Tuesday, July 15, 2008

A Day At The Gym

I have been going to the gym quite frequent lately. Why? I am not sure myself. But to seriously think about it, I think it is because my colleague, who suddenly so addicted to going to gym, dragged me along to go work out after office hour. Yeap, that's what I need. I need someone to drag me there. Else I'll be paying money to the fitness club for nothing. You know me, I would choose to go home after office hour rather than go to the fitness club and work out my knowingly not-so-perfect body.

Can I go home instead?!

Another reason I still let my colleague drag me there because I think it's better to have some sort of exercise to keep myself healthy. At least, I sweat a bit and pump some muscles in hope they will grow bigger and bigger especially my arms and chest. Ah, talk about lifting weight? That's the last thing I wanna talk about. Coz I sucks! Hardly do a few sets and I could hear the "internal me" screaming for help! "Ouch! Pain! Damn it! Why is it so fucking difficult!" Screw the whatever "no-pain-no-gain"! I have no discipline.

Undoubtedly, my body didn't change much after I join the club for like 2 years. Except I gained a few kgs, which I kinda happy and not happy. Happy because I want to gain weight; Not happy because I got a bigger belly. Fuck!

Anyway, being a not-so-serious gym dude, I normally use my "rest-time" between sets to observe other people. OK, I was actually checking out hot hunky stud. And I do see a lot of different people with different attitude and purpose spending their after-office-hour in the gym. Let's see if I can categorize them into a few categories here :

1) Gym Freak/Serious Body Builder
OK, the first one would be the serious muscle man! They are there to work out every single muscle of their body. Normally they would be around those free weight lifting area and they hardly use the equipment. If they do, you'll be in awe when you see how much weight they are lifting. Above 50 kgs? More than that, perhaps. And they always like to groan :"Urgh! Ah! Urgh! Ahh! Uuurrgghhh!! Ahhhh! Uuurgghhhh!!!" The groan always getting louder and louder, as if they're gonna reach the climax and ejaculate somehow. OK, I may be exaggerated a bit. But their voice can be a little annoying at times. No offense, but I am not into guys with too many big muscles. I mean, they are SO HUGE!!

This will be just fine! I don't mind lick up the sweat with my already hot tongue!

2) Regular Body-builder
Alright, those men are just a normal body builder who don't aim for big muscle or something like that. They're just there to work out and be in good shape. Yes, they tone their body, make sure it is not too big here and not too small there. Some even hire personal trainer to train them. Some of them prefer to work out alone, some other coming in group. I even saw a couple (OK, I am not sure if they are couple, but they always come together and work out together. They look so fine together! :p) who always there to help each other out to work out their body. So sweet! :D

3) Cruiser
Oh, who doesn't know people go fitness club to cruise?! Or maybe use working out as an excuse to cruise? Or perhaps just be there and try some lucks?! Oh whatever it is. I did saw some people there just looking around or maybe talking to friends for so long, occupying the fitness equipment. I even overheard this two dudes talking about ex-boyfriends (Yes, I almost sure they talked about boyfriends!) and those affairs in front of me. As if I don't know what they're talking about?! And rumours about sex in the saunas and steams? Oh I can't help but to believe those are true. Otherwise, the club wouldn't have hired those not-so-cute security guards checking around in the male changing room. Sometime I wonder if those guard commit to any sexual activity in the rooms themselves?!

Whatcha looking at? Come over and touch my body!

4) Classes Goers
Those who like to attend classes. Body-jam, yoga, body-pump, body-combat, dances and so on. Yeah, you can always see them in the class following the young and hot instructors and do whatever they need to do. The classes can be so crowded sometime I hardly see any space for them to actually move around. And yet, they still be there on time sweat together in that same class room.

5) Others
Some other I don't know. Maybe just wanna go there and exercise? Or maybe meeting friends there? Or just use up the bath and/or sauna since they paid the membership? Some still on trial membership? You tell me!

Anyway, going to the gym is somewhat not compulsory for me. I go whenever I feel I wanna go, especially when I am feeling un-energetic or need a refreshing bath or sauna. Of course, no harm checking out some hot hunky dudes working out. That would be an extra bonus! I'll just have to make sure my crotch does not raise any flag! :P


Martin said...

hahaha - I'm so with you on the categories. Your post made me smile!

I think I fit into a few categories though - tonight (as per my post) I was definitely a cruiser...

JACK said...

I'm new around these parts (around most parts actually ... I'm a blog cruiser, I guess.) and I stopped at your post. I concur completely with your categories. COMPLETELY.

It's an interesting place, the gym ... a real sweat shop. Blogs are about the only thing I cruise, so I think I fit into that normal guy wanna stay toned category ... well, I used to be that until I stopped going and grew a belly not dissimilar to yours, I bet.


savante said...

Not sure which one am I. Probably a lurker who appears once in a blue moon.

Legolas said...

I will be in the classes I think. I don't like to work out.