Sunday, July 27, 2008

Sweet Dream

I guess I must have smiled in my sleep last night. I dreamed of a man of my dream. Even though it was very vivid, I kind of remember his gesture and something about how he tell me things still make me shiver in excitement.

He was half-naked with a white towel wrapped around his lower body and he gaze into my eyes and said softly :"I will be back for you..." That's all I could remember. And who is he? Julian McMahon

The following is the funny and sexy scene from Nip/Tuck:

Yes, I admit I watched a little too much Nip/Tuck recently. But to have such a man in my dream doing sweet talks to me, that's fucking worth it!


Legolas said...

Never really did like his role in Nip/Tuck cause he's a womaniser. But he's still latinly hot though.

Martin said...

He's incredibly hot. And I love the fact that he's comfortable enough to appear naked so much. I still have dreams about that shower scene!