Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday Blue

I had a nightmare last night. It was this lady, who I thought was normal, was actually blind. And she wants my eyes so that she can see the world. Shocked and terrified, I woke up from my dream 3am in the morning feeling cold and horrified!

What a dream?!

I switched on the light in my bedroom, thinking that maybe getting out of the darkness would make myself feel better. And yes, it did make me feel better. Trying not to remember what the dream was about, I surfed the net looking for beautiful male images as I always love to do. It was about after an hour when I started to feel tired and hit the sack again.

I had a dream again. It was me practicing to sing a song and I can't seem to sing it right. So I kept singing over and over again until I was mentally exhausted. Not long after that, I heard an urgent knock on my bedroom door. My mom was trying to wake me up as it's about time to go to work. Having no choice, I got myself out of bed, washed myself up, dressed up and off to work.

What? You're talking to me?!

I was a zombie for the whole day. Dozed off a few times. Almost hit my forehead on my own table! Definitely feeling blue...

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Legolas said...

Double dream! I get that sometimes. Weird.