Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Unfavourable Daily Road Trip

It has always been a problem for people who work in Kuala Lumpur city. And what's that problem? Traffic Congestion. Yes, traffic jammed! Traffic jammed! That's what we people will not stop complaining about.

Stupid traffic jammed!!

Knowing that we will face the traffic congestion problem especially during the 'peak hour' (before office hour and after office hour), most of us would normally have to wake up unreasonably earlier than we should, trying to avoid the traffic congestion. Oh well, it depends on where we live and where we work actually. Some of us are lucky enough to avoid the tragic traffic congestion problem if we were to wake up earlier; Some other just couldn't avoid unless they wake up before the break of dawn and drive all their way without even brushing their teeth and changing to their working attire. OK, I'm exaggerating!

Anyway, to avoid traffic congestion, there are another option other than waking up and go to work earlier. The alternative is to wake up late and go to work late. Oh yes, that's what I chose. Did I not mention I have no discipline? Of course trying not to get myself into trouble, I 'smartly' make sure that I am not the latest person who walked into the office. So if anything happened, I can always say someone is later than me! :P I am such a fucking bastard, I know!

However, yesterday I suddenly thought that maybe I could try wake up earlier and go to the gym first. Yeah, I have been missing my gym session for a few days already. So maybe hitting the gym early in the morning follow by a good breakfast will be a good start for the day, I told myself.

Let's workout in the early morning!

With that in mind, I slept earlier than usual last night and woke up extremely early this morning. And I thought since I woke up so early, I could avoid all the traffic congestion.I happily put on my sport attire, grabbed and gym bag and off I went on the road.

To my surprise, after 10 minutes of driving, I saw lines of cars filling up all the 3 lanes and barely moving. With some idiotic drivers try to cut queue and switch between the lanes, I could already feel my high blood pressure hitting the maximum point and I am gonna explode anytime. Not only that, with those unnecessary honks and motorcyclist sliding in between cars nonchalantly ignoring the cars signals, I just wanna yell and scream out loud! Thank goodness my CD player is playing Kenny G's album which is soothing and relaxing. Otherwise, I would have opened the driver window and shout out loud :"SHUT THE FUCK UP!"

The funny thing is, normally it only takes 30 minutes to reach my office (if I woke up late and hit the road later). But today, I used almost an hour to reach the fitness center. Which means I don't have enough time to workout. I just took a bath, changed into my working attire and off to work.

I can still sleep a while

There is no doubt tomorrow onwards I am gonna wake up late and go to work late. Come on! Wake up earlier and squeeze with others? No way! If the boss accuse me of being late, I'll just tell him the petrol price has gone up high and I don't wanna waste my petrol and suffering with other people. Unless he is willing to increase my salary at least 40%, then I will happily squeeze with other and even sing a happy song early in the beautiful morning! :P

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Legolas said...

Strange. I'm the opposite of you. I wake up early to avoid the crowd. I take the LRT by the way. KL roads are not for driving.