Tuesday, May 06, 2008

What's it Like...

When I was young I always like to ask that question :"What's it like?". Yeah, curiosity had me asking me that question over and over again when I saw new thing in different situation.

Hmm... what's it like?

What's it like when we reach 18?
What's it like when we step into university?
What's it like when we step into working world?
What's it like to kiss someone's lips?
What's it like to touch someone's... ok, I won't go that far. :P

But it seems like most of those subjective questions have been answered as I grow older. I am pretty shocked by the fact that I am now a working man who works in the KL City Golden Triangle. I could still remember when I was living in rural area far away from the "city of light", how I wonder it will be to work in the busiest city in the whole country. It must be very hectic and stressing. And yes, I am experiencing it. So from a "Kampung Boy", I am now the "City Man" who works like a human-like robot.

On the other hands, it is amazing to look back and realized actually I have come this far from where I was. It's funny see how innocent and naive I was. And how stupid and ignorant I was. I'm glad I grow smarter and wiser. Hahaha... And I'm grateful I managed to go through all the dark period or the difficult times. I know I grew stronger and more mature through the hard times. Those wins and loses, those happy and sad moments, those laughters and cries... certainly enriched my life. And still enriching...

Life's been good.

Never thought that I would graduate from a university, got my degree and work in the busiest city, really. When I was young, I thought I would work in that rural state working as a teacher or something like that. I didn't really know what I wanted to be then. Just thought that teacher is something I could be and I love teaching young kids.

But now I am so far away from where I grew up and actually wearing long-sleeve shirt and dark pant and actually go to an office and work. Not a manager or something, but being able to contribute to the society, it feels great. At least, I am "useful". LOL...

So what's it like to be 18? cheh... high testosterone. Wanked a lot! Excuse me! :P
What's it like to be in university? Ermm... bittersweet memories. Expose to a lot of different people though.
What's it like to be in working world? You'll feel numb.
What's it like to kiss? Oh terrible. Especially the first time... don't even know when I should open my mouth!
What's it like to touch... Don't be naughty! I'll be singing Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body"

Is he trying to touch my body?

There's still a lot of what's it like questions in my mind. But I am sure I'll get the answers as time goes by. I just need to be patient. Hmm... what's it like...

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Queer Ranter said...

So what's it like to be 18?
High testosterone. Wanked a lot!

Why past tense? I'm still at it after 5 years. :P