Sunday, May 11, 2008


I learned that people at my age should fuck around. Well, let's put it this way, should have sex regularly to keep one's mind sane and physically healthy. Apparently having sex boost up our immune system and bla bla bla.... good for our health. And so I know.

"Hey, let's have sex here, and now!"

Unfortunately having no partner to have sex with doesn't help. Come on, I am young and I have need. And being a male make things worse. Apparently the testosterone always play tricks when you least expected it to be. I guess I do not elaborate further. Sex sex sex... anything to do with sex, we won't get bored with it. From the sexy images (visual) to the moaning/groaning sound of pleasure (audio), eww... suddenly I feel like vomit. Oh I forgot I am a pervert! Well, who isn't?!

So being a single and desperate grown man, I am very high-alerted with hunky and handsome stud around. My radar and the sixth (or seventh, eighth...) sense is so sensitive that once hunky stud is detected, the alarm in my head will start to ring so loud that it was as if my whole body is on fire and gonna explode. And so my eyes will start to be naughty scanning that hunk from head to toe (I was about to say top to bottom, oh well). You know, like my glasses was one of the sophisticated gadget I have which will list out all the detail about that hunk... how big is the arms, chest size, the bun, the face.... ok everything! :P Damn, side effect after watching so many marvel's movie!

Nice arms, nice abs...

That's what happened actually when I was out tonight to celebrate Mother's Day with the whole family in a nearby cafe. Apparently there was this hunky waiter. Ah, he is SO fine! Almost as attractive as the man I have a crush on. At first I did not notice him. But him being so dedicated and hardworking walking up and down serving the customers rang the alarm in my head. Did I mention he has good smile? Oh, once noted, scanning started. From his hair style, down to his face, down to his neck, to his shoulder, arms, chest, stomach (oh he has no big belly, perfect! I hope nice abs too!) , to his firm butt... ok, good enough!

How nice it was to check him out once in a while. You know it was such a great sight to me, to see a man working dedicatedly. I almost excused myself from the table and grabbed him back into the some rooms behind the kitchen or wash room and just french-kissing him. Ah, fantasy! Day dreaming... Luckily I didn't have my saliva dripping out of my mouth while watching the hunky waiter walking here and there serving customers.

Damn, he's so fine!

I did purposely ask him over to have our dessert served so I can have a closer look at him. As I said, he's SO fine! LOL... Call me whatever, I deserved to be served! But I hope no further. You know it's true that sometimes things can be so beautiful from a far. But the closer and the more you look, the uglier they become. Well, not entirely true. But I believe that once we see things that are beautiful, then let it be beautiful entirely in your mind. Just like this handsome waiter, I will never know how good or bad his personality is. But base on his out-look, let's just assume he is kind hearted, funny and charming. LOL... pathetic, I know! :P

I would be lying if I said I am not desperate to have a boyfriend or a partner. But I wouldn't want to have a boyfriend just because I need sex. Oh don't tell me about sex buddy. I am so not into that. And I have many concerns So many that some of them could be pathetically unreasonable, yet they're good enough for me to have myself stay single for as long as I need. I guess I am not ready yet. So I guess the so-called faithful partner I have is... my hands which loyally and dedicatedly be there whenever I need them. Ah, talk about unconditional love. Nothing is better than our hands, isn't it? They sure know what to do when we are in need. Don't ask me what kind of 'need'. But I might have that 'need' after watching the following clips :

HOT HOT HOT!!! Before I faint, just in case you do not know, that HOT stud is Eddie Cibrian!



Crazy Sam said...

I totally get what you are saying. I drool and drool and drool whenever I see a hot handsome guy imagining how it would feel if we hold our hands, if we have our kiss, if we have our hug and so on! Yeah hands are all I too have to keep my need satisfied. :p

Jason said...

Aiyah, don't say there's no guy to have sex with. It's just a matter of choice... wanna do it, or not.

Tom said...

Personally, I think that worrying about ending up with a life partner is a waste of effort. Some of the best relationships I've had have been with fuck buddies, and in their own way more satisfying. You can have the best of both worlds, if you REALLY want.