-excited. I told him I would bring over the cake to him at his apartment. And so I did. Walking down the street with light-hearted, and wondering why was he so excited about one moon-cake. When I reached there, he ran down from his apartment and met me.

Mr Irish Man : Hey Ryan, thanks for the cake!
Ryan : No problem! It's halal. So you can eat!
Mr Irish Man : Oh that's so sweet! Hey Ryan, I'm so excited can I give you a hug?!

A hug I can't resist!

How can I possibly say no to that? I welcomed his hug with open arms and guess what, it was a heart-felt warm hug I have ever received. No, no dirty elements in it. Just a pure sincere hug of appreciation and gratitude. And yes, it was special to me. Memorable, indeed! Oh those strong arms, I could've been melted in his sweet caress. No doubt whenever I think about it, I wonder why didn't I even at least move my hands down until I reach his butt and... !? Oh, now I sound like a pervert. Give me a tight slap to wake me up, please!

Well, that was the hug. I have some other memorable hug. Like a few hugs with one of the three brothers I used to fallen for. Oh well, that was so past tense. During that time, I stupidly thought we had a connection and might have a chance to be together. Guess love really is blind. I was just falling head over heel and couldn't think straight. Now whenever I think about it, I would smile at my stupidity and innocent.

I seriously don't know how to put into words how a hug can be. Comforts? Loves? Encouragement & motivation? Condolence? Consolation? All can be in just a simply hug. Of course, I long for an intimate hug and a passionate kiss with a man. I can go over and over... I should stop here.

Hugs and kisses...

Hugs and kisses (on the cheeks) ...


Jason said...

Go and hug someone :)

Anonymous said...

i totally understand how you feel. cheer up! you will have more hugs in the future

Crazy Sam said...

I know what you mean, I too long to hug and be hugged.

I had written about the power of hug in my old blog, long time back. Thought you might be interested to read.

mrs phillippe said...

my favourite hug wud be to lie in bed sleeping all nite with my special man hugging me :-)