Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Keep Reading

Do I have to keep reading?!

Having to understand the new system which I am going to maintain and support, I have to read a lot of documentation. The product description, user manuals, operator manuals, system servicing and processing... etc. Most importantly, I also have to understand the whole business concept and logic.

Reading certainly seems to be a very easy task. Just sit there and staring at the monitor reading the word document with only your eye-balls consistently moving from left to right, and left and right, and left and right again. No doubt carrying the weight of my upper body, my bubble butt eventually turned flat. Hence, I occasionally have to remind myself to stand up awhile in hope that it will turn back round and firm instead of being flat down as if I have no butt at all. Eeks! Yucks!

Rather sleep than read!

Oh don't be surprise to catch me dozing off in my own chair with my head hitting my own table a few times. What?! Those documents are so damn boring! Unless it is a novel I would be reading with my eyes wide open and scroll down pages by pages and finished it in no time. Unfortunately those hundreds of pages documents are description and explanation. With lots of boring screen shots and uninteresting description. How can I not feeling sleepy and boring? Sometime, I even feel like vomit!

Oh well, given the choices of reading and entertain fussy customers, I think I will still opt for reading. At least I could still take my own sweet time read. Make myself a green tea, eat some snacks and listen to my favourite songs. Not so bad, right?! I wish I could print out all the document and curl up in my chair reading them. I hate staring the monitor for too long. It hurts my eyes. But then there are too many pages to be printed out. The last thing I wanna faced is being complaint of unnecessarily using too much paper.

Enjoy reading!

Never mind. I recently found out that I could get some e-book and read. Ha! I could switch to read the novel whenever I feel bored about reading those documentation without anyone suspecting I am actually reading a novel. Brilliant, huh?!

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Legolas said...

I don't like to read. Reading books is the best sleeping pill for me. Haha.