Friday, May 09, 2008


I gripe. Yeah, I do gripe a lot!

What do you need to complain about?

Lately I've been cursing a lot, inside my heart. I am not sure if the working environment has shaped me into this kind of person but I guess most probably yes. You see, providing service and supports aren't an easy job. Especially you need to deal with a lot of customers with different attitudes and behaviours.

One customer can be kind and understanding, but some other can be very demanding and rude. Of course the latter one always got me angry and furious inside, and yet I need to fake a smile and turn my head around calling him/her "Bitch!".

And sometime when customers request to do certain thing, we're not obliged to do it for them, but as a goodwill, we should do it. I really hate this part. Goodwill goodwill... then who is being kind with me?! I sacrificed a lot just because of goodwill. So today when this customer asked me to standby AFTER OFFICE HOUR (I have to capitalize it, just in case you don't see!), I basically screaming at the top of my voice :

"You fucking bitch! What the hell?! Ask me to stay after office hour?! I no need to go home just because you having problems with your works?! I no need to rest? Don't fucking tell me you're staying late as well because that's none of my business! To hell with your own problems and stop bugging me!"

Shut up and fuck off!

Of course, I was screaming inside my heart. Wouldn't want to cause a big scene in the office, would I?! I would definitely turn into counter-tenor or even soprano singing at the top of the pitch! Anyway, no matter how unwilling I am, I have to stay back and standby. Yes, after office hour. Mind you, I don't have to actually. I can just ignore the customer and fucking go home and rest. But to avoid any unwanted consequences, it's always better to stay back and satisfy their needs. "Fucking hell, who ever satisfy my needs?!"

So unfair! So ridiculous! So annoying!

So I standby and basically mumbling to myself complaining how shitty I am bla bla bla... The n the customers called and said I should be there to check out the system. Fine! I went. Along the way, I uncontrollably curse again within my heart :

"Fucking hell! He better treats me well! Always last minute tell me this should be done and that should be postponed! And don't ever let me hear about that stupid lady boss's complain! She basically only yell and scream at the people around her whole day and nothing else. People going home and I still work. So freaking unfair!"

And the great part is, I always get this particular customer calling my cellphone to urge me to solve the problem soon so they can proceed with their works. It's really annoying. While I was in the middle of re-solving the problems, he could call up more than three times just to check what's the status within 1 hour!!!! What the hell?! My cellphone almost run out of battery just because of his calls. I curse again within my heart :

"Ooi, abang! You know I should be staying home now watching my favourite drama and eating ice-cream. Instead I stay back just to solve your freaking problems so you can do your work! Don't ever tell me this is urgent. Everything is urgent, as always! What's not urgent, you tell me! Please show some appreciation la! Always urge me. Like I serve you only. I'm not your slave, ok! Now I feel so under-appreciated! So shut up la! I'll call you once done la!"

Well well well... In reality, I have to gently reply with a smile on my face :

"Yes, Sir. We're still in the midst of solving your problems. Please be patient. We'll immediately let you know once the problem is solved, ok?!"

Don't piss me off!

Freaking hell! You can image my fake smiling face immediately turned to irritated face right after the end of the phone conversation. Bloody annoying!


Ah-Bong said...

there there.. chill out. :D

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are distracting me from reading the post. Hehehe... damn those meat! Grr...

Queer Ranter said...


Have a chill pill. :)

savante said...

Curse quite a bit at work too. Though I sometimes say it aloud :)