Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Just Another Day

You know, life's been good actually, for me. OK, darling! I do know that millions or zillions of people are suffering in China due to the recent earth-quake and yeah, my mom is basically weeping and wiping that over-flowing tears that can't seem to stop while watching the tv programme show-casting the latest situation in China. I am guessing the tear from her eyes is more than ten pails of water! OK, I'm exaggerating! Whatever! :P

Enjoying the day

OK, back to how good my life is, for the moment. Oh how bad can it be, I mean? Hahaha... Talk about my busy working life? Oh I am so over it! By "over it", I don't mean that I am no longer busy and care-free. But to gripe over it doesn't make anything better. So, I am so shaking it off my shoulder and focus on some other happier thing. Such as the boss will be away for the whole week?! Bwahaha... OK this is something! Not that my boss has been so strict that he has his eyes on us 8 hours making sure we work and work like a cheap slave. But without him around, I just feel much more relax and free. Hmm... and I wonder why?! But then again, why should I care?!

After work, I reached home and took a cold shower. The feeling of water flowing over my body washing away all the "unwanted" is just... great! Ahh... wash clean clean! Even the thought of being clean is already de-stressing. Like all my worries and problems have suddenly disappeared and the calmness and peacefulness caressing me into their big strong arms. Ooh, strong arms. Chris Evan's strong arms? Eddie Cibrian's strong arms? Brad Pitt's, Gerald Butler's... strong arms? Hmm... wonderful! Oh not that you do not know I am a dreamer!?

Mmm... what more can I say?!

Oh, that's not all, after a cold shower, I returned to my room and I have my computer full of pornography... aiks, I mean drama series and some great movies awaiting for me to "taste". Oh and where is my ice-cream? Oh yes yes, they're in the fridge. Oh no, I finished all the Baskin Robbins! Never mind, I still have some cold and fresh yogurt juices. Yum Yum... Should I watch "Ugly Betty" or the "Gossip Girl"? Or maybe the "Will & Grace" which always put smile on my face? How about watching "Shelter" again which will always makes me go into that lovey-dovey mood having me crying "Aww... that's so sweet!". Ah, anything will do!

After that, I will have my computer play the Colbie Caillat's album. Turn off the monitor, climb back into my warm bed, hugging my favourite pillows, listening to that cool and relaxing songs, thinking about how lucky and happy I am. I say a little prayers. Wishing for world peace and happiness of all livings. And I will fall asleep... and sweet dreams will follow.

Shh...sweet sweet dream...

Just another sweet and normal day. And I like it this way.

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