Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ice-Cream Maniac

It's 31st of July and yes, Baskin Robbin is having the 31% discount again! Being the person who love ice-cream so much, I always drag myself to the Baskin Robbin outlet and buy my favourite ice-cream so that I could enjoy it while watching my favourite drama series at home.

Where is my ice-cream?!

But today I did not go to buy. Why? Lazy! A sign of getting old? Maybe.

You know I hate to compete with other people to reach the outlet and wait for the long queue to get what I want. And espeially when there's discount, it's like the people from the whole city are gathered together and squeeze their way among the crowd fighting for that same thing - discounted ice-cream.

Not just that. I also hate certain people who are just ... unbelievable. Last time I was queuing up in the line and saw those chubby aunties taking their own sweet time tasting almost every single flavour of the ice-cream (ignoring the long queue behind them) before they really decided which flavour they want to buy. Bitches!

Then another experience was this couple. The boyfriend was asking the girlfriend about which flavour she wants and the dumb-girl just keep on staring at those ice-cream hesitating which ice-cream to buy. Embarrassed, the boyfriend kept asking and begging the girl to make her decision so that they could run away from the evil stares by the long line of people behind.

So, ice-cream or me?

Worst still when kids are there. "Mommy I want this! Daddy I want that!". Then they ran here and there and the parents have to keep playing "run and chase" with them before they could even pay for the ice-cream.

Besides, I also have seen this customer who go there and buy so MANY small cup of ice-cream. Apparently he wanted to try all flavour of the ice-cream. And not just that! He ordered a few small cups for one flavour. And if there is ten flavours, you make the calculation. I guess there is a party going on or something. Or whatever reason it is. So the staff picking one small cup of ice-cream follow by another... I lost count of the total of cups there.

Whatever it is, so many 'crazy' things you can see when buying Baskin Robbin. And I hate it when people try ice-cream for too long. Well, I have to respect their right as a consumer. But please, tasting every single flavour of ice-cream? That's just too much and inconsiderate to those people waiting behind.

I'll pour ice-cream on my chest and you can lick!

As for this month, I missed my rums raisin ice-cream. :-(


Fable Frog said...

Strange i was at Time Square earlier and having read JL's e-mail, i was reminded about Baskin Robin... but once at that counter.. OMG! So many people! I can't even see any sight of Ice cream! And those people, like you said wanna try every flavour before buying! OMG! it comes with a 31% discount! Just BUY! So i ended up walking away~ phuh! kekeke, sorry use your blog to rant! :P

Legolas said...

That's why I get the 20% discount card from Haagen Dazs. No queue, no fuss, no wuss. Ta da!

NotHamsap said...

haha I have never gotten any ice cream from baskin robin on the 31st! I would just get it on normal days and if i am broke, I wouldn't bother to buy at all. Hate the queue~~

Crazy Sam said...

I never had a Baskin Robbin, but my friends giggle when I always say "Baskinson Robinson." :D

Jason said...

Ipoh's kiosk apparently not so crowded (maybe not many ppl know about it) :)