Saturday, July 12, 2008

Being Pathetic

Call me an anti-social freak, I'll admit it!

I go home after office hour; I decline friend's invitation for a Saturday night out with millions and millions of excuses; Even getting out of my house to go for a gym session is difficult for me. To me, staying home has always seem to be the best thing. No drama, no troubles! Peace and serenity!

Deep down inside I know I am not happy. I long for a good laugh with close friends at some cafe. I long for a hot date which end with romantic French kiss with the man I love. I long for a good artistic show to fill up part of my empty soul. Or maybe just a quiet walk at the park feeling the warm breeze caressing me.

And today, I am just ... at home. Counting all my 'wants' and sigh...

Sometimes, I am just pathetic!

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