Wednesday, January 30, 2008


I was feeling a bit "zombie" this morning as I had a late night sleep last night. Not very late, but still I am lacking of sleep these days. How can I get myself to sleep when I finally have my own space and privacy after working for such a long hours in a day? While enjoying my own space and privacy, I have to sacrifice my sleep. Which could be the wrong choice as it not only affect my health, it also affect my performance at work.

If only you would sleep with me?!

Sigh. Nothing can be perfect.

Anyway, back to the morning. I was getting down from the monorail platform at the Raja Chulan station. While walking down the staircase, I suddenly heard someone down there shouted out really loud.

"Aduh!" That's what I heard.

Curious. I quickly leaned over to see what happened down there. There were three men. One man (not very young. Maybe early 40.) lying down on his chest using his hands covering his face. Another young man was pressing the man (who was lying on the floor) on the neck so he wouldn't get up. And the third man was basically kicking the first man's body. Violently!

I was shocked! And the man kept on kicking and kicking. He wouldn't stop. Then I noticed all the people just stood there at the staircase. Most in fear. Some were shocked too. Nobody dare to move down the stair fearing that they might be kicked or bullied as well. And nobody yelled or screamed or anything to stop the man from hurting that old man.

Oh, please don't hurt me!

I couldn't bring myself to watch further. So I stop looking down at the scene and waited in hope that it will all be over soon. But no, it never stop any sooner. I could still hear the sound of kicking. And I was very disturbed, or even hurt by the violent sound that beating the body of the old man. And then I leaned over again and try to see how's the victim. To my horror, I saw blood. SHIT! And the man was kicking the old man face. And head! Ouch, my heart bleed and I feel like I wanna vomit. And that's not all, the kicker also used his half-smoked cigarette and burn the victim's body.

Such inhumane and savage acts!!! I couldn't believe what I had seen. But it's real. And I feel so bad that I don't know what to do. Blood was everywhere on the floor. After a few minutes, the "terrorist" then fled. Then only the people start walking down the stair and ran as quickly as they could away from the scene. So was I. I did turned my head back to see how the victim, he was sitting on the floor. And what I could only see is blood all over his face. My heart ached.

I wonder what was actually happened. What have the old man done to deserve such a "punishment"? Owe people money? A snatch thief? A rapist? A serial killer? A Liar? And those young men who were so daring to commit such crime in the public bashing people at a crowded monorail station. And they did not give a fucking damn to those crowd who was witnessing the crime they were committing. Hatred blinded their humanity? I have no idea.

But to have witnessed such incident, I feel sad. Not that I do not know there are human who are inhumane. Many movies has shown pretty much of such violent scenes. But to have witnessed it with my own eyes in reality, it really makes me ill. I also feel a little angry. That these people has violated the hope for peace and humanity.

Ouch, it hurts!

I later learned from my colleagues that policemen arrived at the scene. Someone must have contacted them. Thank goodness!! But I still do not know what happened actually that caused the bashing and such. I feel sad, bad. Gosh, what happened?! It hurts!


savante said...

First, alert the police. Try to get a crowd to stop the fella if you can. If not, wait for help.

Jason said...

I think to alert the police is the best you can do.

Anonymous said...

Just goes to show that people are the same all over thew world. They're afraid of getting involved. Sad....

Sam said...

Agreed with Savante - alert the police, get a crowd to stop the person, and then help the victim.

Calvin said...

If I was at the scene, I will call the police first and then SHOUT "POLISSSSSSSSS!!!" so that the bullies will got distracted and run for fear of being caught!

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