Sunday, July 20, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

I love dancing. Not that I am good in dancing, but I think I am not so bad. Oh well, not as good as I used to, but I certainly know a few moves. Alright, at least I know how to move my butt left and right, front and back. Not enough? Alright, I am a bad dancer!

How about dancing in bed with me, sweetheart?

You see, I appreciate art and culture. Anything to do with art and culture, I don't mind being involved. So yeah I danced a bit, sang a bit, played a few music instruments, even got myself to try and do some painting (OK, this one I am really not good! :p). Talk about dance, I tried a few dances before. Chinese traditional dance, Malay traditional dance, International Ballroom Dance (Umm, ok only amateur cha cha I think?!) and some contemporary dances I guess?

But that was some good old days. I think I was only 12 or something. Certainly before when I was 15 years old. Yeah, I did dance a bit. Even got to perform in a few occasion. Argh, I guess it's easier to stretch your body when you were young.

Dance naked, will ya?

So that day when I went to the fitness club and attended a dancing class. What was it called again, street dance? hip hop dance? Whatever! It's just a dance with some cool moves. Thought of giving it a try and maybe learn some moves, I nonchalantly walked into the dancing studio, quite confidently I would say, and prepared to dance my heart out.

So the music started, the ever so hot and sexy instructor started with some warm up, stretching following the beat of the music. Yeah, pretty easy! I could already feel my body heating up from inside and my bon bon was ready to shake like it had never shaken before. Ooh la la... So the instructor showed us a few good move and everybody followed.

While enjoying dancing and following the instruction from the front, I suddenly saw that person in the mirror. Yeah, that was me in the mirror dancing in such an awkward way. Eeww... a robot dancing or what?! Awful! Damn, where's that flexibility? I kept observing myself in the mirror and tried to dance better. Gosh, it was hard! Difficult! I am sure if I bent a little more to the right or left, I would hurt my spine. Urgh! After the class, sweating like hell, I told myself :"That's it. I admit I am no good in dancing!"

Who said I can't dance?!

But that doesn't mean I give up on dancing. Just that I will need some extra time learning and practising. That's if, and only if, I have the time and ... more time! However, watching other people dancing is pretty much entertaining already. I recently watched this movie (ok, I only browsed through, haven't really watched it yet) and found this part of the movie very sexy and flirtatious!

So here it is. You have to watch it right till the end! And you tell me if that two guys have any chemistry between them. Let's take a look:

Damn, let me catch my breath first! Sexy, isn't it? Damn I don't mind having that hunky instructor giving me "private class" at all. Look at the two of them! I wonder if I could hold any longer to have a hot guy so close to me, face to face, chest to chest, crotch to crotch. And the last part when they finished the dance, their breath... oh why that stupid fucking phone rang?! They would have fucking kissed already!

Anyway, that was HOT! REALLY HOT!


Sh@ney said...

LOL...I am baking and you are boasting....HOT MEN that is...*winks*
Although we have not started baking yet and it is 6pm Ba Ha Ha!


Fable Frog said...

Well, practice makes perfect... I am sure you can master it in no time~ :)

NotHamsap said...

yeh, give it some time. I am sure you can do it. I myself too have always been involved in dancing. Hip hop, salsa and stuff. but recently got myself into jazz and gosh, that's just too gay!! well maybe i am not gay enough i couldn't shake my butt as elegantly as the other GUYS!!! haha, so yeh, let's see how you go with it in a few months time.


Jason said...

Keep on with the practice and you'll be good in no time

Legolas said...

I want to learn the Jive! It's so energetic!

Crazy Sam said...
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Crazy Sam said...

Dude! Thanks a lot for sharing that video. Mind telling us which movie is that?

Crazy Sam said...

Hey I got the movie's name. It's called Showboy. :P

Ryan said...

So did you bake, Shaney?

If only I got time to practise, fable frog, Jason.

Jazz dancing is gay? I don't think so, nothamsap.

Go learn and perform for us sometime, legolas?

Finally someone talked about the video! I know it is hot, Crazy Sam. Keep watch it over and over again! It's really breath-taking! :p